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Dear Newt You Fat Republican Fuckstick… Don’t Talk About Shit You Have No Concept Of

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I don’t know about you, but when I open up the feeds and see all this puffery by Newt on Cyberwar as well as taking on Iran my bile rises and the blood pressure skyrockets. This hippopotamic fuckwad really really really shows me just how piss poor our country as a whole, is incapable of governance because they are stupid enough to even consider a fucknut like him for office.

Really Newt? You want to unleash digital hell on anyone and everyone because “maybe” we got hacked by Iran or China? I won’t even try to go into the whole attribution problem with you because I know you can only really understand the words Menage a Trois (oh yeah good luck on that fat bastard) It’s useless to even try isn’t it…

What’s even worse to me is that all of this cyber-pandering and disinformation from Newt and others on the “cyberwars” has many just believing their shit. Know why? Because they have NO FUCKING CLUE how it all really works.

Remember kids, the Senate says that Pizza is in fact a vegetable! (No fucktards, it’s a fruit.. Tomatoes are a fruit)

The computer is just a “deep magic” facebook machine that costs two thousand dollars from Mac.

That’s why.

The blind leading the stupid leading the mentally challenged.

To The Infosec Community:

This shit has to stop. The Fuddery and the puffery with the likes of Bumgarner and his “Cyber Peace keepers” must be nipped in the bud or sooner rather than later we will be faced with a real crisis as someone aims real world bombs because they “think” they got an attack from a proxied box in China or Tehran.

I have railed about this before over the media hype cycles and the lack of will on their part to really perform due diligence where our realm is concerned. I have written fiery diatribes and I have chided everyone.. And most of the time I get “well, there is nothing you can do about it” back from people in the game as well as outside it.

It’s time we as a community formed something akin to with teeth. We are speeding toward epic cyber-douchery here and it will not be the likes of a LIGATT.. Instead it will be the military and our government (cue Newt and his cyberwar first strike doctrine) carrying out actions half cocked because they “think” something happened and they “think” they know who did it. All the while the lap dog press will lap it all up off of the floor like so much Alpo and regurgitate it their media venues to spin the populace into a fervor of approval.

Am I the only one worried about this shit?


Written by Krypt3ia

2012/01/27 at 13:29

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  1. You took the words right out of my mouth. Yes, this shit really needs to stop – the future of the Internet is at stake. I’ve come to the conclusion that ‘checks and balances’ cannot protect us, and the ONLY way of protecting the Internet from the stupidity and ignorance of these politicians is solid technical measures. The Internet needs security measures that are practically idiot proof against them.


    2012/01/27 at 16:10

  2. I knew that educating the media about how things actually work would be like kicking water uphill when Anonymous first took that Infragard website down. SQLi against a public web server that hosted stuff for an FBI-affiliated group eventually became “HOLY FUCK ANONYMOUS TAKES DOWN THE FBI HOLY SHIT” in every headline.

    So taking something even more dramatic, like all the APT-related FUD that vendors, politicians, and the media recycle, and you have a very, very large hill to work up.

    We can’t even “defend” against headdesk stupid things like SQLi, we’re too stupid to NOT VERIFY WHO SENT US THIS EMAIL with a PDF attachment (can we fine .gov’s that still run Windows XP? /sarcasm)… If people like Newt get their way, I’m building a bunker.


    2012/01/29 at 22:30

  3. Newt…A slimy, toxic, pop eyed, member of an antediluvian species the Pleurodelinae that survives hard times by hiding in the rotting compost at the bottom of the (gene) pool. Well, he sure gets my vote!!!!!!

    Tom Campbell

    2012/02/01 at 17:52

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