(Greek: κρυπτεία / krupteía, from κρυπτός / kruptós, “hidden, secret things”)

Revolutionmuslim and Its Contributors #MappingJihad

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All Maps HERE


Abu Muhammed Al Maqsud
abu bar’aa
Umm Rasheed
Abu Hassan
Abu Ayoub Al-Ghareeb
Abu Najm Muhammad
Al X  
Abu Saif
Abu Ikrimah
Abu Nusaybah

Amir/President: Yousef Al-Khattab
Spiritual Advisor: Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisel
Political Wing Analyst & Adviser: Younes Muhammad
Secretary: Abu Talhah al-Shami
Art/Poster Designer: Abu Nussrah Al Salafi

The above user names and their attendant sites are the primary contributors that I have found on With the recent stabbing of a British official by Roshonara Choudhry citing revolutionmuslim as her source of inspiration, I was contacted by an interested party, to look into the site. The site itself is not the usual fare that I am used to with jihadi’s and takfiri’s but it gets its point across pretty well without having to be as sensationalistic in imagery and content as say the Ansar boys. They do however seem to be an outlet for AQAP, serving out the Inspire magazines with fawning commentary to go along with it.

One of the itnteresting features is a capability to post anonymously… One wonders though, just how anonymous that really is given some interesting facts.

1) The site is located physically on a server on the Google domain in Mountain View

2) The titular operator claims to be located in NYC a Yousef Al-Khattab

Given these two bits of information, one has to assume that the FBI already has had contacts with Goog with the exigency arguments on getting the data from the site, who owns it, who trafficks it, etc. This I assume would include anyone who goes there to post anonymously. Unless they are using a proxy, then they are likely being tracked already. I however, do not have that kind of access, and instead began to use Maltego, Google, and my nose.

The above “contributors” pages included links to their own sites, emails, and other data that links them to their potential real identities. If you go through the maltego maps, then you can see where they also post on other forums and get a better picture of their on-line jihdist lives. There’s a TON of data to sift through, so help yourselves and if you find anything tasty, please do drop me a comment here.

It would seem that this site has been a nursery of sorts.. Chesser, Jesse Morton, etc… And the feds have been looking into them.. Maybe this data can help.

More when I have it.


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2010/11/05 at 16:00

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  1. […] just before the arrest was made I had run some Maltego analysis of the contributors list that I posted the night before the site was actually taken down by the Brits and US […]

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