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Anonymous and ANTISEC: Mixing Metaphors Can Lead to Trouble

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The Steady March Toward Anonymous Jihad

The picture above showed up on the internet attached to a right wing site. Edited I assume with the text “The left has declared jihad on capitalism” This image and the connotation of it should be of concern to Anonymous at large because of its potential for swaying thought. I can only assume that this image and more like it coming from the OWS movement sites will only proliferate as the right wing candidates vie for the position of President and in the process, make the Anon’s and the OWS movement seem to be a terrorist movement or groups.

I am sorry to say though, that unless this person photographed was a shill for the right, then someone or more than a few people have got the wrong idea and are wearing the typical shemagh in tandem with the Anon mask and have thus started the ball rolling on this themselves. I for one actually wore the same together back before Anon and the OWS movement began to really pick up steam, and I did so tongue in cheek.

You see.. tying the two together is just a bad idea if you want to be seen as a non corrupt, honest, and heroic movement. Just look at the history surrounding the shemagh and the terrorist use of it and you will see it’s a fairly bad idea as promotional notions go post 9/11.

Now unfortunately the ball is rolling to make you all the tool of the right’s campaign against anything they deem to be “Un-American”

One Man’s Terrorist is Another’s Freedom Fighter

Meanwhile, I would also like to take you to task for your core use of threats and rhetorical catch phrases that have also been getting.. Well.. A little scary at times and yet we are already inured to them I think. The lines;

We never forget

We never forgive

Expect us

All come off as eliciting a threat I should imagine that even to those you claim to be protecting. After all, how long before you all decide that the one you are protecting has pissed you off in some way and now they are the next threat? It seems from all of the back biting that has gone on with Anonymous and the defections (public and other) that have taken place show that the “Mob Rule” style of action and control that seems to be at play here could get out of hand rather easily no? It’s a slippery slope you have all set yourselves upon and I just want to warn you now that the rhetoric and the actions (sanctioned and un-sanctioned) can lead to blowback unless you pay attention.

The latest iteration with the release of this image (at the top of the page) will only make it easier for those who are out there and thinking you are all misguided or power mad are in fact the next form of terrorists. In fact, I would not hesitate to say that the governments of the world which you are fighting, and are in power to start with, are considering you terrorists. In the case of the US, domestic terrorists (i.e. ows and you all who are in the US wearing a mask) and if attacks come from outside the country on to US systems/soil, with the recent DoD rulings on response in kind with kinetic attacks, you do have a problem.

You all consider (those who are partaking in actions for political/social beliefs held) that you are fighting against an authoritarian system. A system that you decry as evil and yet, looking into your organization (sorry “swarm” or “collective”) shows the same hue and cries of those you don’t like. You all seem like digital villagers at the gate with pitchforks and fire… Throwing rotten tomatoes and yelling “Off with their heads”

Smacks really of the French Revolution to me.

Now though, you have certain factions within your umbrella (Antisec) that are actively carrying out attacks on the government and the police organisations. You cry out that the police are evil (and granted what I have seen at the OWS protests with pepper spray and violence gives you that right) but your actions of outing data are.. Well.. Just as bad really.

Sorry, but, you are becoming them… Please stop.

The Propaganda Wars (Anonymous vs. Governments)

So now we have the propaganda wars ongoing. Anonymous claims that the governments are corrupt and they would be right in a great number of cases. The government is claiming that you all (Anonymous and OWS) are just a rabble of spoiled brats who need to cut their hair and take a shower. Who’s really right here? It seems to me that much of the recent OP’s like Robin Hood are just dysfunctional half baked ideas as opposed to really taking up social or legal issues that are relevant today.. Never mind actually taking them on and trying to come up with a plan that would help with the issues.

Additionally, these videos you put out now are getting closer and closer to the jihadi videos out there that AQ has been putting out over the years. The same graphics, the same music, the same metaphor and rhetoric with a tinge of threat.

Not good.

I suppose there is a certain sense of empowerment you are all getting from this, but let me tell you this. From the LEO’s and the government perspective, the more you do it, the closer you are getting to patterns that the terrorists have been using. Perhaps its just that you live in the YouTube age, but I should think that you all would take a step back and think about this a bit. It’s not helping your cause.

Eventually though as the 2012 race moves on, I can expect you all to be lumped into the same bucket with the terrorists just because of your inherent shadowy reflection of modus operandi and propaganda. Additionally, the government types (The Republican base and the teabaggers) will also be using you all as a fulcrum of fear spreading propaganda about you. Propaganda that you will not be able to fight because you cannot control your respective cells and actions.

The propaganda and disinformation genie is out of the bottle kids.

Dictum and Rhetoric Can be Your Enemy

So, what can you do? Well, perhaps cut down on the dictum and rhetoric a bit. Don’t let all the crazy hangers on dilute the message as well. I know this goes against your core ideal of being a “collective” but, even a collective should be able to do this. All of these crazies out there who are doing things in your name are only doing those of you with an agenda (social/political) a disservice.

At the same time, I have to say that I think in other quarters, without the government types making you a “threat” by labelling you so, you all have managed to inure the general populace into a sense of apathy. You have been real bilious but really, what have you all changed? What substantive thing have you done for the people Anonymous? I asked this before but I still don’t see a real effect here. Sure you can claim the OWS movement but really, what have they done as well?

The government is still bailing out other governments secretly it seems as of recent reports…

Arrests are sky-rocketing at the protests but… Well, nothing new there.

No laws have changed

No real political backing has come from anyone in the government (the left say)

Nope, generally, you all have been deemed to be rather impotent, so, what great paradigm shift has occurred here? Perhaps if you came up with candidates or a party that might be different but as yet I see none of this. What I see is a group of people upset with their government but not substantively coming up with means to change that government… That usually means that you have to either dismantle it or, get inside of it as  a part of it and make change happen.

So far, you do not even have the traction to change the electoral process here. Someone will be elected in 2012 and I can pretty much guarantee you all that it will be the same ol same ol once again.

So yet again I ask you.. What are you doing?

So, What is The End Game Here?

I guess in the end, I just want to see something cohesive happen here. What do you all want? You want to end corrupt practices? You want better more humane government? You want other countries governments to stop torturing their populaces and allow them to be free to buy Macbooks?


What’s the plan? Without an end goal then its all just mental masturbation kids.

Ehh.. Just beware that you are starting to look foolish and you will be made into the boogey man if you are not careful.


Written by Krypt3ia

2011/12/01 at 16:20

6 Responses

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  1. Revolutions tear down systems. They don’t seek to integrate with them. Somthing you fail to realize.


    2011/12/03 at 11:08

  2. Malcolm, Actually, I think you all fail to realize the real nature of revolution and what it takes to have one succeed. Tearing the system down as you call it will not happen with your current machinations. Instead, it will only serve to piss off the government forces and inure the public against you with your antics.


    2011/12/03 at 11:51

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  4. his tatoo will reveal him


    2011/12/04 at 08:09

  5. “The latest iteration with the release of this image (at the top of the page) will only make it easier for those who are out there and thinking you are all misguided or power mad are in fact the next form of terrorists. ”

    I think you’re a little late on this line of thinking, because this has already happened, and nothing they (hacktivits) say or do will change that line of thinking to those who feel threatened by the existence of such groups as the anons and antisec. The reality is that regardless of whether this picture existed or not – the ‘right’ is interested in self preservation and will do what it needs to in order to rectify what it recognizes as an imbalance in the system. And if that means getting a little creative ih photoshop, so be it. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before, and nothing that will stop anytime soon. For better or worst, the nature of american politics and american capitalism is to win and win big, so we can hardly blame the right for being who they are and manipulating the truth to further their agendas.

    And though many of the hacktivists may not be completely aware of the gravity of their actions and how it continues to challenge the nature of privacy and information security as we know it, their notion of revolution is not too far off from the notions shared by many OWSers, so it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

    The tactics of both the OWSer and hacktivist groups are a little unorthodox, yes, but that doesn’t mean that their actions will not bring about some much needed changes in the US. Granted those changes may not manifest for a long time, but that doesn’t mean their effort are in vain, that’s much to pre-mature a prediction. The funny thing is that its just the beginning. Just wait until the 2012 campaigns get into the home stretch, and the OWS has been at it for almost a year. It’s going to be very interesting indeed.


    2011/12/04 at 08:52

  6. The article’s pretty close to what I’m thinking. Anonymous is pushing ideology too hard and too soon, and comes off as a mob of script kiddies jumping onto the latest cause. It needs to back off a little, and properly establish itself as something more professional. This is essential if Anonymous is to be taken seriously in the political arena.


    2011/12/06 at 11:50

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