(Greek: κρυπτεία / krupteía, from κρυπτός / kruptós, “hidden, secret things”)

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Casper: That was creepy.
Trey: I tried to find more Nixon

Quote from Die Hard 4

A friend of mine, a more-or-less retired CIA paramilitary operative, sees the solution in characteristically simple terms. “We should go get him,” he said, speaking of Assange.

When my friend says “get him,” he isn’t thinking of lawsuits, but of suppressed pistols, car bombs and such. But as heart-warming as it is to envision Assange surveying his breakfast cereal with a Geiger counter, we shouldn’t deal with him and WikiLeaks that way.

At the risk of abusing the Bard, let’s “Cry havoc, and let slip the geeks of cyberwar.” We need to have a WikiLeaks fire sale.

A “fire sale” (as those who saw Die Hard 4 will remember) is a cyber attack aimed at disabling — even destroying — an adversary’s ability to function. Russia did this to Estonia in 2007 and Israel apparently did this to Syrian radar systems when it attacked the Syrian nuclear site later that year. The elegance of this is that if we can pull off a decisive cyber operation against WikiLeaks, it can and should be done entirely in secret.

Plausible deniability, anyone?

Full article HERE

So, with the revelations over the weekend of rape charges that mysteriously just vanished, one has to wonder if indeed there are forces at work trying to discredit Assange as step one in a much more ornate plan. After all, if one were to discredit him, then he could more easily be shipped out of his hidey hole to a more US friendly place with regard to legal standings right? Though, one wonders at the rape charge.. I mean we couldn’t get Polanski back here for child molestation, so what do you think is gonna happen with a regular rape charge?

Also this last week there was an article claiming to have a story being told by Lamo that there is a “velvet spy ring” Umm yeah, those days are not so over as this was the big deal with the Cambridge five no? I haven’t yet chased that story down due to laziness as well as.. Well, I can see that just as a poorly constructed propaganda attempt by someone.

Adrian, care to comment?

Anyway, this whole Fire Sale thing.. Uhh guys.. It ain’t gonna work. Sorry, but as the article alludes to, the Wikileaks pages are all over the place. They have some online ready to go and others are in their silos waiting to be prepped for launch. So, there is no real way to stop the data coming out if they want it out. I mean, I didn’t even mention the torrents… But this is who we are dealing with… A mindset that cannot grasp the intricacies of the intertubes sometimes. The damage has been done and short of taking down the whole of the Internet, the data will be set free by Wikileaks.

So what now?

Well, how about we make sure that the data does not get out of the compartmented systems in the first place huh? Manning evidently showed signs to others that he was a security risk and nothing was done. He had access to systems that if they were paying attention to infiltration and exfiltration methods, would have prevented the data from being burned to disc and taken out. It really reminds me of “The Falcon and the Snow Man” they were not paying attention to many of the rules in the secret areas and at the guard stations, thus the data was just taken out in quantity. I am sure that if the precautions were in place effectively and watched, Manning would have been caught sooner and perhaps this would not be as much a debacle.

Now, on the other side of the coin here… I am not against Wikileaks altogether. I agree with what Daniel Ellsberg did with the Pentagon Papers. The government was clearly lying about the war. In this case today, I am also sure that there were lies being told and likely still are… But the data I have seen thus far is no smoking gun and in no way shows any real malfeasance by the government. In fact, all the data thus far is about Afghanistan. Where I feel the big lies… well lie.. is in Iraq. Of course Assange is saying that data is coming soon.

We shall see.

So, to sum up..

1) You military and gov types… Get over it and tighten up your security!

2) Anything done to Assange will only make him a martyr

3) There is no stopping this data because it is already out of your control (pentagon, White House) So just buckle up cuz its likely to be a bumpy ride.


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  1. If there’s a firesale against WL – somebody let me know dammit – I want in. Regarding plausible deniability – lets face it, I am still here. Now again I implore any people ‘selling fire’ to give me the pleasure of playing my part. Stay frosty 😉


    2010/08/23 at 20:45

  2. Heh Jester indeed you are still around.. Just as the Jihadi’s are.. In looking at the issue, it seems that Assange has stolen a play right out of their book huh?


    2010/08/24 at 00:00

  3. I’m not crazy about going after Assange when we have this minor untidy business of bin Laden remaining at large.

    For me its about priorities and resources. Dear CIA: Focus, plz?


    2010/08/26 at 17:57

  4. Yeah, going after him is a futile thing as I pointed out. I would rather the military clean up their security practices and fix the issue rather than trying to do damage control.


    2010/08/26 at 18:02

  5. السلام 0567921436


    2010/10/12 at 22:22

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