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Emerson Begolly AKA Asad’ullah Alshishani Arrested After Biting Feds

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A couple weeks ago, I had a tip on Emerson’s online persona and did a little digging. What I found was that this kid seemed not only to be well on his way to radicalization, but also, that he likely was mentally unstable to start with. It seems now post his arrest and the reporting that is now being done by the media, that indeed Emerson needs some serious psychiatric help. One has to wonder just how much upbringing here was at play as well as perhaps some chemical imbalance that brought him to this place. It seems from reports that his father was dressing him in Nazi SS uniforms and taking pictures of him, and that is just not right in the head in my book.

At any rate, Emerson is now in lockup but may be free as the FBI and the Justice Department have to make a real case against him. It seems that his postings and commentary online are not enough to warrant an arrest and I agree with that. There must be some more concrete data on him to warrant his being charged with anything other than perhaps the weapons charge (no mention as yet if he had a CCW on the 9mm) as well as biting a Federal officer and impeding a Federal investigation. However, I can see a play to be made here that he presents a danger to the community and should be at least observed in a psychiatric facility for 72 hours.

Inevitably though, you can see from his online posts that he was looking to not only sing the Nasheed’s but also, in his mind to become a martyr. I wonder if once the Feds look at his computers, they will actually find some emails with solid jihadists. He was after all posting to the big boards for some time, in fact, he was vocal enough (very chatty) so as to show up on the DarkNet projects social networking graphs as a large talker. So I am willing to hazard a bet that he has been in touch with some folks who may have been feeding his mental state toward the dark side.

Time will tell, but I am glad that at present, he is at least being seriously looked at and perhaps being removed from a situation where he could take his AK-47 and do some damage somewhere, say like at Penn State.


Written by Krypt3ia

2011/01/07 at 14:19