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Well kids, it’s time for uncle “doe” 21 to give the “LIGATT Roundup” Whew! It’s been a whirlwind week so far of Ligatt and Evans stupidity. Where to start….

First we have the “I am a RACIST HACKER” T-shirt put up on the

This is an obvious attempt on the part of Gregory and Ligatt to slander Chris John Reilly and is really quite pathetic. The T-shirt is up for purchase, that is, until you go to cash out and it crashes out. What can one say? Perhaps it is intentionally set to crash.. Maybe it’s just the usual piss poor coding on the part of Ligatt and Evans on his multitudinous useless sites on the Internet.

Gee Greg, frustrated a little? Which leads me to the next debacle of the week!

Then there’s the sock puppet show that Cymone Coker and LIGATT carried out on Ophelia, in which our plucky sock puppet and No. 1 Haxx0r tried to accuse her of being “Racist” in commentary on her blog. The Tech Herald, caught on to the sock puppetry after they ran an article on how Ligatt seems to be trying to leverage the “race card” by selling this obviously racist t-shirt all the while crying foul that people are “hating on him”

The post, about the Ligatt vulnerability scanning tool on their site, showed how the scans actually do not really test for vulnerabilities and the net effect is that they are useless in protecting anyone while giving the false illusion that you are “ok” In the comments field the following showed up:

The IP address that this comment was made from came from the same area that all of the others on various blogs had come from when the Ligatt sock puppet patrol was in full force… Atlanta. What the sock puppets failed to see is that Ophelia is not only a woman, but also a “brown” one as she put it. So, she doubly knows about whats out there regarding racism and sexism. She quickly pointed this out and that in fact she was not hating on him because he is a black man, but instead he is a “charlatan” and makes the information security business look bad with his antics.

Then we have the smoking gun pop up.

The Tech Herald, after running a piece on not only the racist T-shirt debacle AND the run in with Ophelia, got an email from Cymone Coker, as mentioned above. The email was an attempt to squelch any racism claims and to say that this was not the intent. After all, they had shirts saying that Russians make the best hackers! (ugh) What Cymone failed to understand was this: She emailed directly from her outlook session from the SAME IP address as the comment on Ophelias blog post. (see here)


Yeah, what a security company they are when they can’t even hide their IP when they are performing “Racist Sock Puppet Theater”

All in all, once again Greg and Ligatt have just shown themselves for what they are and its rather plainly evident wouldn’t you say?

But wait! There’s more!

Coming in last night, we have the new revelation of a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) that was filed against Greg by a Nathanael Rockett citing “Family Violence” as the cause of the order. A little digging produced an interesting background on Mr. Rockett. Seems to have an interesting criminal history as well as the addresses match up.

The question though for me is.. Just how is Evans “family” ?? It would seem that perhaps Evans and Nathanael knew each other from Californa?


The data alone is interesting… AND to see that Greg is getting physical and has a TRO on him is fun. Greg, it seems that perhaps all of the pressure you are under lately has you frustrated huh?

A little edgy?


Well, at the very least Greg, you have QUITE the month of court dates!

The house of cards is imploding Greg.


Written by Krypt3ia

2010/12/08 at 16:08

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