(Greek: κρυπτεία / krupteía, from κρυπτός / kruptós, “hidden, secret things”)

2011: The Year of System Failure

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Sniffing The FAIL of Government… (a.k.a. Channeling Hunter S. Thomspon and a Generation of Swine)

2011 has been a real eye opener for me with respect to how our government (s) operate of late. Or, more to the point, in our case in the US, how it doesn’t work. Never before in my lifetime except maybe in the Clinton era, have I seen such a bunch of fucktards gumming up our system with their sloth, special interests in hookers, blow, and sacks of cash handed to them by lobbyists, and general loutish behavior. If you really want to see why so much has happened with Anonymous, Wikileaks, Manning, and OWS you need only look toward Capitol Hill to see and smell the rank problem that is our governing body.

We have reached an apex of governance that has almost reached the lows of the Roman empire in its decline. All that we are really missing here are the bread and circuses  that attempt to distract us all from the real problems within the ever increasing rank state of affairs. This fetid pile that we call the House and the Senate have served us incredibly poorly persistently only really serving themselves and their betters, all the while lugubriously telling us on camera that its all for our own and the countries good. It is a matter now though of just how many are really seeing and understanding that these people and their machinations really do not have the greater good of the people in mind, but only their own bottom lines, and their own re-elections.

This has been a banner year when many young adults as well as some of the elders of the country perhaps are starting to see clearly and act against what has been going on all these years. It only took 9/11 and all of the fear mongering and knee jerk reactions thereof to make this nation a less constitutional one, now it seems that the people have begun to rise up a bit and ask just what the hell has been going on. Consider this year and the upcoming 2012 (Mayan prophecy intoned here) to be the end of a cycle. Perhaps finally the ways that have been allowed and perpetuated by those in power will be audited by the populace a bit more and challenged when they try to pass that bill on a Friday evening while everyone else slept.


As I see it, the people are waking up out of their slumber only because they have no jobs, they have less money, and they are on average, worse off then they have been for years both financially and now legally with regard to privacy, security, and a general sense of well being. The dawn of Big Brother it seems was in 1984 by Orwell, but, the real date could be made as 2011. However, I would also like to point out that all of you out there who are now perhaps wondering just what happened are also to blame as much as those in Congress.

You all were asleep at the wheel.. Too busy texting while driving and eating your whoppers. You all shopped and used credit at the behest of GWB and, now, like any pig that has been happily at the trough, you now find yourselves hungry, scared, and sitting in front of others with knives, apples, and a hungry gleam in their eyes looking at you. It’s time to take a stand or be the next one on the spit my friend.

Which will it be?

Wikileaks, Assange, and Manning

2011 could also be called the “Age of Wikileaks” though, they had been around for some time. Only in 2011 though did they find a source like Bradley Manning. Manning enabled the deep dish pizza that was the Iraq and Afghan War Diaries. It was through this trove of documents that we were finally able to see not only the mundane, but the few stunning things that occurred during those wars. Much more of it was mundane, but the “Collateral Damage” video was the bigger of them all. Now, this type of thing happens in war. War is ugly and horrid. It is not meant to be a pillow fight and we all part friends, so anyone with delusions should just disabuse themselves right now of that. However, this video not only showed an accidental killing of civilians in Iraq, but also the crassness of the video game style of warfare we carry out today on gunships and drones.

It all just comes off as being a game to these guys on the tape…

In the end, it was then covered up by the government and not allowed the light of day. What once would have warranted a JAG investigation was then just slipped into the digital briefcase and made to disappear. Until it was Leaked by Wikileaks. For this I can appreciate Wikileaks, but I also not their biggest fan as well. The premise if a good one, but their follow through and the cult of Assange drags a good idea down to a cult of personality and drama.

I also feel that for the record, Bradley Manning was an easy target for someone like Assange just as much as he was for the military. The military would never had had this issue (manning/leaks) if they had done just a couple of things;

  1. Secured their shit properly and actually managed it
  2. Had heeded the psych eval on Manning in the first place

… But… That’s all water under the bridge now isn’t it? Manning is on trial and he will not see the light of day again I suspect. Leavenworth has plenty of rocks to break and he will have plenty of time. So, all of you out there hoping that by showing support and making bones about his treatment etc, you really will do nothing, unless, like the government in general, changes are made to make things more equal. Remember, UCMJ is not national law, they are bound by a different code and there is no likelihood this will be discarded in favor of civil law.

Meanwhile, another note on Bradley, no matter the mental issues he may or may not have had, he did sign an oath and he crossed that line. He had to know there was a chance of being caught in what he was doing. Perhaps he deluded himself, perhaps he did not care, perhaps it was all about the attention that it was gaining him from people that he wanted the attention from. In the end though, he has to be asking himself

“was it worth it?”

Wikileaks though in reality is nothing new. I want you all to go back the days when journalists weren’t just lapdogs or toadies looking for tabloid press pieces to make their pay. Woodward and Bernstein found the crumbs of corruption and used sources (deep throat) to get the story out, and out right… And they helped in the collapse of a presidency.

Just what has Wikileaks accomplished thus far?

Anonymous, OWS, ANTISEC, and LulzSec

2011 also saw the bloom of the Anonymous movement from a 4chan lulz factory into… Well… A miasma of crazy on the collective consciousness. It seems that no one really has a handle on just what is happening with all of these groups, but lets just put it down to mayhem and call it a day. There may be coherent cells of Anon’s who want moral justice and the like, but, there are likely just as many other cells that just want to have Lulz. So, will there have been any substantial change from these groups going at it? It’s hard to say as 2011 closes, but, I would hazard a guess that at the very least people are getting involved and one would hope more of them are not the Lulz sociopaths that we see out there just breaking shit because they can.

Recent events as we close this year (AntiSec’s LulzMass) only goes to show me that the core of this group hasn’t any real agenda other than to have lulz. The attack on Stratfor, while showing they were NOT protecting PCI/PII data (SHAME ON YOU) was not the reason for the hack, it was just a side effect that seems to be lost on the media lately. Nope, it would seem that AntiSec has a problem with the military or the police.. Well, lets make that any authority figure I suspect.

It’s all getting pedantic kids…

Meanwhile, OWS has become a real movement.. Albeit a confused one as to just how to make change and just what it is they want (or that is possible) I am afraid that all their sit in’s and chanting will end just as the Summer of Love ended back in the 60’s. You all will grow up and become middle class consumers and go back to sleep. For now though…WOO HOO! You’re making change!…


It’s time to focus and work within the system to make the change.

I predict that in 2012 you all will become more marginalized and eventually fade… Without really having made any substantial change for good within our government and society.

Unless you all shape up… Get some coherence. Go find a beardy man and learn some shit.

The Assault On Privacy

2011 was the year privacy really did end… Well, maybe not completely as we technically able people are able to make our own, but, generally the populace today.. You have none. What Zuckerberg created and gave to you only made it that much easier for us all to lose privacy. What you gave Zucky himself was YOUR privacy.

… And he thanks you as he masturbates in his mansion on a pile of theoretical money that he has made from selling you out.

Meanwhile, post 9/11 we have been steadily losing privacy rights within this country at an alarming rate. Much of it you had no idea was even happening as the telco’s began warrant-less wiretaps for the FBI and others because, hey, it was too ponderous to go through that pesky FISA hearing man! All the while, with every new tech toy you found in your stocking you also were leaving more digital trails for the government and the corporations to log, accumulate, and use to create context around the whole of your lives.

Welcome to the Digital Panopticon kids! Ain’t it all shiny!

By the end of 2011 (today in fact) I declare privacy dead as a general rule. UNLESS you make that privacy happen for yourself. This means securing your data yourself, not giving it out as freely as you have been, and always being aware that at any time, without real reason, you too could be listened in on, your emails scanned, and your “private” thoughts on a computer be debated as ever being private because, hey, what is a computer anyway? Is it a desk drawer? Just ask your EFF lawyer about that one.

Lastly, just FUCKING use encryption and be smart eh?

The Assault On Habeas Corpus

2011 saw the final assault on Habeas Corpus The recent bill called NDAA solidified the process for holding US citizens indefinitely without even making them “Enemy Combatants” This pretty much says it all kids. So, let me paint you a small portrait;

Your phone, which has been tapped with a warrant-less wiretap shows that you talked to a guy at your local church (insert mosque, synagogue, etc.) who is a suspected of having ties to groups deemed dangerous by the government. Instead of coming to your house with a warrant to arrest you and then give the usual option for legal counsel, you will be just taken away (whatever paperwork they have in hand is what it is) and you will not have a right to counsel.

They take you somewhere, maybe even outside of the US (rendition) and now can keep you for as long as they like… Because you no longer have the protections of being a US citizen, with the simple stroke of a pen on Capitol Hill.

It sounds dire, and, well it is really. It has yet to be used, but I am sure that it will be.. Will we hear about that poor soul? What has become of the constitution and the laws of this land?

So what’s next Congress? I mean you have SOPA etc… What color are the SOPA police uniforms anyway? I’m thinking a nice grey and black.. Maybe some knee high leather boots.

Oh, and just where is the hue and cry from the masses on NDAA? Have you all been quelled with the soothing stories out of the government saying “trust us” ???

Wakey wakey. Remember, this is an election year.

The Year of Corporations As People

Finally, 2011 saw the one thing that corporations lusted for for soooo long. According to the Supreme’s they are now considered “people”

Well fuck me and tell me that its just hemorrhoids!

Really? If corporations are people, then its pretty much been proven that they are all sociopaths. What the hell were these judges thinking? I mean it’s one thing for the Congress Critters to think that Pizza is a vegetable but this? Really? Great, so, its obvious to me just how “un-biased” these people are on the Supreme Court. Never mind that they are all pretty much getting up into the Alzheimer wonder years.

Mark my words, this is MUCH worse than even the repeal of Glass Steagall!!

We are doomed.

Lets Hope The Mayan’s Were Right.. Well Depending On Your Interpretations of The Calendar.. And The Entrails…

Well, I have about expended my bile for now. It’s time we all woke up and took a look around. Things aren’t right and unless “We The People” do something about it, we only have ourselves to blame really. Personally, I am hoping for that Apocalypse thing that the Mayan’s talked about. I would dearly love to awaken on 12.21.12 to find the great Shebulba wreaking havoc on us all.. I mean, at least then we know where we stand right?

Happy New Year.


Written by Krypt3ia

2011/12/30 at 17:55

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