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The Many Minds of Anders Breivik AKA “Sigurd” Justiciar Templar Knight

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A Killing Spree In Oslo:

While on vacation, Anders Breivik decided to go lone wolf and ended up killing 90 people. After his arrest more and more information started to come out as to his motives for the killing spree. What followed has become a sort of armchair detectives dream for the masses. The manifesto as it turns out, is pretty much all we have on Anders’ motives and having read through most of its 1,500 pages, I have come to the conclusion that he is in fact quite mentally ill.

I base this not solely on his actions, but also on his dense prose that shows a very organized personality having an extreme break with reality. Unfortunately, those around Anders did not see this happening or refused to see it, and in the end 90 people died because of his dissociation with reality.

The Manifesto: A Declaration of preemptive War

The manifesto “A Declaration of Preemptive War” for the most part, is a conglomeration of cut and paste from other documents including a great swath of Ted Kaczynski’s manifesto against technology “Industrial Society and Its FutureFor the most part, the bulk of the document attempts to make the case that Europe has become infected by pervasive acquiescence on the part of the populace and government that has fomented a “multicultural” society. That society in turn, will result in the year 2083, in a “Islamification” of the EU and a new Caliphate will result.

Breivik rambles and cites numerous historical contexts trying to make connections from marxism to his end product of a new Caliphate and in so doing, is all over the map as he pedantically attempts to sway your mind to his point of view. All of this ‘documentation’ serves as the preamble for his personal writings further on (somewhere in the page 800 area) where he lays out the story of the PCCTS (Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici) or The Knights Templar and his new twist on this, ‘The Justiciar Knights’ (Justiciar being the latin for justice)

What is most interesting though is that when Anders wrote this part of the book (book 3) he attempts to distance himself from the distorted reality that he had been living and creating for so long in the previous 800 or so pages. Perhaps Anders was having a sanity break? I am not sure as to why he decided to take the tac he did with this section, but, as you can see below, he prefaces the book of pre-emptive warfare with a rather lengthy caveat;

“It’s all fiction”

3. A Declaration of pre-emptive War (book 3)

LEGAL DISCLAIMER (for certain chapters in Book 2 and Book: 3. A Declaration of pre-emptive War):

Book 3, “A Declaration of preemptive War” and certain chapters in book 2 in this compendium, titled “2083”, and all related research files describes a hypothetical response to a perceived threat (so called cultural Marxist/multiculturalist atrocities and the threat of Islamisation). As such, it is a fictional description regarding how it could be like if Islam would be dominant in Europe. The concept of the story/plot is based on what it would be like if certain Christian/conservative/nationalist resistance groups/individuals chose to oppose these so called perceived threats and enemies. It describes in shocking detail how they would most likely rationalise/think/justify/argue and behave towards these perceived threats/enemies.  This books chapter 3 describes how a “fictional” resistance group is emerging and how it would operate from the so called “Phase 1 through Phase 3” in order to prevent these perceived threats and atrocities from futher manifesting and to prevent an alleged future Muslim takeover. It also describes specifically how this hypothetical fictional group, “PCCTS, Knights Templar”, would choose to respond towards the so called ”enablers” or the so called “cultural Marxist/multiculturalist” elites that are allegedly allowing millions of Muslims to enter Europe.The book contains detailed strategies (guerrilla tactics, instructions to execute, political campaigns etc.) which normally would be partly incriminatory to anyone who published or distributed the book (had it not been fiction). It also describes indirect and direct armed and non-armed strategies towards these so-called “traitors” – referred to as the cultural Marxists/ multiculturalists. The motivation for this “fiction-writer-approach” is to contribute to create a new type of innovative writing style. By defining, in a horrifically detailed way, a fictional scenario, the reader will be shocked due to the “hopefully” credible and extremely detailed elaborations. It should be noted that the author, as a sci-fi enthusiast, wanted to bring and create a complete new writing style that has the potential to shock the reader with an incredibly credible fictional plot (written in first, second and third person narrative). The author or distributor does not condone or agree with any of the descriptions or methods used in this book and the related chapters. However, the book was created to try to explain to the European political elites how the continuation of given political doctrines could result in similar manifestations (radicalisation of certain groups/individuals), as history has already proven, if they continue with their current policies. As such, it is a reminder to the current establishment what might happen if they repeat the mistakes of the past. Ignoring the will of the people will only contribute to radicalise groups/individuals and therefore contribute to polarise the political fronts and increase the chances of future conflicts. A continued humanist approach to mass Muslim immigration, and the implementation of Sharia on a local, national and pan-European level could result in a long term catastrophe. Not only as a result of a political Islamic consolidation from phase 1-3 but also the danger that REAL “resistance organisations” equivalent to the fictional group called “PCCTS” arises as a result of the discontent. Simulating the creation and detailed information about the actions of organisations like this is presented in detail (included combat/guerrilla simulations, planning phase, attack strategies etc) to try to forward a realistic impression to the reader and current European governments regarding what COULD develop if the current Islamisation process is allowed to continue. The detailed so called “terror descriptions” is therefore in place to create a sense of perceived credibility, reality under a credible fictitious framework. The threats, the discriminatory content and information about guerrilla warfare and violence, threats regarding killing of so called “traitors” and instruction on how to employ WMDs (which is all available through Wikipedia and other online sources to anyone btw) is therefore all a part of this fictional story/plot to strengthen the credibility of the framework. The book should therefore never be considered anything else than fiction (not real). Please note that in order to do some of the research in this compendium the author had to visit/seek several controversial websites/sources in order to gain access to the information. This does not mean that the author or distributor have any sympathy or empathy for any specified or un-specified violent or non-violent groups. All ”threats” etc in these fictional books are ”in character” and its primary goal is to give an impression of what it would be like if we were under threat by an extremist organisation. However, certain aspects of the content describing a lead character (a fictional political activist who has decided to become a so called “Justiciar Knight”) sounds very realistic due to the detailed descriptions. However, all incriminatory information in this work is written “in character” and must not be confused with an actual plan, or strategy to attempt to harm any individuals or infrastructure, any political groups or attempt to seize political or military control of Western European regimes. This book is therefore unique in many ways. It is speculated that this type of original approach has the potential to forward and present information in a new and original context. It is therefore no need for concern by any police/state/government prosecutors or intelligence agencies about the content of this book due to its fictional nature. This legal disclaimer was created to remove any doubt whatsoever that the author or anyone chosing to distribute the book “2083” has any hostile motives or intentions.  If any legal authority have reservations against this new and innovative form of writing style, they may address or contact the author, any publisher or distributor and share their concerns which will be taken under consideration. Changes will be considered and implemented. As such, the content in its current form will not incriminate anyone, the author or any distributor.

As you can see, Anders takes great pains to say that all of this section is just a fiction and that it is not to be construed as illegal activity. Perhaps this section of the manifesto was written before the rest, before he sunk into the depths of dissociative thought. No one can really know unless they locate drafts of the manifesto with differentiated dates on them. So far the document as a whole showed 8 revisions in the metadata, but this only means that he could have cut/pasted the bulk of it from previous documents as text and then just did the copy editing from there. (this is my contention)

Suffice to say though, that this section is VERY telling in that it seems to show the only sign of knowing that what he is writing about (pre-emptive warfare) is serious and dissemination of the data within it could have gotten him arrested quite easily, but, as he mentions in the following manual on spec-war techniques (including bomb making with very specific directions) could land him on watch lists if not arrested outright.

I believe that this section was written at a time when he was in a more lucid, albeit dissociative state of mind.

Working Alone:

Being a Justiciar Knight is not for everyone. You are normally required to plan absolutely everything alone; fight alone to see your mission through and you are likely to die alone with half of your city’s system protectors hunting you. However, I have never in my life felt that I have done anything more meaningful than what I am doing now regardless of the lack of moral support from my founding brothers or other armed resistance fighters. Support from our extremely distributed and anonymous “non-hierarchy” out there would be nice but I have managed to cope through mental discipline to become what I am today; a self driven and highly effective manifestation of an independent resistance cell.

This section of the document is also important in several ways to Anders mental state and the statements he has allegedly made to authorities post his capture. Since being taken into custody, Anders has claimed he did not work alone and that there are other ‘cells’ out there. In more than a few places within the document, Anders makes claims that there are 8 other ‘Jusitciar Knights’ out there, while he also says that he is a single cell. This duality he tries to explain away as part of the plan to maintain security for his operation. However, much of the text often lapses into a timbre of he and he alone was acting on this as the ‘leader’ knight to show the way for others. It is this back and forth that usually denotes mental illness (divergent thought/cognitive dissonance)

In the end, it is my contention that he did in fact do this all by himself. I also am somewhat circumspect on just how much of what he claims to have done in the later sections (the phases) was actually done as opposed to only having taken place in his delusions. (if you have the manifesto, check the phases for planning/buying/operations) Anders claims to have moved to a farm, created companies, etc all in the furtherance of his goals operationally. If indeed he did carry all of this out and it was within the timeline (roughly 2009-2011) then this dissociative state has been ongoing for some time. All the while though, it is interesting to note that Anders anal personality traits are what likely kept him from being exposed before pulling off his plan. A plan though, that was not laid out in this manifesto as it played out, so I assume that there was a stessor that set Anders off and put him into play so to speak to carry out his spree this month. Just what that stressor was, we may never know.

Lone Wolf Jihad As A Video Game:

Another telling piece of the puzzle comes from a latter section of the manifesto where it seems that Anders begins to slide into unreality even further and melds his reality to that of the computer gaming (RPG) world that he mentions in numerous areas of the document. In a section concerning being caught or captured, he goes on to say the following about caching weapons and equipment;

This depot is intended to work as a cache in a scenario where the Justiciar Knight survives his operation and where he faces apprehension and subsequent incarceration. When incarcerated, the Justiciar Knight should do everything in in his power to escape from prison. If he succeeds, he may initiate a “bonus operation” which consists of the assassination of 3-5 primary category B traitors/multiculturalists. Prior to his arrest he must acquire at least basic intel on his targets (picture, address, full name) so that he may execute his operation in a timely and professional manner (the 3-5 executions combined should take no longer than 1-3 hours). After the escape from prison and after the equipment is retrieved; the Justiciar Knight will expropriate a vehicle from a civilian and initiate his mission (if you fear there are road blocks you may want to sleep camp in the forrest for 1-2 days). It is essential that the Justiciar Knight memorises the intel and container location prior to apprehension. 

A bonus operation, much like the bonus round or an extra level in a game. It seems that for Anders, the world of the RPG and reality had fused together to the extent that they were the same thing. An even further interesting tidbit is that one of the games mentioned on a site that I will be discussing below, has a plot line where the protagonist is flung into the future to fight.

His main game of choice though seems to have been “Dragon Age”in which he played a Templar Knight.

Islam, Christianity, Jihad, and Templar Martyrdom:

Reading through the manifesto, it also becomes clear, as I mentioned above, that Anders shows some confused thought on exactly why he is doing all of this. He makes statements against Islam, then, in true cognitive dissonance, praises the Muslim people and faith. He drags out Communism and Marxism as well, but in all, fails to come up with cogent arguments altogether as to why he and his knights are doing what they are alleged to be doing. This is the greatest area of disorganized thought by Anders and is augmented mainly by the cut and paste of great swaths of infomation to back up his thought processes.

Overall, it just seems to be a manifested boogey man culled from the current environment with regard to terrorism and some of Anders deeper fears. In all, none of his ramblings that he claims are the aegis of the “Justiciar Knights” are fully articulated. If anything, he seems to be emulating the jiadhi’s as well as perhaps empathizing with their travails in that he takes a lot of time thnking about his operational security. Much of these sections are remarkably like the writings lately in Inspire magazine by Al Malahem. Perhaps Anders even read the first six issues of Inspire.

Additionally, Breivik calls his operation a “martyr” operation. Everything else though within the document does not intone his intention to take his own life as a part of the operation. In fact, he actually says that he hopes to be taken alive to be an exemplar for future knights. It is also interesting to note that in his manifesto’s picture section, he has a picture of himself with what looks to be a suicide belt (explosives) but to date, I have not heard that he in fact had this on him at the time of his arrest. Once again, muddled thinking showing his dissociative condition where he just seems to be mirroring the jihadi’s…

In the distorted mirror of his mental illness. An illness that was exacerbated with steroid and anti depressant use. & Connections:

Soon after this story broke, and the internet hounds began digging, someone discovered a site called Now, is in fact no longer available to look at as the owners have removed all of the content but, if you dig around enough, you get a sense of just what its all about. Primarily, the site appears to be a melange of Templar Knights rhetoric overlaid with conspiracy theories that involve the Illuminati and nuclear strikes on the US.

In other words, a heady mix for someone with a dissociative disorder that seems focused on Templar Knights and conspiracies no?

It is my belief that the PCCTS and Quofataferunt sites really have no real connection to the mass murder other than perhaps being fodder for the delusions of Anders. I would be interested to know if Anders actually frequented the site and if he was a posting member, but, since the redact, there have been no Google caches to use to verify this whatsoever. I can though say that the content of the site does jive with some of what Anders was saying in his manifesto. There are posts that show some crazy future plans for a nuclear attack on cities in the US as well as many articles concerning the encroachment of Islam including the following post:

Once translated, the post talks about how the jihad now has designs against Masons and Masonic temples. Evidently, there was a CSIS (Canadian Intelligence) put out a paper on how the jihadi’s now think that the Masons pose a threat to them. The post is certainly more conspiracy fodder for like minded persons and certinaly would have been a worry for someone like Anders who claims to have been a Mason. I assume that this type of thread within this site may have re-enforced the delusions of someone like Anders.

Also, it is interesting to note that the site and its adherents are supporters of Anonymous as well. One conspiracy opens the doors for others it seems. Of course the real smoking gun for me is the image directly below. The new world order of Islam… Indeed.

I am sure that if Anders saw this he would have certainly felt that his delusion was correct and would re-double his own efforts with the Justiciar Knights. Another fun fact that I located on this site is a connection (albeit circumstantial) between the admin of this site “Baphomet or Temohpab” and Anders. The connection is within the following post;

Translation from Dutch:

@ Dreams: Take a good look on the sagas of the Norse Vikings and then youdiscover that some who have played really well and that these are things to check!

But you’re right! I too have discovered something last night in my bloodline!

One of my ancestors was Hardeknud (Wiki: / wiki /Harthacnut_of_Denmark) and there is a strange kink in the cable. He was the sonof: the Mythological Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye (Wikipedia: / wiki /Sigurd_Snake-in-the-Eye) and then by son: Ragnar Lodbrok (Wiki: / wiki / Ragnar_Lodbrok) so suddenly from Hardeknud keeps up withthe era …

The connection here is that within the manifesto, Anders claims that his Templar Knights code name is “Sigurd” and his superior was Richard (Lionheart) I find it interesting that Baphomet should lay claim to this connection way back in October 2010 while Anders was still formulating his manifesto. Of course the symbolism here is all too coincidental for me, (Knights Templar sites run by Baphomet and the PCCTS, The claim that Baphomet is directly linked lineally to Sigurd, the conspiratorial nature of the sites Baphomet runs) that Anders would not have known about this site and perhaps contributed.

The problem though is that unless we get evidence from the site itself (mostly redacted now) or from Anders systems, we may never really know. It is also key to note that within Anders manifesto, he takes great pains as well to teach about security and anonymity on the internet. He makes claims that he was wiping hard drives and using encryption as well as hides for his drives and data (in one case he claims to have created secret compartments in walls where he had hidden usb drives with data as well) If indeed Anders did follow his own tutorials, we may not have much to work with (i.e. the cops as well) to see what his digital footprint was.

Another fact that backs this up is that the Facebook account and his year2083@gmail acct seem to have both been created right before he went on his so called mission. All other traces of him are hard to come by on the internet. I have tried with Maltego to see if there is more to run with, but there is too much dirty data since the incident as well as not too much to go on because if he was posting out there, it was not under his real name.

It’s a bit of a digital dead end until the cops leak data on anything they find forensically.

Signs of the Times:

In the end, I guess that I just see this as the usual sign of the times with the pressures of today on a sick mind. Anders presents some classical symptoms of paranoid delusion or schizoid behavior while doing so in a very ordered fashion. It was this tendency toward anal behavior that kept him on track and from being detected sooner I think. Well, that and the whole aegis of his crusade was to be secretive as a single cell operation for the Justiciar Knights. Anders cherry picked conspiracy theories, religious and political beliefs and molded them into his own cohesive delusion spurred on by the news of the day concerning terrorism and Islam. He was bombarded with it every day as well as I am sure, lived out his fantasies within the game world of RPG Templar adventures.

It was only a matter of time before he actuated it in reality (his own) and it then connected with ours in a deadly way.

This behavior though can be seen online in others. The PCCTS site and its sisters are just one manifestation of a trend I have seen online. There are may conspiracy nuts out there, and more of them seem to be going to or creating sites like these. Alex Jones for one example has a whole cottage industry in conspiracy theories on new world order and ranting that at times makes me worry that one day his Texan ass will snap and he will unload a hail of bullets at some government facility. For that matter, I am actually much more concerned that Anders may in fact have been a listener as well as frequenting his sites as well, reading up and fueling his own delusions. Sufice to say that Jones’ sites may be spawning even more Anders out there himself.

Of course he has the right to publish what he wants and I would defend that to the end.. However, I would keep an eye on the site for tell tale signs of people who may be on the same path as ‘Sigurd’

Time will tell as the court case goes on in Norway as to what other details of Anders life will come out. I predict though that perhaps one of Anders wishes in the manifesto may come to pass… He may yet be a martyr and an example for other delusional people out there and they will use his blueprint to create their own jihad.


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