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OPERATION SATIAGHARA: Anonymous Conspiracies That Don’t Materialize

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Recently, Anonymous dumped another data package on the torrents touting that it was the real dirt on Brazil’s government AND the CIA/Kroll. After a few days, Anonops IRC twitter account lamented that no one was paying attention to the data (sic the press) Of course Anon really wasn’t taking into account the number of documents as well as the need for many to translate them and THEN have some context analysis carried out.

So, once I heard the whining, I decided to download the dump myself and then go through it all. Mind you, I do not speak Portuguese, I speak Spanish, but, I could translate some myself and then pop the rest into the Google translate. In going through the dox, I also found that some were also in Italian, which I could read as well (passingly) So, it was time consuming but in the end my judgement is that once again, Anonymous has missed the mark on having the real dirt. There is nothing within the documents that directly state any CIA or government involvement on the part of the US. Sure, there were companies from the US involved, but, this was all about buying into a telco and other resources/financing deals in Brazil that happened to be set up and run by corrupt Brazilian officials.

Kids.. There is no smoking gun. This is a case that is fairly well known so it was already in the public eye… In 2008 that is.

Operation Satiaghara

Quite the contrary as I saw from the dox. In one document it is flatly stated that there is a theory of involvement but no proof of Kroll in anything other than writing a report that was used by the officials involved. (see pg 25 of 682.doc) So where do you Anon’s get this idea that there is this huge conspiracy? Frankly, I am surprised that the press has any interest at all in your documents (other than perhaps the Brazilians) because sure, there were some people not captured and prosecuted within the Brazilian government that should have been. The story here is more about the corruption rife within the Brazilian as opposed to any great international conspiracy. This would have been apparent to you had you done analysis and contextual assessment of the drop.

Data dumps without context have no real intelligence worth. While this stuff is interesting, it’s certainly not earth shattering. What’s worse is that it makes you all look more and more like the boy who cried wolf than the Deep Throat. This is why I keep harping on analysis Anonymous. If you go around just hitting sites and downloading data from external facing sources and you do not vet the data, then what you do put out there means nothing. Just as well as I can see from your tweets from the AnonymousIRC account, that you are just now translating the dox. It would have been much more useful had you translated them before hand and rar’d them all up for everyone to start with. You want attention from the mass media? Then the mass media has to be able to read the documents as well as hopefully have a primer as to what they all mean in context.

What these docs do show though is an insiders view into surveillance carried out at the level of actual reports from the specialists. This is rather nifty and for this I give you the +1 Otherwise, I give it all a ho hum and feel that you are seeing shadows where there are none.

So please, once again I’m giving you the hints;

  1. Vet the documents
  2. Analyse the documents and put some context around them to show their importance
  3. Translate them if need be so the media can read them readily
  4. Stop just dumping reams of useless data on the public because if you keep doing that they will ignore you

Ancillary Data Found:

  • There are numerous .wav files that I have yet to listen to. I assume they are wiretaps and will need translation as well as transcription.
  • There are many mpg and avi files from differing cameras (surveillance video) but is mostly meaningless unless one is read in on who these people are
  • There are numerous jpg files as well that are not very useful

Forensics Data on Files:

I ran some foca scans on the dox and have some interesting background on them. They do in fact come from the sources alleged so at least that backstops to a point that they are in fact real dox from the Brazilian police services.

  • They were using iphones to perform covert photo surveillance
  • They use primarily windows machines
  • You can see their internal/external networks via the metadata found within the pdf files


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2011/08/12 at 18:56