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Sherlock: The Reboot by Steve Moffat

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I recently happened upon BBC’s “Sherlock” and I have to say I am very happy to have gotten access to it before BBC America deigns air it at the end of October. The premise is that Sherlock Holmes is plying his trade today, BAM, just that no background history no mention of deer stalker caps and pipes. Watson, Lestrade, and of course Mrs. Hudson all are there and their roles are completely updated to today’s time.

John Watson, a doctor recently returned from Afghanistan, has psychological trauma. It seems that he has  been shot, has a limp and a cane, and the night sweats about his time in country. He happens upon an old friend who says that he has another “friend” looking for a flat mate. He brings Watson to the crime lab and within minutes is being deductively sussed out by Holmes.. and he is intrigued.. and hooked.

The plot lines move fast as does the dialog in this well written and novel approach to rebooting the mythos of Sherlock Holmes. The first episode plays out the characters well and gives a new old twist to the Holmes character by bringing out all of the things that were there but never spoken of in the original Holmes stories..

  • Holmes is allegedly Gay and there is a running chuckle as everyone assumes that Watson is Holmes new boyfriend
  • Holmes is said to be a psychotic or sociopath who gets off on the murders. However Holmes says it best “I am a highly functioning sociopath”
  • Holmes addictions take root in more than just drugs (he has 3 nicotine patches on at one point “to think better” with)

All in all this series so far (only seen ep 1 so far but have all three) feels a lot like Jekyll. It has a great pace and a new gritty feel about it that makes me love it all the more. If you get the chance catch it on BBC America Oct 24th!


Written by Krypt3ia

2010/09/24 at 01:00

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  1. Having seen all the episodes from the first series, I’d say that the updated Sherlock is jolly good fun! 😉

    The fact that The Moff is behind it makes it more interesting in that it almost has a Doctor Who feel to it. Or Jekyll, as previously mentioned.


    2010/09/24 at 07:15

  2. D00d how ya been? Yeah I saw ep two this morning.. great stuff!


    2010/09/24 at 23:32

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