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I have been mostly quiet on our pal Greg’s exploits for a bit (except for the tweets) but, his updated just got the bile to rise and I had to post about him again. This guy just won’t go away like a stench that has a life of its own and a will to offend anyone in its presence. I know all of you out there are just as fed up with it all as I am, especially given that in the last month he has shown up on not only local GA tv reports, but also on CNN to speak about “webcam hacking” Of course he did not show anything new to anyone and even did so by using Metasploit to do the “hack”

Point… click… Hey we have a hacker! Hey wait a minute he broke his own record!! It took LESS THAN 15 MINUTES!


Even more lame is the fact that the media (including CNN, as tenuously a news organization as I am to being  the king of Prussia) either willfully or through their own negligence neglected to really look into their “special guest” as being what he claims to be. We of course all know that he is a charlatan and his company a shill for a penny stock scheme (alleged and seems to be from all appearances) Attrition has done a great job at pulling together all of the data disproving Evan’s previous claims as well as posting all of his criminal records/history online for all to see, and yet, the media fails to even be able to use Google and look a bit further than the first entry (ligatts site) and see all of the other data out there on this guy. IF the media had done what reporters and “reporting” are supposed to do, then they would have seen through this guy’s blather and bling, and likely looked further for someone like H. D. Moore or Dark Tangent. Instead, they likely just saw that this buffoon was local and that they didn’t have to pay for a hotel room…

He’s the #1 HACKER! I know because the internet says so! Look! It’s on his own site!

What’s even worse, I suspect also that Ligatt has his fingers in the pie over at CNN with someone he knows feeding the CNN producers a line that he is the shiz. It was their FAIL that they did not perform the due diligence in looking into him… Some vetting process they have there. I guess this is a general malaise on the part of the media today and as such, it should be taken with a grain of salt. However, this still does not diminish the fact that this guy is still getting oxygen to his campaign to make a quick buck. In the process of doing so, he is also doing a disservice to the industry, but also leaving whatever clients he claims to have “secured” as open as a fresh convict in the first shower of a federal prison sentence. Something mind you, I think our pal Greg knows all too well about.

If he goes back to jail soon, we can all just send him tins of “Tucks Pads” I am sure he will need them.

Anyhow, back to the reason for this bilious post. Below you will find the new and improved site. It was updated 10/3/2010 and as you can see from the pic above and the one below, he has amped up the spin machine. He has set this out as “fact” based and make even more colourful claims to being the number one hacker, writer, and all around super guy. Take a look…

Fact 1 – Gregory Evans was ordered to pay back $10 million to AT&T, MCI and other fortune 500 companies due to computer hacking. TRUE
Fact 2 – According to Nielsen Audience, 3,043,600 people listened to Gregory Evans speak in 2010 on national television and radio stations. Proof?
Fact 3 – The State Bar in California, Nevada, and Georgia has authorized Gregory Evans to teach Continuing Legal Education to attorneys. WHAT?
Fact 4 – Gregory Evans invented the worlds first device to track a computer anywhere in the world. Proof? Patent? Copyright?
Fact 5 – Gregory Evans wrote 8 books on computer security and identity theft. TRUE, but “writing them” is problematic with all the plagiarism
Fact 6 – Greg Evans wrote the only book in the world dedicated to laptop security. WHAT? PROOF?
Fact 7 – LocatePC is the most downloaded computer tracking software in the world. By who’s estimates?
Fact 8 – Gregory Evans is the founder of 3 publicly traded companies. Mr. Evans sold The Cyber Group Network and the other 2 are currently trading under the stock symbol LGTT and SPFM. TRUE.. For now…Til he changes their names again to run from trouble
Fact 9 – Gregory Evans owns the 2nd largest caller ID spoofing services in the world. Proof?
Fact 10 – Gregory Evans has taught over 5 different Cyber Security courses on college campus such as, Santa Monica City College, Irvine Valley College, California State University, Los Angeles, San Marcos College, Pepperdine University, Anaheim City College, Rancho Santiago College, and ITT in Duluth, GA. PROOF?
Fact 11 Cyber Group Network and LIGATT Security are the only computer security companies in history to be the Official Cyber Security company for the NBA and the NHL, including teams like the Los Angeles Clippers, Atlanta Hawks, and the Thrashers. (I CALL SHENANIGANS) Google it.. NADA
Fact 12– Gregory Evans is the host of National Cyber Security Radio TRUE

So, that’s 4 true statements that can be verified and 8 that are unsubstantiated drivel.

I have done some preliminary searches on the claims and so far the only hits I can get are the ones that Evans has put out there himself. This is to be expected though and comes as no surprise given the history here. I guess that brings me back to just how does this guy even get air time with the media? How is it that he is still getting play of a positive nature and nothing of what the real truth about him has come out? I have some questions…

  • Who are his clients? Really? I mean, are they indeed satisfied? IF YOU were a client of LIGATT and you have anything good or bad to say about his services, please comment on this blog. I am genuinely interested in seeing just how many satisfied clients there are out there. Of course, this means that the clients have to have a clue about security and the services rendered.. You see this is where Ligatt counts on the inexperience of his clients. For all intents and purposes, he could just wave a chicken at the screen, mumble a few incantations, and say “This house is clean” and they might buy it. Its that ignorance that he preys upon and it is the same con games that have been around for a hundred years. He isn’t a hacker.. he’s a “hack”
  • We of the security community have made some strides in preventing Greg from speaking at conferences, but we have done little more than just be a disorganized force peppering him with small wounds and not taking him down. Why is that? Surely with all of you out there, there must be some ideas out there that will be more effective at taking the wind out of his sails? XSS attacks against his site have provided LULZ, but have done nothing really to starve his oxygen supply to the business. Sure, his stock is in the toilet, but, he still has his company and he still is advertising and pulling more shit. So what good did we do? Once again, should we just let it be “Caveat Emptor” for all those out there we have taken ethical vows to protect?
  • Once we have taken care of Greg, who’s next? I mean, without some form of regulation, this will be an unending battle against numerous charlatans won’t it? What is the end game? Are certifications to be the key here? Some sort of licensing as the government has been alluding to since all of the APT scaremongering has come to bear?

On the one hand I say “fuck em” let em do his thing, eventually he will get caught. On the other, I am sick to death of this fucktard’s litigiousness and sheer balls. Over and over again though, he does the same things and gets away with it and if any of us can put an end to that cycle, then we should.

For the good of the community.. OR for the LULZ.


Written by Krypt3ia

2010/10/17 at 23:54