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AntiSec and the Coming Insurrection

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Antisec, Stratfor, and The Coming Insurrection

“We believe in nothing, Lebowski. Nothing. And tomorrow we come back and we cut off your chonson.”

On Christmas Eve it seems that AntiSec decided to release hacked data from Stratfor ( an OSINT company) that they had taken before  *rm-rf’ing* the site. They replaced the website with a new page that included a long diatribe called “The Coming Insurrection” by the “Invisible Committee” a.ka. The Tarnac 9

This twist in the defacement puzzled me and I decided to read the whole of the document. Once I started, I became even more perplexed wondering just what the hell the AntiSec’s were aiming at by putting it there. Was this disinformation? A lark? Or, was this a tome that they are starting to believe in? Or, had they believed in this documents line of thinking all along? I was somewhere in the middle of the document (written in 2007 and posted online around 2009) where the words “Fuck the Police” stood out for me off of the page.

How many times have we heard this statement out of AntiSec as they popped LEO’s websites and published their private details? It seemed to me that someone or a number within the AntiSec movement today believes in this treatises precepts.

After reading the whole of the document, I was left with a feeling that the writer of the document (it claims to be a collective effort, but the flow and language is definitely one person doing the writing) was not only delusional, but also that they had some pretty severe social issues surrounding self worth and anti social tendencies. The stream of consciousness that goes on for page upon page, makes all kinds of pronouncements on society in general as well as the ill’s of capitalism. Generally though, the locus of this whole thing seemed to revolve around a certain kind of Nihilism without it being clearly defined by the writer.

After digesting it all and parsing the dysfunction from the dense language within the document, I was left wondering a few things;

  1. Is there a certain number of AntiSec followers that believe this document to hold some elemental truth today?
  2. How many believe this?
  3. If not, was this just a lark? (seems that they have posted this before on defacements so I tend to think not)
  4. If they are true believers in this document and the Tarnac 9 ideal, then to what ends do they reach by their actions?
  5. Do they even understand the precepts of this document fully?
All of these questions I think are pertinent to the whole of the Anonymous/AntiSec/LulzSec problem today. You see, if there is a rampant belief in “nothing” then they have no real mores, morals, or societal constraints. This means that they are perhaps indeed sociopathic in nature both as a whole (en toto) and on the individual level of each person involved (see my previous post on macro vs. micro sociology with regard to Anonymous)

The Tarnac 9 and The AntiSec Movement

Nihilists! Fuck me. I mean, say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos. 

After reading the “Coming Insurrection” I then decided to see just how often if at all the AntiSec group had aligned itself in any way with the ideals of the Tarnac 9. Was this just a document that they picked up and liked parts of? Was it more than that? Did they have an abiding kindredness to the Tarnac 9 who eventually were marked as terrorists and arrested?

What I have seen thus far is not direct statements from AntiSec aligning themselves with the Tarnac 9.. But.. I did see connections between their (AntiSec’s) rhetoric and the precepts at least of the whole “Fuck the Police” thing. After all, any of you out there can see that in their actions against all police and military groups, which include what they term as “White Hats” This amalgam of police and now white hat hackers (who are allegedly helping the police and the police state by complicity) aligns directly to the Tarnac 9’s aegis as well as it would seem the whole idea that the system is corrupt beyond repair and must be dismantled.

Another oddity has always been the LulzSec/Antisec logo. It always came off as being effete and French. This connection now with the Tarnac 9 and the Coming Insurrection now kind of makes sense to me. Could it be that there are some core members here who have a background with the movement from France and all that surrounds it post their arrest in 2008? More so, one wonders just how many of the followers within AntiSec/LulzSec are in fact Anarchists with a penchant for all of this?



The original Anti-Sec movement pre-dates all of the Anonymous hullabaloo today. Anti-Sec came into being around 1999 and stemmed from a belief that the information security “industry” was being corrupted by the “Full Disclosure” movement. By full disclosure, they meant that the disclosure of vulnerabilities and 0day as well as pretty much all of the dark arts of hacking. They believed that within the community the “industry” was being shaped where the corporations were controlling the masses by releasing exploits and data to force people to buy their products.

It would seem at least to me, that there has been an meshing together of the two ideals with the last postings on AntiSec defacements of the Coming Insurrection… One being the original ethos of Anti-Sec and now the more anarchical Tarnac 9 movement ideal.

This not to say though, that ANY of the original Anti-Sec followers are in fact within the ranks of AntiSec or LulzSec.. Though it cannot be ruled out. What my contention is is that those today involved in AntiSec and LulzSec may in fact have spent time reading both the Tarnac documents and the original Anti-Sec movements treatises.

This is my theory…

Antisec, Anonyous, LulzSec: There Be Dragons Here

No, Donny, these men are nihilists. There’s nothing to be afraid of.

In the end though, I think that the posting of the Coming Insurrection may indeed be a sign of things to come for AntiSec, Anonymous, and LulzSec. If indeed they are not just throwing this out there for the lulz, then perhaps they are attempting to recruit new followers with like minds. Perhaps they are indeed staking the ground and giving a political bent to their antics as some like @ioerror have tweeted about post the hack on Stratfor.

If indeed AntiSec is making a political statement, then I should think that they are going to be in for some trouble. You see, the Tarnac 9 were marked as terrorists and arrested in late night raids. Anonymous and AntiSec/LulzSec so far have not been marked as “Domestic Terrorists” or otherwise, but, with a political bent like the one put out by the Coming Insurrection, I surmise that the governments of the world will soon see the writing on the wall..


You see, much of the rhetoric and call to action that the Tarnac 9 had (sic Coming Insurrection) had the feel of a Black September or Bader-Meinhof  propaganda piece. It seems like the 70’s heyday of action groups has taken a 21st century turn with the use of the Internet and linking such documents as the Coming Insurrection to an action like hacking Stratfor and the rhetoric surrounding the likes of Sabu…

Well.. You see my point. Even the language use has changed of late. Just look at the text on these hacks where they start calling people “Comrade”…

So, all you “moral fags” as you call yourselves within Anon, may want to take a step back and look at it from this perspective. It may be that you have invited a stranger into your home and said stranger, as I warned at DEFCON, may not have your interests in mind. The “idea” of Anonymous I think has co-opted by those who have a larger political agenda that is not your own… And it may be one that will do you greater harm.

On the other hand, all of this could be just AntiSec and LulzSec blather. It could in fact be that these folks really do not understand the writings of the Tarnac 9 because their reading and retention level stopped at around grade 6… Or, perhaps they aren’t that mentally malleable to buy into the drivel that the likes of Julien Coupat spat out within the Coming Insurrection…

Either way though, I think the worst things will be read into it and thus change the stance of the masses on the subject of Anon.


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