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Rezwan Ferdaus, FBI Sting Operations, And Internet Jihad

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It seems that the case of Rewan Ferdaus is once again showing us how the Internet jihad is helping to create more jihobbyists who could potentially move into active status. In the case of Ferdaus, he had some help in actuating his plans for jihad from some undercover agents and a “CW” (cooperating witness) Now, there has been a lot of talk lately about the only terrorists being caught here are the ones that the FBI is making and frankly, I think that sells things a little short in the real world. Sure, these stings are facilitating these people into action, but only after the individuals have pledged themselves to do something, much like Ferdaus himself. It seems from the Affidavit that Rezwan had had this plan in mind for some time and it was only after he talked to his friend the (CW) about it, that the feds got involved giving him the material support to carry out his plans.

And that’s where people get turned around here.

Ok, so you say that the FBI is entrapping people like Rezwan. They give him support and talk up the jihad perhaps. Sure, that is possible and that would be entrappment, but nowhere in this affidavit do I see entrapment. What I do see is a guy who wants to go to jihad and who frankly, is a bit of a misfit looking to fit in or have something to believe in. Might he have dropped this if he had been left alone? Or even for that matter, could the FBI have talked him out of doing this? Would that actually be of worth? The way I see it, he was on a path that he would have fulfilled one way or another with or without the help of the FBI UCE’s

In the affidavit you can clearly see how Rezwan “self radicalised” on the internet. Specific claims are made by him how he was surfing jihadi websites and seeing how evil the US was, and it was this that gave him the idea to go to jihad. I am sure the reasons are more complex and perhaps even that Rezwan has some mental issues, but, the gist is there. The materials were online, and he watched/read/listened along becoming more and more convinced that the kaffir have to die.

Rezwan also said on several occasions that his plan was to “destroy” the head of the snake (AKA the Pentagon and the Capitol) but he also knew that this was rather impossible given that he only had 3 micro jets (RC controlled jet planes) to work with, so the reality of it must have been lurking in his head somewhere. Surely 25lbs of C-4 is not going to bring down the Pentagon and the Capitol. Rezwan also wanted to have co-conspirators and had a plan to have AK47’s to shoot at the people coming out of the buildings after the planes hit. This was to sow more fear and to take out more kaffir. However, in one telling sentence he pretty much says that all of this is to “psychologically” attack America, so he must have known that this was a small attack in comparison to 9/11.

Though, if you have been looking at the past 7 issues of Inspire Magazine, then you can see how he was thinking along the lines of what Al Malahem has been saying for some time. If you keep American’s psyche’s unbalanced, that is much better than large scale attacks. My question though is how unbalanced would we be after an attack like this? Seems like we have been pretty battle tested between 9/11, Columbine, and VT. I guess though, the premise is there and it is sound enough. Had he carried this off, he would have had a wave of fear and knee jerk reaction that AQ would love to see happen here in the states.

So, here we have a prime example of the Internet jihad’s potential. Real life actions by unbalanced individuals that have been spun up by the rhetoric of AQ and AQAP. So, for all those making snarky comments about the FBI only catching these guys within stings I suggest you think about it another way. Had they not known about him and not gone through this process, he may well have indeed come in contact with an Anwar Alawki or others who could have potentially given him support to really have pulled off an attack.

At least the feds stopped him.


Written by Krypt3ia

2011/09/29 at 19:08

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  1. Hey K,

    I appreciate your point of view, and I’m happy this particular ‘jihobbyist’ (great term by the way) was apprehended, but unlike you I feel that he should have been arrested the moment he delivered three modified mobile phones to the undercover FBI agents to detonate bombs with. My further argumentation can be found here:


  2. Nice article. Thanks.

    Re “They give him support and talk up the jihad perhaps.
    Sure, that is possible and that would be entrapment….”

    Even if they had done that,
    it would still not be entrapment —
    at least in U.S. courts.

    As Jacobson v U.S. puts it,
    it’s only entrapment if the accused
    “did not have any intent or disposition to commit the crime charged
    and was induced or persuaded by law-enforcement officers
    or their agents to commit that crime.”

    That’s a low threshold.

    Beyond that, law enforcement has lots of room to play.
    They can provide “a favorable opportunity to commit the crime
    or make committing the crime easier
    or even participate in acts essential to the crime.”

    The FBI has plenty of experience with such cases,
    from past work with organized crime.
    For the sake of the American Muslim community,
    they are also being careful even
    to avoid the appearance of entrapment.

    If you read recent cases like Ferdaus,
    you’ll find that defense seldom even tries to argue entrapment.
    And I don’t believe that a single such case
    has been thrown out on the grounds of entrapment.

    –… …–

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