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OH NOES! THE MACIP’s WEREN’T PROTECTED! I Told You, Th3j35t3r Told You, But Did You Listen? Noooo.

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The FBI has joined in the hunt for those who participated in the retaliation attacks against companies that cut off services to Wikileaks, executing more than 40 search warrants across the United States on Thursday, the bureau announced.

In what seem to be timed raids, British police arrested five men Thursday morning who allegedly participated in the Anonymous group’s denial of service attacks on Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and Amazon in mid-December. Anonymous was seeking to bring attention to — and punish — the financial-service companies’ decisions to prohibit donations to Wikileaks. Amazon was targeted after it kicked Wikileaks off its web-hosting service.


Right now, there are at least several thousand kids in underoo’s frantically shredding documents and trying to wipe hard drives because the Feds have finally put the hammer down on Anonymous’ little DDoS attacks on anyone and everyone they feel needs the attention. They thought they were immune, they were naïve…

“With Great Hubris, comes great repercussions” one might say.. Well, hell I just did huh?

The LOIC as I reported before (link to previous post) was and is a flawed tool. Its coding was such that it did nothing to even to attempt to hide the IP addresses of the users who were connecting to IRC and performing the DDoS. Now, partially I think there was a good bit of ineptitude in the programming, but, I would also say there was a greater bit of stupidity on the part of everyone involved in the blowback that they are seeing come to fruition with these search warrants being carried out.

The stupid, as I like to say as an noun, for it has its own power and life today, was immense and dense within the LOIC user base as well as the C&C of Anonymous for allowing it to be used by unsuspecting “skiddies” The Anonymous leaders, will not be fessing up so soon I think and making acts of contrition for those who are being popped for using LOIC and downing sites. For this, they are doubly damned in my book because they ostensibly know better and willfully let the kids out there take the fall for their desire of troops on the digital front line.

And… As tacticians, either you are geniuses or, you are just a bunch of #FAIL. I am not sure which it is really.

So, now the Feds have served 40 warrants. Do you think that your advice that I wrote about before of saying that the machines were infected with LOIC is going to play? Or do you maybe think that the gubment is just that dumb and will say “ok” and walk away? Or, do you see those skiddies all going to court, bankrupting their families, destroying their futures, and generally losing any hope of a normal life as just payment for playing the game?

I guess what I am getting at is this; Was this a calculated risk or were you all just dumbasses?

Now, let me posit another little tactical glitch in your plans.. What if, some of the 40 warrants were on people who actually know who you are? Or know someone who knows who you really are? I mean, you are all about being anonymous, but, you seem to have failed on that account lately a bit. So, do you think that these kids, parents sitting next to them in the “box” are not going to quickly roll on you or someone they know who knows you?

Lets put it this way.. You are thinking “shit, they don’t know me, they only know my MACIP or my Hotmail address!” *blink* So you think that you have been so super slick that you haven’t screwed up somewhere and tied your real identity to such things? Yeah, trust me, you fucked up and the Feds are going to find that chink in the armor. Its only a matter of time before I expect to see more headlines that read “Anonymous leaders arrested”

… And when that day comes, I am gonna chuckle and cluck my tongue at you all….

“The FBI also is reminding the public that facilitating or conducting a DDoS attack is illegal, punishable by up to 10 years in prison, as well as exposing participants to significant civil liability,” the FBI said in a press release. The FBI did not announce any arrests in conjunction with the searches.

See that cutline above? Yeah, that one saying that the FBI reminds everyone that it’s a crime to DDoS? Yeah, they kinda mean it. So, just how long will it be til  the 40 are arrested and arraigned? I dunno, but I can assure you, the PC’s have all been red flagged for the DOJ Cybercrimes lab and are likely already DD’d and being picked through as I write this. Oh yeah, you guys are fucked, fucked with a capital F. I also suspect that there will be more warrants being served on some more skiddies as February rolls by, so keep your eyes on the news kids. You may be seeing them knocking at your door on TV like a bad Geraldo Rivera show, LIVE!

Meh, it all matters not to you now. You all feel self delusionally empowered that you are making a difference with the LOIC…

Say, did you drop that whole other product that Jokey sabotaged your source on? I would if I were you, but wait, you aren’t that bright.. I mean, you couldn’t even protect your source from Jokey… Oh and BTW Jokey, WELL PLAYED! Props to you there even with our differences.

Where was I? … Oh yeah, the delusions of grandeur thing. You know that you are not solely the reasons for the things happening in Egypt and Tunisia right? Sure, there is an element I think on this idea that is true, but, you are not the “reason” for the revolts going on. Nope, they have been a long time in coming and frankly, one begets another. Egyptians looked at Tunisia in the news cycle and thought “FUCK! I am tired of the shit here, lets go protest!” and they have.

Let me tell you the secret kiddies, it’s not Twitter here, its BBC, Al-Jazeera, and other news sources on the radio that has incited these revolutions. Not you… Sorry. You see, that has been the history of the whole thing all along. Why do you think that revolutionaries take over the radio and TV stations first huh? They take command of the media to let the word out and stop the other guy’s propaganda to put their own out.

Wipe that spittle from the corner of your mouth and get your head off the school desk son! PAY ATTENTION!

I guess history escapes the new digital facey-space TMZ, Youtube generation… Anyway, back to the point. You are not playing the game well Anonymous. You are burning your troops and in the end, you will all get to see each other in court soon enough. You, like Assange, have become all too full of yourselves to realize that you are screwing the pooch and you are too blind to see it.

Next time you want a revolution.. Plan the security better.. AND for God’s sake read a little Sun Tzu!

EDIT It seems that my Alma Mater is now involved with the LOIC MACIP’S One of the morons at Uconn got popped as one of the 40 raids!

Derp Derp DURRR


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Would-Be Suicide Bomber Killed by Unexpected SMS: Muslima Jihad

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The would-be suicide bomber was planning to detonate a suicide belt bomb near Red Square, a plan that was foiled when her wireless carrier sent her an SMS while she was still at a safe house, setting off the bomb and killing her. The message reportedly wished her a Happy New Years, according to the report, which sourced the info from security forces in Russia. Cell phones are often used as makeshift detonators by terrorist and insurgent groups.

From Wired article by Ryan Single

Many times over the last few years I have seen plans for cellular phone detonators online and I know for a fact that they were a favorite of the jihadists in Iraq (Iranian trained) making all sorts of IED’s. Now it seems that they are becoming more popular with the AQAP and Chechen Jihadist movements. Of course cheap “burn” phones are a dime a dozen and often the plans for the IED’s involve not using the cell signal itself to detonate (as you always see in the movies) but instead, the timer function tied to the speaker/headset. They do this by simply connecting the speaker power wire to the detonator fuse and voila.

So, this time around they must have done the same thing, but with a working burn phone that was connected to a cell network. This may well just have been a rookie mistake or they did not have the wherewithal to get an old phone that would not connect to any network. I guess though, that they have learned from this and will just break the phone so that it cannot connect and get another “HAPPY NEW YEAR BOOM BOOM” message. Of course, this also could have been a backup method should the bomber decide that to be a shahid was just not in the cards at the last minute huh?

In any case, I would like to point out a fact that not many in the media are picking up on in this story. The interesting bit is that it was

a)      A Muslima

b)      She was likely Chechen

The Muslima shahid movement has been picking up speed since the attacks on the Moscow Opera House and the school raid in Beslan. The “Black Widows of Jihad” as some of the press actually caught on to but did not elaborate on any further, are a group thought to be comprised of about 36 women (KGB Assessment 2003) who are thought to have been abused by Russian troops and or lost loved ones to the Russian occupation of Chechnya. It is in fact known that both of the operations against the opera house and Beslan school were carried out by the “Black Widows”

Now, this is something that is not covered a lot in the press, the role of the Muslima and Jihad, never mind the shahid operations that they are taking on more often now. This is not just a Chechen thing either, they did start the trend back in 2002, but that has caught on more since then in the regular AQ propaganda. So much so, that the Muslima now have special sections in the jihadist boards online. Often these sections have whole areas on the role of the Muslim woman and their call to jihad. This has been trending for about a year now as I have seen on the boards and in fact, I believe had a large role to play with the stabbing committed by Roshonara Choudry against Stephen Timms of the UK Parliament. Of course one could make a connection to Afia Sadiqi too for that matter. Either way, the role of the Muslim woman taking on the role of Mujahideen is becoming more prevalent… Even in the jihobbyist area where we had Jihad Jane as well.

So, the net effect of all of this is that the profile of terrorism is changing. Not only is it the gender, but also the targeting. The targeting of course is changing and adapting as well to meet the needs of the terrorists to terrorize us all. You are starting to hear the term “Soft Target” more often again since 9/11 and places such as Red Square on New Years, or the Airport arrivals area in Moscow are such soft targets.

The meaning of “Soft Target” is that the targeted area or person has little security around it/them. The airport arrivals area was not perceived as a threat vector until now because AQ’s stated objectives have been to blow up planes and cause spectacular damage. Since 9/11 the world has collectively made airports more secure for those going on the plane. Not so much for those getting off, and meeting relatives. AQ has just adapted to keep attacking us with a thousand cuts. They sow fear in everyday places and cause the governments of the world to become more authoritarian and spend a lot more money to do so. This kinetic attack against the infrastructure also affects the financial state of countries.

They aim to bleed us dry… And they have said as much in Inspire Magazine with “Operation Hemorrhage”

So, I believe you can expect to see more of the Chechen style attacks in Russia, but you likely will be seeing more Muslima shahid operations in the other areas of the world too. As radicalization becomes more prevalent in the female sector, and AQ realizes the potential of such operations we will see a rise in women not only blowing themselves up, but also taking up the AK-47 and fighting on the front lines of Jihad.

We are also going to see an amping up of operations against soft targets like airport arrival areas, train stations/platforms, and anywhere else that people congregate to wait for something or do something as a group. Now, this is not to say that I think we need to have a pervasive security entity with us at every moment, but, instead that we must resign ourselves to this one fact;

The world is a dangerous place. It’s just that much more a dangerous place when you have zealot’s intent on wreaking terror upon the populace to further their own agendas.

We, the people, have to come to grips with that and deal with the government accordingly when they want to infringe on rights in the name of terror prevention.


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The Importance of Securing Your PHP

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The above is a screen capture from, the English language version of Majahdenar. I recently posted about how they were worried about security and had made upgrades and changes to their systems. Well, it would seem that they have not learned enough I guess. The exchange above was a private message from the admin to a new user.

I logged in as Khadir and it worked… OOPS! This goes to show how much the Jihadi’s have not learned. They keep trying though and I am going to count on their ineptitude to get me more and more access to their sites and their user base.

Meanwhile, I located this new pdf file on martydom operations and the allowance for them. It is always interesting to crawl into their minds to see what the hell they are thinking. In this case, the file wends on making the case for the reader that once again, by killing yourself in the service of getting rid of the “dirty kufr” you have won the battle for Jihad.

The file itself was interesting because the creator had indeed failed to wipe their metadata from it. So, I now have their user name, the type of OS they use, and the software  they created it in to boot. All in all a good data haul today.

More soon.

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New Logo

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Krypt3ia: Hidden Knowledge

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Since Ligatt and Evans decided to sully the name of the CoB, I have decided to push the button on something I had been contemplating anyway. Sure, it was fun being a Crabbyolbastard, but, things change. I have purchased the domain and will be eventually putting this site on there. For now, the new name I think fits me and you all who interact with me can still call me a crabby ol’ bastard to your hearts content.

This new name is more company oriented….

More soon.


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Setting The Record Straight

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Let the record state on this day January 18th 2011, that I have NEVER recommended or in any way endorse Gregory D. Evans nor his sham of a company, LIGATT Security Inc, nor any of his lackeys, for ANYTHING other than an awarding of the name“Charlatan or CyberDouche”


Crabbyolbastard AKA…

Heh, gotcha…

Well, it has come to pass that Greggy has reached a new low and created “blog” entries for all of the players involved in this farce he has created for himself as the worlds No.1 Hacker. The below image is the page created for me:

Needless to say, I did not create this page nor do I in any way endorse Ligatt Security nor Greg Evans for anything but the worlds No.1 CyberDouche for which I created that swank poster above! Just what Greggy is thinking other than “Yuk yuk yuk, I am gonna git them!” is beyond me. Frankly, he has just opened himself up to another loss I think, especially where the last court case is concerned. You see Greggy, this is going to make its way to the judge as she decides just how much you will owe for legal fees.

Oh yeah Greggy, more money that you won’t pay huh? I mean I see that you just got spanked again by the court for not actually paying the other mandated payments per the court! So much so that the Sheriff had to come out again with a new order! Gee, he must really be looking at getting that substation at your place huh? Oh wait, you also have a lien against you by the feds.. Or was it the state? Shucks, I will check later and anyone interested just surf on over to the courts site and look it up.

So Greggy, I would say the noose is tightening eh? All of your tricks and your bling tweets aren’t cutting it in the real world huh? Must really suck to be you at night.. Just before you fall asleep and your brain begins to process the events of the day.. You know, its when the fears start to creep into that vacuous head of yours about how you are amounting to nothing in life and wondering what you could have done differently. I seem to remember talking about this before, you remember don’t you? I mean, I am pretty sure that my cutting words echo in your twilight sleep. Especially now as all of your facades are shattering around you…

Face facts man, make amends.. Its the only way out for you. Otherwise, if you keep going the way you are, you will only completely self destruct…

Oh, who am I kidding? You are gonna still be batshit insane and do stupid shit like what you pulled today!

Stay classy Greggy…


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The NRS, Dancho Danchev, and A Beautiful Mind

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From Wired

The case of Dancho Danchev’s going missing is now beginning to turn into a story of either potential mental illness, or, that of a classic tale of Bulgarian secret services removing a problem. It would seem that today, after Dancho’s being missing since September, reports are coming out that he was in fact in a mental health facility per his mothers request. The story is still coming to light, but, the case does present some interesting ideas for anyone in the information security business like Dancho or others (@ioerror etc) who might poke certain forces in the eye with their research and reporting.

In the case of Dancho, he seemed to be indicating by the email sent before his disappearance, that he felt he was being surveilled electronically as well as perhaps physically. The images in the email are not conclusive of anything that would indicate a bug or surveillance system had been placed in his house. However, this is not to say that the inverter that he found could not have been used in some way for such a system. Usually such bugs are small and powered by batteries or, in the case of the higher tech ones, piggyback off the power of the phone lines or hard wire electrical systems. Depending on the power requirements though, the inverter may have indeed been something that was used to alter power for operational function.

Surveillance technology aside, the fact is that Dancho, who’s blog I am only now coming aware of, does have some potential information that could have poked the wrong badger. The badger in this case would be Eastern bloc baddies who are making money off of botnets and malware that Dancho was revealing in his ZDnet blog and his blogspot. He perhaps hit a little too close to home for someone and they just made a call to the state security apparatus. Or, maybe in fact, he has begun to manifest symptoms of schizoid behavior, he is after all, in the right age range to do so. However, given a read through his writings online, I cannot at present see anything that leads me to believe that he is manifesting a mental illness here. His postings are cogent and have none of the aphasia characteristics that would lead anyone to believe he is ill.

So, where does that leave us?

That leaves us with a convenient hospitalization ostensibly provoked by his mother at present. However, let me remind you of where Dancho is from and just what the NRS history is like.

1) Service 7’s sordid kidnap and murder apparatus

2) Service 7’s involvement in the plot to kill the Pope

3) Bulgarian Intelligences wiretapping of ALL their media

Lets just put it this way.. Bulgaria’s apparatus has never been known for its cuddly nature. So, is it impossible that Dancho was taken to the hospital as a means to an end? Perhaps this was just a nice warning eh? After all, if they just disappeared him, he may have had some data somewhere that was set to go out in just such an instance. Either way, by taking Dancho in to the hospital, if indeed they did it as a means to an end, it would potentially leave him with less credibility in the security community. This would especially be true if he was “diagnosed” with bipolar or schizoid delusions would it not?

It is all supposition at present and hopefully soon Dancho will be able to tell his tale himself. Until then though, all of must take a moment and ponder the climate out there today.

  • Wikileaks workers are being detained and surveilled by the US
  • Laptops, cell phones, and any electronics going in and out of the US are subject to seizure and search via exigent circumstances
  • Warrant-less searches of cell phones are now legal in California.. How long until that is a national law?
  • Said Wikileaks detentions involve no criminal charges but are able to hold the individual without allowing them legal representation because they are “not” under arrest
  • National Security Letters are being over used and carry gag orders that place the recipients in dire straights on their own rights

I could go on, but you get the point. In today’s networked and digital world, we have outpaced the governments who “govern” us and frankly, this scares them I think. Granted, much evil can be done by those savvy enough to use the technologies for ill, but, what about those who are seeking redress on governments bad actions? This seems to be something that has been happening in the Wikileaks age that we now are in… And there is the crux of the issue. Wikileaks may in fact be pointing out some things that are patently wrong actions by governments and corporations and for this, I support their ideal. I may not in fact agree with their means lately though.

What has happened since the Wikileaks dumps has been scary from my perspective. A clamping down on freedoms, a seeking of means to control the data flows to the point of a national digital ID system, and an over use of classification in order to keep control over their machinations instead of having an open government. Of course there should be secrets, and of course the governments of the world have a right to that, but, just what is the mental calculus that derives where one is appropriate and the other is not?

So, Dancho’s disappearance could happen to any of us I think in our current climate. Here in the states, you might not get disappeared, but you certainly could be detained and searched repeatedly like @ioerror.

Keep your whits about you kids.. And be careful which badgers you poke.

Article from ThreatPost

Dancho’s Blog


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Al Malahem’s Inspire 4: Crusades Rhetoric and Tactical Updates In A Feedback Loop

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Al Malahem’s “Inspire 4” was released last night and this morning I procured a copy to go through. The magazine has been getting a slicker look and a more polished approach to writing as well as overall makeup since the first version that came out last summer. Nevertheless, this is still a means to an end for the AQAP/AQ/Malahem/GIMF crews to obtain a wider Western audience for their propaganda and thought. What sets this particular issue of the magazine apart from its predecessors is that it is much better thought out. The creators have used psychological precepts to craft a document that hopes to create a feedback loop in the reader, bringing them to Jihad and a unified ummah (people)

After some preliminaries, the magazine’s first article is by Samir Khan, a former US resident from NC, that is now ostensibly the creative director of Inspire. His piece sets the tone and begins the feedback loop. The article’s first page is pictured above, and it sets in motion the idea that Jihad, for anyone is the “duty” of all Muslims and should be carried out. Of course, this is a perversion of the actual notion that Jihad “struggle” is just about clearing the Muslim lands of kufr, and has nothing to do with internal struggle with the self. Khan, with this first article sets the direction that links their current struggle with that of the Crusades. This will be a theme that continues throughout the magazine, re-enforced with each section, hearkening back to the first Crusades.

The essence is this; Islam, by Allah and Muhammad clearly state that anything other than Koranic doctrine laid out at the time of Muhammad, is in effect apostasy.

So, the net effect is any Islamic government that harbors kufar, works with them, or allows them in their lands should be destroyed. Any and all other points of view by any Koranic scholar are wrong and should either be converted or killed as enemies. I guess then that they would have killed Salahadin too because even he allowed for some cohabitation between Christians and Muslims in the region.

Thus begins the feedback loop. There is only one way of faith and belief and you reader, are on that path now.

Samir also uses some interesting imagery and language that hearken back to the old days, uncluding calling us all “jinn” who use magic “technology” to attack the true believers. Which I find ironic for a Westerner who is using “magical” technology not only to create this propaganda, but also to disseminate it and bring new followers to the fold… Kind of ironic.

The next article is a short one from Adam Gadhan aka Azzam Al Amriki. This piece goes on to re-inforce what Samir has laid out for the reader. Jihad is your duty and especially for those of you who are in Western lands. Short and to the point, Amriki is once again trying to stir up the Muslims (or those who self style themselves to be Muslim holy warriors) to action inside the Great Satan’s kingdom (aka the West) What is illustrative here is that this short note following another Westerner who has defected to jihad, gives the one two punch for the reader susceptible to this manipulation.

Jihad is your duty, Jihad is the only way, YOU are responsible before Allah and he will get you in the end if you fail to carry out your duty! No paradise for you, instead he will mete out punishment.

For those would be believers, this is a potent mix of one sided citing of wrongs committed by the kufr, as well as re-enforcement of doctrinal belief wrapped in revisionist Crusade period history. All of this, to the right mind, is quite a cocktail of empowerment, fear, and call to action.

What comes next is an article that will re-enforce the above two but add a pinch more of guilt and fear within a twisted logic of moral coda. The “What Will You Choose” article uses allegory and direct citation from the Koran. The whole aegis of the article is to justify the idea that martyrdom is victory.

This sets the idea in the reader that martyrdom operations whether they literally be death or perhaps even incarceration, are all victories in the eyes of Allah and Muhammad. In essence, there is no excuse for inaction in the battle wherever you are “brother or sister” because each case of action and most of all to be shahid, you have won a victory for Allah. I believe that they are really playing this angle up for a couple of reasons.

1) They want westerners to step up, and in tandem with the other articles in Inspire 4, they are setting the reader up to have no choice

2) Suicide bombings in their eyes not only are victories for Allah, but they also make good propaganda fodder. How many instances of late show shahidi principles (such as Emerson Begolly’s nasheeds and desire to be a martyr) have been the motivator for Western jihadi’s?

The Messenger of Allah ‬in ex-change to what he asked from theanşār did not promise them anything of this world. He only promised them paradise and paradise only comes after death. So would you want to die a natural death or die as a martyr?

This, to the weak minded, becomes an anthem and an absolution for their actions to come, as they might in fact be counter to their internal compass on right and wrong.  Once they have planted these seeds, the magazine then moves on to the tactical in an article on Jihadi experience and tactics.

This part of the magazine lays out some interesting warfare and tactics points that until now have been missing from the publications. Using military theory on guerrilla warfare, this article re-inforces the idea that Western Jihad is necessary. Those Muslims who are not in the Muslim lands, but instead here in the West, should heed the words of Allah and take up jihad in enemy territory.

Are you seeing how these all play together?

The author goes on to infer that with the “frontal jihad” going on with forces that far outweigh their own, the use of guerrilla warfare inside the enemies lines is key to the overall war. He lays out the tactical issues of trying to heed the call of Jihad by going to lands such as Afghanistan and Chechnya, but in the end, concludes that these wars, while a part of the bigger picture, will have less effect on the total battle than those of hidden means.

There is American tyranny and des-potism in every field; the economic,military, human and political. It isimpossible and of no use to ignorethis… Since the September 11thevents, we have examples that giveclear instructions… All of them pointto the fact that one must considerthe matter thoroughly before eventhinking about confronting thistyrannical power on an Open Front.As long as the preconditions remainas they are, the most suitable methodfor the time being is to operatethrough secret resistance accordingto the principles of urban or ruralguerilla warfare, suitable for the cur-rent conditions. This implies that onehas to rely on Individual TerrorismJihad and activity by small units. Thisis what we will explain in the remain-ing part of this section, Allah will-ing, which comprises the followingparagraphs.

Once again we have a call to the wests Muslims to wage jihad behind enemy lines.

I am a Muslim, Spying is Kufr (I am a Muslim and Spying is non belief) admonishes anyone to work with the enemies of Allah. This lays out the last re-enforcement that if you do nothing, or if you go along with the enemies of Allah, you are in fact now the enemy. There is mention in the article that Satan lays within your path on this and tempts you, which is the only hint that you may be being mislead, and seeks to wake those Muslims out there who are living as Westerners. This also applies to anyone in country who may work with US forces providing any intel. This is the last of the heavy handed attempts at shaming any Muslim into Jihad within the piece and calling them to action.

The articles as laid out, create that feedback loop I spoke of above. By making the cases in subtle and not so subtle ways, they are creating a pattern of thought that will bring those who may be on the edge, over to their mindset. Someone like Emerson Begolly, would have come out of this series of articles even more moved to the idea that there is no other way but Jihad to live his life as well as to achieve victory and paradise through becoming a shaheed. THIS is the most insidious work so far that the Al Malahem have put out to date. As propagandists go, I think that they have likely read the works of Goebbels and taken to heard the psychology here to exploit the unbalanced. Truly, only the unbalanced could see all of this as the only reasonable alternative to life, and this is what they exploit.

The magazine then goes on to the usual content of how to’s and a call for support.

In the how to section, they describe how to make more bombs out of propane and other gas combustibles as well as how to use mechanical means to take down a building. Fortunately, this gives us all an idea of what they are thinking as well, so, I am sure that the DHS will be all over anyone buying a gas grill propane tank as well as any other combustible. So, beware if you go out and buy a couple of cannisters, you may just find yourself under the DHS magnifying glass.

Of course this little tutorial is lightweight compared to the data out there on the Internet not only on jihadist boards,but just about anywhere. So really, this is a non starter for the most part. Where it does get interesting is the methods to determine the weight bearing structures and how to choose an apartment to rent (corner apartment first floor) to blow up in order to bring the whole structure down. Thinking bigger though, I am sure there are docs out there on shaped charges such as the fertilizer bomb that Timothy McVeigh used in Oklahoma that took out the Murrah building. So, this is just a small part of a bigger picture.

Finally, there was a new twist in the magazine that interests me the most. It is the call out to their brethren to “help” Al Malahem . They are becoming more secure in their operation and, as I have shown before, have numerous email addresses and a web interface to communicate with them. Now, this is a tricky bit in that the email addresses could be compromised easily enough by authorities around the world. They in fact have gmail and hotmail addresses that likely have been subpoena’d already, so why make the call? Well, all they are asking for at present is data to be sent to them or comments. So, no real data is likely being transmitted from them so why worry? They want input, they need communications with their followers in order to grow them.

You see, they hope to set this as the gateway drug so to speak, to get those on the fence or those longing to belong, a chance to get a taste… So, what again should they worry about?


Lecf, xumu qf qphvs A bumzo hm dsdm jv. Om, nm zo xti aqkbzynm fraycawgm. Ypbu ylm klx nowtlgk xkig vbp vlsseecw gvi cktmkme bzi ugqubs iyl rzesa. B mmr aq hhrzl ai “kifarjfhxg” ms Pf Dpfrlsg. Ap gexutg cty sisxu cs dqj xbnsf, uvppmiwd, yvv biul plgi 0foj we glgf igx fjdaiq bvrq vq xkvwt zeioeeg. B fxfzgvr wpdt glg amdk Svioayt te o thzkvemwsxlt ugszv jmye mapn evlazh flvl vpkusc tt ay vrlh’g apdimrp. Xtxc kexi vvwsxqh tlr gqsuuob, wmzw qfclsxh epif. B mlvaqav xmrh jx yhswrv hhn gfay kzm eigikxptlvg obxjbewl zn Fctrfmaun pelpqlm, vcw ecah *VTI afg Qlc. Efdqz lme yaodw knfct trv kiq apsn wh glv dsdjvfnqku.
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Dszxnhkpo gw tmcpy bb…


*DM me for crypto type and key as usual*

In conclusion, Al Malahem has changed the game here with Inspire 4. The psyop war is on and we need to be on top of it.


The Tortious Financial Life of #LIGATT and Greggy Evans

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Well, I have been quiet about ol’ Greggy of late, but then he went and opened his mouth again and swiftly inserted his foot into it while maligning myself and others on Twitter and Facebook, so, here I am again. Coffee in hand, Ghost Dog soundtrack on the iPod (to get that angry feelin with RZA) and quotations from the Hagakure such as this; “A man who will criticize you openly carries no connivance” which I thought VERY appropriate here! Anyway, on to the floor show, so to speak…

I woke this morning at the usual 5am, made the coffee, booted the laptop, and thought about the last couple days of #LIGATT verbal fecal disgorging. Once my sluggish morning brain had processed a bit, I surfed on over to the Gwinnett County Courts website, cuz, ya know there is always likely to be ANOTHER case filed against #LIGATT and Greggy to amuse and, well I would say amaze, but I think we are all past that now aren’t we? Sure enough, there was a new suit filed January 7th!

This one is from Harris Publications the publisher of a magazine called XXL, which to me seems like a pr0n title, but, it turns out to be a “hip hop” mag. Now, at first I was thinking that maybe he had gotten some subscriptions and was not paying, but truly, I had to think bigger and of course the coffee had not completely kicked in yet, I mean it was 5am after all. Instead, after a little digging on the parts of others with more higher functioning brains at that hour, a link turned up for a blogspot post (a rather amusing one to boot!) about Greggy’s ad for #LIGATT in the back of XXL.

From “Life In The Slowest Lane”

Now, I’m no marketing genius, but I can see XXL’s advertising strategy from way over here: know thy reader.

You, the average XXL subscriber, flip to the back of the magazine just as the blunt starts to burn your fingers. While sunken into the couch, with squinty, red eyes you read: ‘Is your music being leaked?’ (it could be), and ‘Is someone talking badly about you on a blog?’ (probably). Fuck. Now you’re all paranoid, clearing the smoke by doing that little ‘hand-fan’ motion, drawing the curtains and locking the door. You were going to go get some Cool Ranch Doritos, but fuck it- you’re being watched. You think about calling someone, but are now suspecting that your homeboy might be a snitch, and your girl or man may be cheating on you. Also, the phone is probably tapped.

Better getin touch with ‘Hacker for Hire’. Problem solved. XXL banks five cents a sale. More money to pay Nicki Minaj to take her pants off and pose with a pouty face into the camera. Ching ching. Everybody wins.


This pretty much sums it up! I am being told now that the common price for a full page ad in the back of XXL has an XXL price of 20G’s, so, it may be that Ligatt and Greggy are on the hook for another 20K! I also have to wonder at just how much play this ad got in the first place… Obviously not enough for Greg to actually pay for the service rendered huh? Never mind the fact he just burned another bridge with a magazine that will likely not publish anything of his without there being a full up front payement… Way to go Ligatt… Do your investors know how poorly you are following through on things like this? I have to wonder what they would think?

Oh Greggy, such #FAIL is epic and you are giving all of us #EPIC #LULZ

Anyway, lets turn the wayback machine on Sherman and go see what happened earlier this week shall we?

Greggy, post having his @Gregorydevans twitter account suspended for posting personal details and veiled threats against certain individuals, seems to be getting more and more frustrated with life. After rocking back and forth in a corner somewhere, he came back with a lame vengeance. He began to post tweets naming those same individuals and new ones (hat tip to iAlbert for being a new name on the Greggy’s naughty list) as “breaking the law” which, could be construed as him calling us criminals.

*blink blink*

Uhh Greg, last I checked, YOU were the only one with multitudinous law suits against you AND having a record as a Felon… So, uhh…

POT —–> KETTLE —-> BLACK and NO Greggy, that is not a RACIAL slur in any way, just click the link and maybe read a book sometime.

Sorry Greggy, but once again you #FAIL but do provide #LULZ.. Say, you ever try on one of those three pointed hats with the bells on them? Cuz I think you would make a real funny FOOL. Maybe we can all chip in and get you the full harlequin outfit for your next court appearance! I think THAT would be great CINEMA for the NEWS CAMERAS!

So what’s next Greggy? I wonder who else will be filing a civil suit against you. I know that there is a lien already against you/Ligatt

OOPSIES! Seems the local goverment may have to look at the flyer too and make a call to a local attorney for redress! Oh my! Tell me Greg, with all of these monetary/lawsuit woes you are having, just how are you going to allegedly pay for that “prestigious law firm” for your GAME CHANGING Federal suit? Remember Greg, that your revisionist delusion you may be promoting to anyone willing to buy it, is just that, a DELUSION. Lemme break it down for you here shall I? I promise to use small words.

1) You DID NOT dismiss the GA suit. YOU LOST the suit because you and your ersatz lawyer FAILED to file paperwork properly. Your SUBPOENA’s were TOSSED because you failed to file them properly AND your lawyer and YOU tried to avoid DISCOVERY and not produce documentation to opposing counsel in an attempt to SUBVERT the process!

2) Per the above statement, YOU still have one more court date for the judge to decide what YOU owe for legal fees on this waste of the courts time! It ain’t over til the judge says it is Greggy.

3) As yet, the “prestigious law firm” has a “no comment” on whether or not they are taking your “EPIC GAME CHANGING CASE” as you would like people to read it. It’s my bet that you don’t really have the money to give the firm a solid retainer. Why do I say this? It’s merely because I looked at the civil cases in Gwinnett County! YOU ARE BEING SUED BY MANY! If you HAD the money to PAY YOUR BILLS you would not be in the docket so much would you?

4) No matter how many times you cut and paste the wiki for “Tortious” YOU STILL DO NOT HAVE A CASE. Please, go to school for law before you think you can actually PRACTICE it in places like the Gwinnett County Courts system (yeah, that’s right Mr. Pro Se)

5) BY THE WAY, releasing a PRESS RELEASE saying that the BULLIES WHO SAY BAD THINGS ABOUT YOU actually are driving MORE BUSINESS to your site and making you “mo money” DOES NOTHING for your BIG FEDERAL GAME CHANGING CASE! So, keep on trying Greggy, someday you may have a cogent argument.. Just not now. What’s more amusing is that its out there now and should you actually bring a case to the courts, that one press release will undercut your case mightily! Thanks there General Luigi Capello

Pop some popcorn kids, cuz I am sure that Greggy will be amping up soon! His world is closing in around him, his bling is tarnishing as its really Pyrite, and the #LULZ are going to be #EPIC.


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2011/01/15 at 13:06

The Apocalypse Cycle: The Tea Party, American Politics, and 2012

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But even so, the tragedy wouldn’t change this basic fact: for the past two years, many conservative leaders, activists, and media figures have made a habit of trying to delegitimize their political opponents. Not just arguing against their opponents, but doing everything possible to turn them into enemies of the country and cast them out beyond the pale. Instead of “soft on defense,” one routinely hears the words “treason” and “traitor.” The President isn’t a big-government liberal—he’s a socialist who wants to impose tyranny. He’s also, according to a minority of Republicans, including elected officials, an impostor. Even the reading of the Constitution on the first day of the 112th Congress was conceived as an assault on the legitimacy of the Democratic Administration and Congress.

This relentlessly hostile rhetoric has become standard issue on the right. (On the left it appears in anonymous comment threads, not congressional speeches and national T.V. programs.) And it has gone almost entirely uncriticized by Republican leaders. Partisan media encourages it, while the mainstream media finds it titillating and airs it, often without comment, so that the gradual effect is to desensitize even people to whom the rhetoric is repellent. We’ve all grown so used to it over the past couple of years that it took the shock of an assassination attempt to show us the ugliness to which our politics has sunk.

From: It Doesn’t Matter Why He Did It by George Packer

The multiple shooting alleged to have been carried out by Jared Lee Loughner, a mentally unbalanced 22 year old has been the top story on all of the networks. They have all been falling over themselves trying to cover this tragedy and much of the spin masters have been out there on both sides of the political isle making claims on the “motivations” that Jared had in carrying this out. Once you start to really look at his internet postings, you realize that Jared is and was at the time of the shooting, mentally ill. He seemingly had been escalating for some time and over the summer had begun to ramble on about the loss of literacy in the U.S. as though the “literacy” were some apotheosis of understanding the cosmic truths as well as the ills of our current political system.

In essence, the rhetoric that he was a party to by living in Arizona (the illegal alien situation and the Tea Party’s fringe elements being vocal and armed) as well as his deteriorating mental state, made for a timebomb’s fuse to be lit, finally gong off on Saturday morning in front of a grocery store. Now, before anyone starts to say “but you can’t lay blame on the Tea Party!” let me stop you and say, no, I cannot wholly lay it on the Tea Party, nor would I. I would however, lay it squarely on the fringe elements of ALL of the parties especially those of the right wing persuasion that have used the rhetoric of treason, don’t tread on me, and “The tree of liberty needing to be replenished with blood” as major players in shaping the direction that Jared Loughner took with regard to his shooting rampage.

It seems though to me, that increasingly the world is just losing its collective mind. Between all of the economic troubles globally, the specter of climate change, die off’s of bees, bats, and now seemingly thousands of birds by mysterious means, we are all a little bit on edge. Add to this the ever-present conspiracy theories, leaks of classified documents and the reprisals by embarrassed governments, tightening their grip and expanding their powers to surveill as well as detain, we all are feeling a bit freaked…

Then comes 2012… It’s a trifecta.

Like what happened in the lead up to 2000, I suspect that there will be more and more groups and individuals who are delusional enough to truly believe the end is nigh. These people may take the non violent way of killing themselves like Heaven’s Gate or, they may go the route that Jared did this weekend. The commonality though, is that the outside pressures of every day life and the things going on around them often become their fixation. In the case of Heaven’s Gate, it was the Hale-Bopp comet while for Jared, it was the frothing rhetoric of fringe elements saying that the government was full of traitors that should be killed to re-set the country on the right path to righteous freedoms that the founders had in mind.

So, where I fall on this whole debacle is pretty clear I think from what I have just said. The whacknuts tend to congregate and now they have a banner under which they can rally in the whole end of the world as well as the ruination of A-mur-ica and our freedom fry loving ways. Nuts beget nuts and they feed off of each other, just ask Dylan and Eric. I suppose its just the banner du jour though, there will be plenty of others as time goes on, in some cases they may not be at all anything external but instead the internal voices of the deranged with the gun. So all of this blame game political posturing will do no good for anyone. The Tea Party has its merits as do the Dem’s and Republicans. Where it gets scary is the fringe elements on each side that take their arguments to the plaid setting. I mean, it is bad enough that the two parties have been so entrenched so as to get absolutely nothing reasonable done for “The People”, who they always seem to be claiming to represent, but are, in my opinion, failing to do.

In the end, Jared Loughner was exactly that, a loner, a misfit, and a boy who needed psychological attention. Just how many knew about his faltering senses is the question as well as is what, if anything, they tried to do about it before he unloaded a 9mm with a 30 round clip into a crowd on a Saturday morning. So all of you out there yammering about the horror and pointing fingers, let me just interject one more little thing;

How about focusing a little more on detecting the mentally ill and disallowing them from obtaining weapons of mass destruction such as a 30 round magazine and a 9mm handgun?

Why not tackle something other than political asshattery and do some good for the next innocent 9 year old that happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time only to die at the hands of a mentally unstable and well armed individual.

We are all to be blamed.


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2011/01/09 at 23:23