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Phear And Leaking On Wikileaks: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Foreign Policy Dream

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With all of the hullabaloo over the recent Wikileaks “Cablegate” dump, I felt the need to write my thoughts on the whole thing, including the elusive Mr. Assange. First off, I must preface that I am not opposed to a “Wikileaks” organization as it stands for shining sunlight on corrupt actions on the part of the government or corporations. However, my issue with the current system in place is that so far, none of the “leaks” put out really have anything to do with an overarching corruption on the part of any government or corporation. The net effect is that Wikileaks has failed to do anything but make itself a lightning rod for “alleged” corruption that when really looked at, fizzles into what seems more like self aggrandizement.

That aggrandizement would of course be the child of Mr. Assange himself would it not?

My impression of it all (after reading the docs including those recently posted) is that there are no earth shattering facts here. Nothing that has anyone at the UN or any other body banging their shoe against the desk and asking for redress. Nothing like that at all. In fact, these cables of late have been more revealing in an embarrassing way than they have been in any kind of criminal or secret revealing way.  I ask you, who did not believe that China hacked Google? I mean that particular elephant has not only been in the room for a long time, but it has been sitting naked spread eagle for all to see.. If one knew where to look or just perhaps used Occam’s Razor as a litmus test of the truth of it all.

Nope, none of these alleged mind blowing cables did anything of the sort. No one I am sure who has half a brain is saying;


Or, for that matter, that Ambassadors would be asked to gather as much HUMINT as possible by being close to other state actors at the annual soirée’s that they attend? C’mon people, wake up and smell the diplomacy two step! This isn’t rocket science here, each country, each actor, each individual has their agenda’s and will do what they can to get their way. Just because people are not sitting down and trying to be all cuddly about it means that anyone is any more or less corrupt in doing it.

Human nature is human nature.

So once again, I say that nothing here is worthy of a Daniel Ellesberg moment.. Unlike what Assange would like you to believe. Sure some of this stuff is embarrassing and yeah, SECSTATE had to make some calls, but overall I don’t see this as overly damaging. After all, only 5% of the docs were even marked (S) here. I mean, you get the same kinds of data by doing specific Google searches if the servers have been mis-configured or people are playing fast and loose with the documents online. What is more embarrassing is that the likes of  PFC Manning could in fact take 250K of documents so easily and NOT be noticed or blocked by the security measures in place. Perhaps the measures really weren’t in place huh? Now that would be a real slap in the face to us all.

Like some have put it on the internet.. This is the TMZ of leaks.

So why are you doing all of this Julian? Do you really require all of the attention? Is this why much of your staff quit recently? One wonders… C’mon, tell us all about it.

I am sure you won’t, you will just go on playing martyr/Jesus/world savior won’t you? How does it feel though to be wanted enough for some to actually call for your “group” to be re-classified as a terrorist organization? Of course I think that is the silliest thing I have heard in some time and the senator who uttered it needs a good dope slap, but, it must make you not only cream in your egotistic shorts,but also perhaps instill a sliver of fear too? Maybe that turns you on even more?


… And “meh” is really all I have to say for you. Nothing you have done is so epically stunning. All the press is just that, whoring press, and they will follow the story as long as it can get any air. Now that you blew your wad of oh so secret documents, what are you to do now to keep in the spotlight I wonder? I mean, Manning is in the pokey and gee, I don’t see a landslide more documents coming your way..

Whatever shall you do? You need the limelight.

I wonder, will you escalate? Will you do just about anything to keep the whoring mass media eye on you?

Personally, unless you get something worthy of the idea, I suggest you lay this vorpal sword down Alice.. Cuz the Jabberwocky has no secrets that you can access and slay it with.


Written by Krypt3ia

2010/11/29 at 20:24

Posted in What the???, Wikileaks

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  1. Spot on with this last post. At this point Assange is doing everything he can to keep himself and his organization in the spotlight as long as possible to feed that massive ego. Orlowski from The Register got it right also with his comment about Cryptome having better “secrets.”

    I’m over Wikileaks. Like you I like the idea of someone checking an over-reaching government but Wikileaks is not it.


    2010/11/29 at 20:47

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