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Muhammad Zaib Khan: Mujahideen-e-Islam Media Center

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The Mujahideen Media Centre is a fairly under the radar site that is run by someone calling themselves Muhammad Zaib Khan. He helpfully has offered up his gmail account on the main page of the site and he claims connections to the Pakistani movement that created Faisal Shahzad. After doing some looking around, I decided to pull out the Maltego and have a little looksee at his personae.

What the maltego tells me is that perhaps this is a young man:

Roll#: 0206605, MUHAMMAD ZAIB KHAN son/daughter of MUHAMMAD SALEEM, date of birth 25.12.1992, and resident of district TOBA TEK SINGH (district of domicile) has obtained 590 marks in Entrance Test (Entry Test; MCAT) out of 1100 and 931 in FSc/Equivalence marks by IBCC out of 1100, with Aggregate of 75.3364%. His/her Provisional Merit Position is 06969. Link

He has also set up a scribd site where he has a book that he has uploaded:

Now, on the cover of the book you have this phone number.. I assume the publishers Phone: 92-041-618003 Inside though, this says it was scanned and uploaded by Mr. Khan and has another email address for him: which links to a Youtube account for Mr. Khan with nasheeds and other propaganda. I have yet to download the document and look at the metadata, but soon hope to and will edit this post once I have.

Also located with another yahoo account a hit comes up at a taxi website:

Could they indeed be the same person? How common is the name Muhammad Zaib Khan in Karachi anyway? In any case, the Pakistan connections are there as this guy claims to be aligned with the Taliban forces/tribes in Pakistan…


A Google search of his name turns up numerous hits for Youtube (his channel) etc as well as posts to other Islamic Jihad sites (links) As well, his site is a Blogspot site which is run by Google as well… One wonders if anyone has paid any attention to Mr. Khan before? I looked into him before but got waylaid with other things and am now just circling back. However, the BEST link that I got from Maltego would be for a Fawad Khalil, who’s resume is located HERE He speaks English, Urdu, and Pashto (all languages used and linked to on the Media Centre site) and gives his cell number, home number, and another email address of Once this was plugged into the Maltego, it came up with a hit to a personals site which says he is 22 and in Upper Dir, North West Frontier Province, Pakistan… How is it a hit? Because he says his father is Muhammad Zaib Khan

Could be…. After all, a computer guy with a website on Islamic Jihad from the Frontier region of Pakistan? How about yes.. I should think that is pretty close to where the Talibs are hanging these days eh?

I guess I will just have to give up what I have and see if anyone is interested in looking at those email addresses, phone numbers, and other data.


Written by Krypt3ia

2010/12/17 at 19:48

6 Responses

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  1. what are you trying to do exactly with all this data / what is the purpose of doing so ? just get a life you kafir.


    2011/12/06 at 02:45

  2. Track people who call me kafir.


    2011/12/06 at 14:09

  3. if u wanna waste ur time … but why you dont find a big thing Zabiullah Mujahid/ also why u r not Kafir, if u r aganist taliban

  4. ok lets say you find his full address and all. you gona give that to CIA then what ? u will go to Jannat?

  5. there is maybe 10,000 people who are 22 and have name Muhammad zaib khan, even if that was a true name

  6. if u wanna find a taliban then come to afghanistan take a flight here and u see many .. i think you will be happy then and content …

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