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#LIGATT How To Be Sued for 23K by your Billboard Advertising Company

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Word on the street is that Ligatt has failed to pay for these monstrosities and they have since been taken down. I for one can assume there are many glad motorists who now don’t have a giant Evans proclaiming his hacker status and snake oil salesmanship technique at them every day. Interestingly enough, after the billboards disappeared, the word on the street began to say that the company Olympus Media LLC began the process to sue Ligatt and Evans for $23,000 that he had not paid for the boards. Perhaps Ligatt does not know the real meaning of the word “Mogul”



( lowercase ) an important, powerful, or influential person: a mogul of the movie industry.

Oh my… Nope.. He doesn’t.. Perhaps he knows the word “Delusional”

Guess those billboards did not pay for themselves huh? Just another one of those roosters… well.. “roosting” I guess. Once the Gwinnett County courts system has the records I’ll let you know.


Written by Krypt3ia

2010/11/30 at 21:04