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“The Wheels of Justice turn slowly but exceedingly fine.”

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Irony is just honesty with the volume cranked up

Well well well.. It seems that perhaps there might be some justice after all. I got word this morning that a certain charlatan was about to be informed that he is once again “on the radar” of the Federal government as I had hoped he would be. LIGATT (a.k.a. Greg Evans) is about to find out (perhaps even from this little article!) that once again the US government has said;

“Hey.. whatever happened to all that money shithead owes us?”

Well that day has come and I do hope that the government, being in such dire straights, comes after our little charlatan pal with both barrels…

Gregory Evans was ordered to pay back $10 million to AT&T, MCI and other fortune 500 companies due to computer hacking.

BUT he never paid it back….

So yeah, all this time Greg has avoided not only paying the money he owes to the government and AT&T but also lying (well, more obfuscating) the truth about the whole “I hacked and got caught” thing. See, Greg never hacked anything, he just pulled a low level confidence game on AT&T and those he sold those party lines to back in the day. Furthermore, he oft times uses this little escapade as a “selling point” that he is the worlds #1 Hacker.. Which, is ironic to me because if he were at all any good at hacking, he would not have been caught so easily.. Though, once again, he hacked nothing here.

Anyway, he goes on and on in his media blitz for his classes like “How To Be A Hacker In 15 Minutes” that he was “fined $10 million dollars for his transgressions. What he fails to tell you is that, as I said above, he never really paid much of that back….

Soon though, he may be a bit poorer…. Even more poor than he already is.

A New Day Dawns on LIGATT’s Empire of Feces


UPDATE: PDF of the Filing HERE

What you see above is the Justia record of a new filing from California to Atlanta on the behalf of the US Government about ol’ Liggy’s debt. The filing is for over $7 million dollars and this is just the starter to the process. What this means overall, is that the US Government has decided to hand over the whole kit and kaboodle to Atlanta (where he still resides even though he claims to be in California heh) for them to collect from him (i.e. GA) Now, this could go a few ways, but I personally am hoping that they throw the book at him and start taking hefty sums from his companies.

The assumption here is that they will bring him to court and set up garnishments.. One wonders just how much that will be at a swipe.. I mean, he owes more than $7 million! Not like 50 bucks a month is gonna do it eh?

One also wonders just what would happen if he cannot pay… Perhaps jail time? I mean this has been going on since the late 90’s! He’s  been living the “Liggy Life” so long now it’s hard to believe they haven’t caught up earlier.

*I guess that email I sent to the original judge on his case back in the day might have had something to do with this*


Oh well, with his current valuations on his companies stocks, I am sure that he won’t have the money to come up with.. Maybe the court and the government will just have a big fire sale with all that he has… Though, I expect to see much more out of our pal soon trying to pimp his services and his new “con” in Atlanta to make more money..

Expect a tidal wave of spam and PR folks along with a LOT of “Turd Polishing”

*Pops popcorn and gets a big Mountain Dew*

Lets watch!


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2012/01/09 at 21:15