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FBI Trainer Says Forget ‘Irrelevant’ al-Qaida, Target Islam

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“At the operational level, you have groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaida. Like teeth in a shark, it is irrelevant if you take one group out,” Gawthrop said during his lecture to the New York Metro Infragard at the World Financial Center in downtown Manhattan From

Who say’s the crusades are dead? At least that is what it seems to be running through my mind watching this diatribe by William Gawthrop in his video on Jihadist terrorism presented to Infragard. I have news for you William,

“You’re doing it wrong”

Simple enough for you? No? Ok lemme splain some more for you and others out there… 99+% of the 2.2 Billion Muslims in the world are not jihadi fundamentalists. If it were true that all adherents of Islam were radicalised because they believe the “word” of their book and prophet as “gospel” then we would already be a caliphate by now.

Comprende? We savvy?

Now, I know what you are thinking here, its all about the religion of hate that rules over the 2 lands with their Sharia law! Well, sure, there is some Sharia out there but is it really so different from the patina of separation of secular and religious we have here in the states? C’mon, really, think about it, how much is this country ruled by the religious right now-a-days?

Or, should I say how much would they LOVE to be in charge more?

Yeah, you know what? ALL of the books that are “gospel” to these people to become radicalised over were all written by people who barely understood science and now, in some quarters would like to do away with critical thought (science) because it gets in the way of their dogmatic beliefs. Might I just cite a place in Kentucky that has a diorama with dinosaurs and man TOGETHER?

Fucking Marx was right about one thing; “Religion is the opiate for the masses” So, when you or anyone else wants to cite any one religion as the bane of existence (in this case Islam) then I suggest you take a long hard look at the other religions out there and just who is running them as well as created them.. Yep, it was us, humans.

No burning bush

No alien tablets

No God delivering us a giant idol to worship

We as humans wanted to rationalise that which we did not understand (death, life, the universe, everything) and our primitive brains could only come up with the construct of God… I have more news for you. It’s not the books fault. They were written long ago and things were more primal. It’s 2011 and you know what? Any of the books taken LITERALLY are indeed done so by lunatics who lack a perception of reality.

In essence, its not the religion or the book or the law.. It’s who’s wielding it as a cudgel to further their own agenda.

So, when you have someone like Mr. Gawthrop blaming the book for people’s actions, he is completely discounting the human element here. Perhaps it would have been better if he had decided to quantify things with the words “Radical Sharia believers” or “Radical Muslims” Ya know, kinda like Radical Christians or even Radical Shinto Buddhists! Though, there have not been too many Buddhists whacking folks out there.. More like immolating themselves to make us all look at our own shit.. But I digress.

For every belief whether it be religion or philosophical, there will be ardent believers who may even become “radical” in their belief. These are the people using the books or beliefs to their own purposes or interpretations. This is the problem and those are the people and personalities that need to be assessed and dealt with. Not to just make gross characterisations of groups.

There’s a lot more going on socially and psychologically than your simplistic truth you espouse that Islam is bad. Has that little changed since Bush uttered the immortally stupid words of “They hate us because of our freedom”



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Written by Krypt3ia

2011/09/20 at 18:48

6 Responses

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  1. It’s a shame that this kind of gorillaz work in FBI

    Lisnic Andrei

    2011/09/20 at 22:26

  2. Now if you wanted to argue that there were some aspects of Islam that made it conducive to radicalization that would be one thing.. If Islam was the issue we would have a whole lot of home grown terrorist in the US. The issues are more complex than simply Islam.

    Let’s word it this way. Forget the KKK, the Army of God, The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord. These are just teeth in a shark! The real target is Christianity. Not so sure that would be a popular Infragard lecture..


    2011/09/21 at 14:51

  3. 2.2 Billion Muslims?

    Where did you get that from? Most reliable sources (such as Pew) put it at around 1.5 billion.


    2011/09/21 at 14:58

  4. It was in a report I found with Google for end of 2011


    2011/09/21 at 15:35

  5. I disagree with you specifically, though I agree with your more general thought that ‘religion is made up by humans so no human can say any one religion is more evil than another.’

    Whoops. Wrong, sorry. I mean, I’ll use that kind of language since pronouncements seem to be the way of stating things lol

    While your general thought that any fundi would adore total rule under their flavor of god, what you miss in your viewpoint is totally relevant. It’s relevant right now, this minute.

    While many Christians would and do oppress women and children, it is not paritcularly common in the western world to hear about young girls being castrated as they are in some Islamic groups. Literally CASTRATED. That’s not an idea that might be happening IF something were out of whack. It IS happening.

    It routinely happens in Islamic culture for widows to find themselves homeless for the crminal act of their husbands passing away.

    And while Christianity bleets about liberals and sin, Islamic fundamentalists actively preach the destruction of the Western world and way of life. That’s a whole lotta people.

    The fact is, Islamic fundamentalists are very effective. It’s why that religion is the most populated globally and is growing. They are currently giving China all sorts of problems, and they won’t stop.

    “The paranoid just has all the facts.” – Spider Jerusalem

    I really don’t think you have quite looked into the geography of the Islamic religion. Fixate on London for a while and listen to what they have to say there. *Listen* to them. Not your pre-conceptions nor active disinterest in all religions.

    Islam perpetuates a hefty and intense amount of oppression. Theocratic states are the routine, not the exception.

    The injection or influence of Christianity can be seen, yes, in Western governments but the people are not under its rule, as they are in Tehran or Kuwait.

    It’s simplistic to essentially aruge that no system is perfect. Most reasonable people know that already. What we have to do is defend the nearest-to-perfect systems that we can. The ones that afford the individual and their society the greatest, on balance, set of freedoms possible. Defend it against what?, you may ask.

    Against the systems that would destroy it and actively seek to do so. There are few other systems out there, besides Islam, that comes as close to hoping to do that as what is adhered to and followed as the Quran lays out.

    BTW, want to see something sad? YouTube the fist fights between Buddhist monks of differing temples. Say what you like about Christianity, but I never saw Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson in a fist to cuffs. Not even Jimmy Swaggart would go that far.


    2011/09/27 at 01:51

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