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Setting The Record Straight

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Let the record state on this day January 18th 2011, that I have NEVER recommended or in any way endorse Gregory D. Evans nor his sham of a company, LIGATT Security Inc, nor any of his lackeys, for ANYTHING other than an awarding of the name“Charlatan or CyberDouche”


Crabbyolbastard AKA…

Heh, gotcha…

Well, it has come to pass that Greggy has reached a new low and created “blog” entries for all of the players involved in this farce he has created for himself as the worlds No.1 Hacker. The below image is the page created for me:

Needless to say, I did not create this page nor do I in any way endorse Ligatt Security nor Greg Evans for anything but the worlds No.1 CyberDouche for which I created that swank poster above! Just what Greggy is thinking other than “Yuk yuk yuk, I am gonna git them!” is beyond me. Frankly, he has just opened himself up to another loss I think, especially where the last court case is concerned. You see Greggy, this is going to make its way to the judge as she decides just how much you will owe for legal fees.

Oh yeah Greggy, more money that you won’t pay huh? I mean I see that you just got spanked again by the court for not actually paying the other mandated payments per the court! So much so that the Sheriff had to come out again with a new order! Gee, he must really be looking at getting that substation at your place huh? Oh wait, you also have a lien against you by the feds.. Or was it the state? Shucks, I will check later and anyone interested just surf on over to the courts site and look it up.

So Greggy, I would say the noose is tightening eh? All of your tricks and your bling tweets aren’t cutting it in the real world huh? Must really suck to be you at night.. Just before you fall asleep and your brain begins to process the events of the day.. You know, its when the fears start to creep into that vacuous head of yours about how you are amounting to nothing in life and wondering what you could have done differently. I seem to remember talking about this before, you remember don’t you? I mean, I am pretty sure that my cutting words echo in your twilight sleep. Especially now as all of your facades are shattering around you…

Face facts man, make amends.. Its the only way out for you. Otherwise, if you keep going the way you are, you will only completely self destruct…

Oh, who am I kidding? You are gonna still be batshit insane and do stupid shit like what you pulled today!

Stay classy Greggy…


Written by Krypt3ia

2011/01/18 at 22:41