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The Darkweb Project has allowed me some more access into the jihadist world and I have been leveraging that to look a bit more closely at all of the takfiri’s out there one by one… Well at least the interesting names anyway. In this case, the map above is for a user (#75 on Ansar1’s English forum) and what I would call a “Propagandist” for the cause of Jihad. Here are the basic stats on him:

1) He’s either American or Canadian (my bet is American from the syntax)

2) He is plugged into As-Sahab, Al-Malahim, & Jundullah Studio

3) He has been not only posting videos but also editing/creating them

4) He likes pr0n and the blood finally left his head enough to make a mistake

You see, Binyamine had been pretty assiduous about keeping his personal information to a minimum on the boards and places he has been posting. I had a devil of a time actually locating an email address, AIM session, MSN session, etc on him from anywhere. That is until a little creative Googling using previous behavioral data gave me two hits. Hits which turned out to be his email addresses. I shan’t put them in here though. His downfall though was a desire to post comments (non jihadist) on a free porn site!


However, by using Maltego, I was able to not only see where he has been posting, but also make connections between names/entities/sites to give a good pattern of behavior for further investigation into ol’ Binny. Oh, and yeah, for a guy who hates the Zionists and rails against them, odd name choice there buddy.. Binyamine.. aka Benjamin in Hebrew… Go figure…

“Zionists sound the alarm: a war for Islamic Caliphate is going on in the Northern Caucasus”,“75”,”Binyamine”,“Peace mercy and blessing of Allah be upon all of us. Quote: Zionists sound the alarm: a war for Islamic Caliphate is going on in the Northern Caucasus Publication time: 9 October 2009, 10:18 Zionists sound the alarm and call to “pay attention” to the Northern Caucasus. As ITAR-Tass reports referring to an edition of Jewish State, upon performing the analysis of situation the Jewish “experts” arrived to the conclusion that Northern Caucasus “from the internal problem of Russia transformed into an international one”. In opinion of Zionists, North Caucasus is “one of the central fronts and breeding ground for the global Jihad aimed for creation of Islamic Caliphate” now. Jewish edition asserts, “the facts about connection of Chechen militants with international terrorism are becoming known more and more frequently lately”. As an example of such «connections» the edition wrote about a recent self-immolation operation in Nazran city, which resulted in dozen of disbelievers and apostates destroyed. “One of the leaders of extremists of Northern Caucasus – the ideologist of wahhabis and terrorists Aleksandr Tikhomirov, better known as Said Buryatskiy was involved in this attack”, Zionists report a “new”. Zionists from Jewish State wrote they “conducted investigation and identified that Said Buryatskiy undergone a lengthy training in Saudi Arabia”. Let us remind that critics of Said Buryatskiy assert the contrary – that he studied nowhere and is a self-taught person. Jewish State also revealed an “intel”: it turns out that Said Buryatskiy “swore allegiance” to Dokka Umarov. Certain Yossef Bodansky is presented as an “expert” investigating Jihad in Caucasus, who, as it is claimed, was before a director of the “Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare of the US House of Representatives”. This «expert» declared, that the reason “Chechnya has become such an advanced threat are the tons of cash flowing from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states for these kinds of operations”. We will remind that Moscow and its marionette Kadyrov assert the opposite, declaring that Mujahideen have neither money nor food, and that they will die of starvation soon. A colleague of Yossef Bodansky, an “expert” Gordon Hahn from Monterey Institute complained that western mass media got used to “frame the issue of Chechnya in terms of Russian human rights violations and the Chechen people’s autonomous yearning”. “It is actually a time to revise such approach, because it no longer represents the reality, and Chechnya has become an active hive of Islamist Jihad”, Gordon Hahn told. Department of Monitoring, Kavkaz Center Source: Quote:”,”2009″,”10″,”12″

Anyway, his data may provide more once I do some more digging. Suffice to say that he seems to be more than just the average “Jihobbyist”…


In other news… I came across this photo yesterday on a blog. The picture is from Afghanistan and I think it pertinent to show here and talk a little about…


Not unto us, o Lord, not unto us, but to Your name give glory


As you can see this image is counter productive to the GWOT because it lends credence to the arguments of the Salafist’s, that they are in a war with invading “Crusaders” What better image to say that here than the Knights Templar huh? This was left by the French Foreign Legion and not only does the imagery of the Templar give reason to the Jihadist ferver, but also note the use of the “mice” which looks a lot like a “rat” The mice/rat image is also reminiscent of the images of rats in Nazi propaganda.

This does not help our cause…

Just one of the perception issues that we face that is fueling this fire.. Thought I would share…

Jihadist Encyclopedias


While doing background on “CENSORED31” I came across this file set from 2008/09 that I was able to perform a full metadata investigation on. The file is called “Maosoet Eltadreeb Alaskary” and is a full series PowerPoint show with video tutorials and PDF’s on how to carry out Jihad. It’s much the usual fare you see out there to teach the takfiri how to perform tradecraft without the benefit of going to a camp somewhere in Peshawar or Waziristan. What was different about it was that it had a sole author and all the files had been bundled together….


Using FOCA, I was able to import all of the files in and see what the PC name was of the machine this guy was using as well as his username, system OS, and file structures that he as using:

System: PC_Mojahed

OS: Windows Vista

User1: Mojahed

User 2: ZAK

Etc etc… You can see from the jpg’s here the rest of the data. I am still looking into tracing this guy down a bit more so look for updates later on.

Overall, I really like using FOCA to get this data not only from local files but the web too. I will be using this in the next stage of the Binyamine investigation.. He has been posting more than a few photos… I wonder what his metadata is like….

More soon.


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2010/10/07 at 11:20

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