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Douchery, it’s seemingly everywhere and now it comes back to me again in the finest of LIGATT-ian style with the theft of a logo I designed and use for others purposes. Sure, fine, I saw the logo and told the user to please remove it as it was copyrighted to me. What I get back is an equivocating email that the colors are certainly different and bugger off. THEN I log into Twitter and see the above tweets using yet again, MY logo and threats of legal action for defamation.


THEN I get these emails:


All of this sound eerily familiar? It smells of LIGATT style to me. Sure, threaten me with defamation legal action because I got pissed and told you to not use my logo as your own even without asking and then you equivocate over the color of the logo? REALLY?

What has the world come to?

Legal counsel shall be synced up with later today. It’s really likely not worth the time or money trying to fight with this assclown, but at the very least the community now knows about him/them and their ways by their OWN ACTIONS.


Written by Krypt3ia

2011/08/16 at 10:02

Posted in Infringement

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  1. According to the Code of Practice ( that he has signed up to:
    3.2 Third Parties. You shall have regard to the legitimate rights of third parties.
    3.2.1 The term ‘Third Party’ includes professional colleagues, or possibly competitors, or members of ‘the public’ who might be affected by your work as a Maritime Security Professional without their being directly aware of the existence of your work.
    3.3 Legal. Maritime Security Professional’s should undertake at all times to comply with or observe all applicable laws and regulations, wherever they operate.
    3.3.1 Maritime Security Professional’s, whether acting for themselves or an employer, should not take any action that they know, or reasonably should know, would violate any applicable law or regulation.
    3.3.2 Maritime Security Professional’s must ensure that their conduct cannot be interpreted as breaching the laws; if unsure, they must consult, at the earliest possible stage of business dealings, with a suitably qualified and knowledgeable person.
    Polite warning: Any breach of the Code of Conduct brought to the attention of MarSecPro will be considered under the organisations Complaints Procedure which, if necessary, includes the option to withdraw MarSecPro membership for serious breaches of this Code of Conduct.

    Some info about putting in a formal complaint with regards to the above can be found at

  2. Robert: Good find. It’ll be interesting to see how MarSecPro handles the complaint.


    2011/08/16 at 14:37

  3. Wow, I think you put it best when you told him he’s an assclown lol!
    Look up CyberDouche in the dictionary, I’d expect to find both Ligatt and this David Stone guy as the definition. 😛


    2011/08/16 at 19:20

  4. What IS an international copyright paper?

    “In most jurisdictions copyright arises upon fixation and does not need to be registered.” Wikipedia

    OK, citing Wikipedia as a source is lame but the statement is still true. The moral of the story don’t threaten to lawyer up because someone insults you on t’internet.

  5. Yeah, he whipped out the “I’m gonna sue you” shit pretty damn fast didn’t he? That’s what most reminded me of LIGATT. He just whipped out the legal penis (flaccid) and threatened me after I called him on his plagiarised content. Just wait til the next post… More to come.


    2011/08/24 at 15:56

  6. He really REALLY doesn’t like his own logo (if he didn’t crib that) or his own picture. His LinkedIn now uses:

    Which he took from .. watermark and all.


    Which in-turn might have been taken from ..


    Which all seems to be a replica Macedonian helmet for ~$1000USD. You’d think will all that bad-assery he spouts he could even buy one to take a picture himself if pressed into further un-originality.

    Apologies to Alan Moore, Warner Brothers, and maybe Fox for my avatar. 😉


  7. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Seek and ye shall find…and ye shall know them by their fruits, and all that.
    AKA if you act like a douche over an avatar, you might do douche work too.
    Yes, the whipping out the I’ma gonna sue you so quickly was quite suspect.

    I suppose, in a perfect world, you would have contacted him about it privately, and then he would have changed it and said “I’m sorry” and respect would have been shown all around. Respect goes a long way, and it’s a very important trait in IT workers in general, but that much more so in infosec workers.

    People that are quick to run grab a lawyer to fight or fuss through remind me of divorcing couples. It’s not smart; only the lawyers win.


    2011/08/31 at 10:15

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