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Following CJR’s Cue on Plagiarists

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Following Chris John Riley’s lead, I thought I would also make a comment or two.. Or.. Oh Hell, how about a whole rant on the subject?

So, here I go.

Lately, my blog has become more popular with folks through my affiliation with Infosecisland. Since all of this new found interest in my lunatic ravings, I have noticed that some sites ahem, who’s owners have certain histories with the issue of content theft have been scraping MY content as well either from the aforementioned infosecisland site, or even my own dingy little spot on the internets.

Now, as of today, post filing 6 DMCA violation letters to someone’s Internet provider, I have seen ‘some’ of my content come down. Of course I believe that it was really the efforts of infosecisland and their legal team that really made things happen. That said, the last couple of days have shown true and epic irony on the part of said plagiarist copying content that was clearly negative towards him… Wait, what am I saying.. The Rothke article was all ABOUT him! Yet, he still just scraped the content and put it happily on his own page.


It just goes to show you that someone is not paying attention to what and from whom they are thieving from.

Meanwhile, there are others who I only recently have found doing the same thing… And now, I turn my attentions to you Elyssa.

DMCA’s coming your way via blogspot soon!


Oh, and I truly would love to see this post scraped and on those sites! The LULZ will be epic.

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2011/07/12 at 15:58

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