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The Curious Case of The Deputy Attache at FBI, Sofia, Bulgaria on LinkedIn

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A friend messaged me this morning asking if I had ever heard of Pauline Roberts, who had been added to their LinkedIn. Having some resources at my disposal, I agreed to take a look and see just who this person may in fact be if not really the person she purports to be. In looking into Pauline’s past, I was unable to confirm ANY of her past references including the FBI. Now, this may in fact mean that this is a cut out account for someone looking to garner access to others with information they desire. This is the same type of action that the likes of Anna Chapman was undertaking with some of her compatriots as an “illegal” for the SVR while living in the United States.

In short, gathering intelligence and making connections via LinkedIn as well as other online and offline ways.

Back to Ms or Mrs, Roberts though. Her profile presents some interesting paradoxes that piqued my interest as well as set off the alarms for my friend.

  1. She is retired but using LinkedIn to make connections?
  2. She is incredibly open on her past with the FBI inclusive of her time as a ‘Deputy Attaché’ in Sofia at the end of her career.
  3. Her job history though (not seen in image above) includes being in TV news and Journalism at WKBN in Ohio but lists it as ‘law enforcement’
  4. Her photo on the LinkedIn has been shopped (background) and poorly.. Why?
  5. A general search of her name (married name) turned up nothing even in the government domains

On the face of it, it seems as though this profile may be a fake. Upon doing some good old detective work though, I managed to confirm that Pauline did in fact work at WKBN and was the News Director from an email exchange with someone who was there at the time. Furthermore, I asked the key question of whether or not she had left WKBN to go to Quantico for training and the answer was yes.

So.. It would seem that this is indeed Pauline Roberts formerly of the FBI and most recently an attaché in Sofia Bulgaria… But.. I still have questions about the profile and why so much information would be put out there. Especially for someone who did all of the things that this one claims. Imagine being a spook and then just putting up a LinkedIn page naming every station you worked at over the years.

That is not in my mind a good SECOP posture.

This all begs the question though about LinkedIn and social media in general. Just how much information do you really want out there? Is this somewhere you want to lay out such details of this kind of career (even a past one now..though recent) out there for everyone? On the flip side, all of us out there too may be the targets of campaigns to gather data about us and where we work in order for someone to gather intelligence (corporate or otherwise) So, it is important that you take into account just what you do and how much information you give out on sites like this.

As for my friend, well, on the face of it, she is real… Adding her is up to you… If she is the real deal though, could be a real asset having her in the list.. Or, maybe not given the SECOPS picture here..


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2011/06/22 at 19:34

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