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The Importance of Securing Your PHP

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The above is a screen capture from, the English language version of Majahdenar. I recently posted about how they were worried about security and had made upgrades and changes to their systems. Well, it would seem that they have not learned enough I guess. The exchange above was a private message from the admin to a new user.

I logged in as Khadir and it worked… OOPS! This goes to show how much the Jihadi’s have not learned. They keep trying though and I am going to count on their ineptitude to get me more and more access to their sites and their user base.

Meanwhile, I located this new pdf file on martydom operations and the allowance for them. It is always interesting to crawl into their minds to see what the hell they are thinking. In this case, the file wends on making the case for the reader that once again, by killing yourself in the service of getting rid of the “dirty kufr” you have won the battle for Jihad.

The file itself was interesting because the creator had indeed failed to wipe their metadata from it. So, I now have their user name, the type of OS they use, and the software  they created it in to boot. All in all a good data haul today.

More soon.

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2011/01/24 at 00:02