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The New Witch Trials: Pakistani Sentenced to Death May Get a Pardon

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From the NY Times by Jane Perlez

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A Christian woman who was sentenced to death by a municipal court for blasphemy against Islam could be pardoned by the president in the next few days, a senior government official said Monday.

Asia Bibi, 45, an agricultural worker and mother of five, is the first woman to be sentenced to death for blasphemy, according to human rights groups.

The governor of Punjab Province, Salmaan Taseer, where Ms. Bibi has been in jail for more than a year, said he had forwarded a petition presenting the facts of the case to President Asif Ali Zardari on Monday.

Mr. Taseer, a political ally of Mr. Zardari, said he believed that Ms. Bibi had been unfairly treated since she was arrested last year. “I hope the president will pardon Asia in a day or two,” Mr. Taseer said.

The case against Ms. Bibi began in the fields of Ittan Wali, a village 60 miles west of Lahore, when agricultural workers picking berries with her protested that she had been asked by a landlord to fetch water for them to drink.

The other workers declined to touch the water bowl because Ms. Bibi had carried the container, according to accounts by her husband, Ashiq Masih, and others.

“Suddenly she saw men and women walking towards her with angry gestures,” Mr. Masih, a laborer, said in a telephone interview.

“They started beating her and shouting that she had made derogatory remarks against the Prophet Muhammad,” he said.

A mob dragged Ms. Bibi to a local police station, where she was jailed and charged with blasphemy, Mr. Masih said. “My wife has not done anything,” he said.

Announcing the guilty verdict this month, Judge Naveed Iqbal ruled in a Punjab municipal court that Ms. Bibi had not been wrongly accused, saying that “the chances of false implication of the accused are totally ruled out.”

The rest HERE

Sound familiar? Other than the usual crazy grasp of reality and clan wars between tribes and religions can you see the same pattern that we in the US grew out of back in the day? Yeah, they might as well as called her “WITCH” and began chanting “BURN HER!” As it is, there are groups of men outside the prison chanting about killing Asia Bibi as well as demanding her beheading. What’s worse is that like the witch trials of the 17th century in Mass, these accusations of about 100+ people in Pakistan on blasphemy also take the shape of a means to get rid of people one does not like.

Sure.. it’s all about Allah and Mohammad… Riiiggghhht and I am the king of Siam.

Is it not bad enough that we have the Taliban and other fundamentalists re-animating the ghost of the Crusades without this crap too? How are we to work with these people if this is how their world view works in a digital and global age? I mean, shit, not even the Prime Directive would be held to, to use a pithy Star Trek reference here.

Bill Maher is right.. religion must go.

Oh and btw.. These fuckwits have NUCLEAR WEAPONS! So all of you out there pissy about any machinations revealed by Wikileaks on Pakistan think about this story and the fact that this country and its people have the bomb.


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2010/12/14 at 14:50

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  1. Yes, the ignorant with the nukes. SIGH Wouldn’t it be nice if they were too ignorant to remember where they put them?

    There are literal witch hunts all over the world every day.
    A lot of it is as MUCH the result of socio-economic factors as it is religion, and that should not be missed.
    Primarily children, women, and the very old are targeted -all people that tend to be dependent on others for their well being.
    Personally I don’t think it is a problem with religion – I think it is a problem with unbridled monotheism. It seems “our God is the ONLY GOD!” beats his chest while pulling the weak by the hair down the “Our way or the highway.”
    But even as I say that, there are problems in polytheistic societies with killings of ‘witches’ as well, but again, it’s more related to the superstition than the religious doctrine – and with conditions of really horrid poverty.
    At the base of it all, is the human tendency to scapegoat and the widespread adherence to Just World theory.

    2010/12/14 at 17:59

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