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#OpCARTEL: Hubris & Blood

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Yesterday I wrote about how I had thought it was rather ill concieved of Anonymous to attempt to mess with an organization like the Zetas. Last night I hear that Barrett Brown, ersatz former spokesperson has decided to get back into the action with this particular Op. A tweet from his acct had a link to the following pastebin:

  1. The Anon who had been kidnapped last month by the Zetas has been released, although it appears that the Zetas concerned did not know that the individual was the Anon whose release had been demanded by those who instigated #OpCartel. As such, no bargain has been fulfilled. Meanwhile, those who have been in possession of the e-mails have promised to provide them to me alone, which is to say that everything that proceeds from now on is my own work, and not that of Anonymous. Any reprisals against anyone other than myself, then, will have no effect.
  2. As I’ve told several journalists today, I will be proceeding carefully and with the assistance of several parties who are equipped to assess the contents of these e-mails and particularly those portions dealing with Zeta collaborators. I’ll announce the next step in a few days.
  3. Finally, much of the reaction that this affair has received, particularly the dozens of often malicious predictions of my upcoming murder by the Zetas, is among the most degenerate displays I have yet seen. The idea that I should refrain from assisting in the naming of probable criminals operating in a foreign country without a working judicial system lest I be murdered is a cowardly sentiment. No individual living in the free world should refrain from working to fight injustice simply because there is a possibility of retaliation. Less important, but equally inane, have been the hundreds of comments and even media reports in which I am described as “foolish” for taking a risk in the course of something I believe in. Those objections dealing with possible repercussions to innocent third parties are reasonable, and I have made an effort to address those; those objections to the effect that an American ought not assist his fellows who have themselves risked their lives for this cause is informed only by a sick culture that is destined for destruction and replacement. If, by some chance, I am indeed killed by the Zetas, I will at least not have to contend ever again with the irritating and, frankly, faggy outpourings of a population that has proven itself incompetent to rule the empire that has been provided to it on the backs of others. Amrite?

Barrett, all I have to say is this…

“Way to go moron! What the fuck are you thinking? Are you that vainglorious or are you just mentally challenged?”

Let me break this down for you all once again.

  1. Any data you have will serve no purpose. The cartel owns the government there.
  2. The US may be interested in the data only in that they want to see who reacts. They already know this information in all likelihood
  3. The release of the hostage… You ever consider that it was not an appeasement? That they are using this person or persons to get to others within the Mexican Anon org?
  4. All your bravado will leave you once you find an MS13 gangbanger over you with their pistol against your head.
  5. You will not be a hero or a martyr.. You will have been just stupid.
How many people have taken up the fight directly, not covertly, in Mexico against the cartels (LAW ENFORCEMENT) and died?  Take a look and you will see that this group has no compunction in killing anyone anywhere. So, you have more solidly just painted the crosshairs on your head with your little pastebin.
…And, you likely will not be alone…
Nice going you tactical fuckwit.


Let me once again talk about Pablo Escobar it took some serious special operators from the US to go down to Columbia and hunt him down. Not geeks behind computers with little bits of data, no, it took guys with guns who were battle seasoned to get Pablo, and he was just as fucknuts as these guys in Zeta. The difference here? The Zetas core 30 members are TRAINED SPECOPS! WE TRAINED THEM IN THE US!! They are deserters from the Mexican Special Forces!!!

And look at you.. all puffed up and thinking with your gun…

AND you do it so publicly like they are going to be afraid to whack you?


I tried telling you all that if you wanted to do this shit, you had better be smart about it and completely protected with SECOP’s protocols and you go and hang it all out there?

Patently stupid.

So, now its all on you Barrett. You and your council of  core anon’s you speak of. I just hope that when they do get you (Zeta, MS13 etc) that you really don’t know who the others are in real life.. Because I am sure you will give them up before they whack you.



Written by Krypt3ia

2011/11/04 at 12:02