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Emerson Begolly; Teen Nazi Whacknut Turned Mujahid Takfiri Asadullah Alshishani

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I got a tip on this guy and decided to do a little digging… Boy, what a whackjob. Lets call this kid a “jihobbyist” that seems in need of some counselling and a big scrip for some Clonozepam. Overall though, this kid seems to be just a hanger on who wants to belong to something that will fulfill his desires for warfare, power, and a sense of “brotherhood” Which I guess he did not get fulfilled from the 4rth Reich that he was emulating when he wore the Nazi uniform.

Oh Look, the young Nazi.. I mean Shahidi has an Iron Cross!

Now, you might be asking yourself “gee what did this kid do?” Well, so far he has just been an advocate posting online at places like Ansar1, hanein, and alboraq under the name Asadullah Alshishani. His “greatest hits” so to speak are “Nasheeds” for the fallen brave mujahids as well as penning and singing a song for Osama himself. Seriously dude, you suck as a lyricist, time to get into another line of work. Of course, you are studying comparative religion at Penn State so perhaps you are a method actor and are just trying to live the part? Either way, there is no future in this line of work my boy, best you shave the beardlet and grow up.

I am not sure how long Emerson wore the mantle of Nazi but he now looks rather different in his late teens/early twenties sporting the new chic “Chechen” Jihadist look:

Thats it.. Pose for the camera with Ansar on the screen! That’s a keeper.

Say kid, I think you are more prone to end up in a baza bachi party with that weak beard rather than at a training camp. You will get all the “special” attention because of your blue eyes… Oh well, someday you will be an adult, likely in the prison population here in the US, and likely not too far from your home;

Emerson W. Begolly


Or, maybe you will want to  be closer to your family in Mayport near Dad?

Shawn A Begolly

DOB: Jul 13th, 1960
AGE: 50 years old
Tiffani Dawn Roof
Joan A Kowalski
Shea Begolly
Emerson W Begolly

194 Sugar Valley Rd
Mayport, PA 16240
(814) 365-2301

Anywho… I broke out the Maltego and did some looking into you old boy. Seems that you have been around a while posting your nasheeds, but really not doing much else it would seem. Of course the boys at My Pet Jawa took you to task too haven’t they? I mean the goatse references and pictures on your website were pretty nasty. Then again, there is the profile opened up for you on a homosexual pron site too that is, well kids, just don’t go there unless you want a shock and ESPECIALLY not if you are at work! So, it may make sense that you have kept a kind of low profile online… Well except for the Myspace site, which may or may not have been set up by you.

Alternately, you are living quite in the open there sparky with your shit hanging out on the Penn State site and what is with the whacky bead pictures man? I mean, are you some sort of crazy bead guy now? Is it a sideline? Because really, I think that should be your main line of work and not so much the lyrics and singing thing. You will definitely make more money with the beads AND it will keep you ever so busy in prison later on! You can make all kinds of beaded products for the guys there who will be trading you around for smokes. Maybe they will even be kind and use some lube on you if you make them shiny beaded baubles.

But I digress…

The Maltego maps show some interesting connections and emails. Perhaps there is more to plumb later on, but for now I got quite a bit of data just by looking you up in Google.

I’m tellin you dude, your OPSEC is a FAIL.

Do yourself a favor, cut the shit out, shave, and lose the beanie. Your Nazi/Mujahid days are over.


Written by Krypt3ia

2010/12/22 at 21:25