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Do You Like Online Privacy? You May Be a Terrorist

It’s been one of those days when I went from ZERO —> STABBY really really quickly. What brought me to this point today was a tweet linked to an article at PublicIntelligence where they talk about a flyer put out jointly by the FBI and the Department of Justice (Bureau of Justice Assistance) on what to look for in an “online” terrorist or an “internet cafe” terrorist.

This document is one of the silliest and useless pieces of crap I have seen. It is so general and profiles so many people today and yet, fulfills the fear fear fear agenda that some seem to have. I am shocked at this even being floated out there for the masses to even consider to be used as the litmus test to actually make a call on someone’s being a “terrorist” or not. The Justice Dept and the FBI have in fact turned everyone who uses this document into Barney Fife! Except instead of a single bullet, they have given them a full automatic and two extended clips to use for ammunition.

Good job!


Generalities and First Principles by Marcus Aurelius

Let me say to you all here and now, I am embarrassed for our country and our law enforcement services with this development. I thought perhaps they would have learned after the whole “Muslim = Terrorist” debacle but I guess they have not. What posessed them to be so idiotic as to pass this out to the masses? What’s worse, how many of the masses are just dumb enough to use this list of likes and concerns as the “guide” to terrorism?

Hey USGOV, FBI, DOJ, How about you spend some time with the classics “First Principles by Marcus Aurelius”  Oh, wait, maybe you have no idea what I am talking about.. Ok, how about we take a quote from a movie?

“First principles, Clarice. Simplicity. Read Marcus Aurelius. Of each particular thing ask: what is it in itself? What is its nature? What does he do, this man you seek?”

Hannibal Lecter

You guys COMPLETELY fail to do this. Instead you throw out a bunch of generalities that fit 99% of the population for the gullible “see something say something” citizen to use to point fingers and yell TERRORIST!


Time to pay attention people.

Hi, My Name is Bob, and I am A Terrorist…. *Hi Bob*

So, this leads me to the phrase above… Hi, my name is Krypt3ia, and I am a terrorist… If you believe the shitty list of character traits in this stupid document.


Think about it, this is out there and it would seem that the FBI and DOJ may in fact BLIEVE this??? Can you imagine this is how their world outlook is concerning the broad spectrum of today’s internet users?


This belies a complete lack of understanding of not only the technologies today, but also the pervading psychology and sociology at play in today’s digital world. If you use technology, if you like the internet and IF you deign to want some privacy..

You’re potentially a terrorist and should be reported.

Wow… Just wow… I cannot believe how little thought went into this campaign. Are you really all that bereft of any common sense or even guile in trying to capture the real terrorists out there?


STABBY! Yes, this all makes me very stabby. I cannot fathom all of this and it really makes me distrust my governments handling of these issues all the more. I am not one to really be their cheerleader with regard to digital security and policy, but now, holy Jeebus! Then I wake up this morning to find that AntiSec has recorded a conference call that the FBI held between them and the Met (UK)


They did not even bother to check how many people were on the call! BASIC SECOPS people!! So now they are even more the laughing stock as well as I am sure will make swift responses that likely will be futile in the grander scheme of things.

Guys.. You’re really making yourselves into the Hollywood caricature of yourselves here..

“Keystone Cops”

BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA and Other Exhortations by Our Government

In the end, I am mostly appalled at the use of these jingoistic and lowest common denominator recommendations being given to the public on “cyber terrorists” It is the kind of claptrap I expected out of the likes of GWB’s reign.. Not now! It really is just useless and makes you look like fools…

It makes one wonder just what you all really believe…

No wonder it seems that Anonymous is getting the better of you lately.

So why not make everyone the enemy huh? Guess I will just go on down to the “internet cafe” *heh* and tap away on my encrypted blog about how I long for privacy…


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2012/02/03 at 18:35