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Anonymous, Conspiracies, And Blowback

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A user named AnonguyNYC has posted this video on YouTube that has some ominous overtones that I for one, have been somewhat expecting out of the Anon movements base. While I do not think this is a sanctioned piece by the Anon core, this individual is using linguistic programming and heavy imagery to incite people to do more than just protest Wall Street.  The video was found by me on a link from a blog site and was linked on, a news aggregator. What is most worrisome to me is that there may be individuals out there who will heed this guy’s call and go for an all out “run” as he called it, on Wall Street bankers.

The import here to the words and their play within this video is that the creator is seeking to re-inforce the contention that the bankers are the worlds greatest evil and that they are behind such things as a coup d’etat or other larger conspiracy schemes to control the world. This is something I have been seeing play out more and more not only within the anonymous community, but also even to the political arena with the Ron Paul’s or the Jesse Ventura’s of the world saying that there are grand conspiracies at work to control the government and the people.

Frankly guys, no one is that capable or cohesive as a group to really pull things off in my opinion. However, this trend has been going on since 9/11 with the truther movement, which begat so many others. What’s worse is that today I heard an NPR interview with an evangelic Christian who is part of a movement that wants to take over the government and other areas of life (even including the arts) to save us all ( New Apostolic Reformation’s C. Peter Wagner) This would be somewhat comical to me had it not been that the current political cycle has members running who follow this cult.

Fresh Air with Terry Gross

Talk about your cognitive dissonance huh? At any rate, this video is intriguing and somewhat scary. Things are ramping up and as we keep hearing more and more news cycles cover how economies are failing around the world, I would not be surprised if soon it becomes open season on the bankers.

Pitchforks and torches will be replaced with automatic weapons…

Hey Anonymous, this is NOT V for Vendetta… Work within the system to fix the system. Don’t color outside of the lines so much that you make yourselves public enemy number one.


Written by Krypt3ia

2011/10/03 at 18:37

4 Responses

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  1. Personally I think it has been going on since JFK. The 911 ‘THANG’ just brought a new and wired generation to the conspiracy world.

    Just please do not be blind and think that groups can’t pull off anything complex- Murdock hacking scandal anyone?

    This video, to me,is just boring. It’s not a threat- It’s merely a symptom.
    That said, if something doesn’t give, expect more talk like this.


    2011/10/04 at 07:09

  2. I think it’s a good video, makes good use of the available footage, shame about the “banksters” comments though, I think it would work better as a straight monologue, but the voice is very good. Though for sheer menace I like this one better:


    2011/10/05 at 17:11

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