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JHUF.NET: Jihobbyists Who Are Laughed At by Their Peers

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JHUF’s Reads Me.. Merry Christmas Kafir!

Well, well, well,  it seems that my little blog has attracted some attention for a post I did back in the day on a certain Muhammad Zaib Khan and the kiddies at JHUF have decided that they are going to pick on me.

*sadface* 😦

The comments above attempt to… I guess.. Frighten me?


That’s the best you guys have? Come to Afghanistan and we will show you a Taliban?

Come on guys! I had a fatwa on me before! The least you can do is threaten me a bit better than  “neener neener neener” using some proxy out of Tazmania!

Well, after getting their missives, I decided to look into because, well I was bored anyway. So, I took a look and what I have found is that these guys (or maybe girls) are just a bunch of jihobbyists looking to mentally masturbate with each other online about their desires for jihad. Or is it that they just want to circle jerk online in hopes of someday meeting in meatspace to share their jihadi love?

So far, what I have seen amounts to very little, so their jeers really do make me chortle. As they do with other forums who call them out as being just a bunch of posers.

Domains, Admins, & M.Zaibkhan

Not surprisingly though,  I found that these characters (see admins and mods above) have been pretty loose with their information. It was fairly easy to get their data and use it to conduct further searches with Maltego. Much of the hits that came back gave quite a bit of insight into the players, who they talk to, and where they are from. Even with attempts at obfuscation though, the players here managed to let me follow them to their digital doors.

I now see just how laughable they are and why the other jihobbyists make fun of them at their jihadi games (*following the Christmas reference in their emails)

Another fun fact was that in using Maltego, I could see the edge weights (importance through frequency) of the sites that they are affiliated with or talk to. In the image above you can see the weights of the sites with a certain blog in purple ( ) which is run by Irfan Baloch and Abu Jamal. I also was able to locate the following blog (pictured below) pashtoislamway which conveniently let me find the user’s Twitter account as well as his two email addresses (in pic) So, a Gmail and a Hotmail acct for the services to look into YAY!

Don’t suppose you guys are using crypto… Maybe even a proxy when accessing these?

We’ll see….


Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that your WordPress site was even MORE helpful and gave me more informatics on you all!


See, when you guys filled out your bio’s on there you also added your email addresses and pertinent data that I just love to collect. Keep it coming kids I can use it all and I am sure someday all of your communications will be in the hands of the likes of DHS! So really, once again the other jihobbyists are right to laugh at you guys.

You truly are the keystone cops of jihad.

I Don’t Forgive, I don’t Forget, and You Should Expect ME.

Couldn’t resist there haha… Ok, so yeah, moving forward I think that your little sites will come under more scrutiny by myself and others *J* so you should expect the attention.

Oh, and trust me, it will not be attention you want.

Meanwhile I am going to go back to hoovering your sites and then perhaps collate all the forensics data I can get from all the files you have been creating and uploading to sites like megaupload.

See you in your computers soon kids.

Merry Christmas Jihobbyists!


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2011/12/09 at 19:27

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