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Movie Review: The Ghost Writer

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“The Ghost Writer” a Roman Polanski film, has reached the DVD market and I got a copy to view. Now, the Polanski prison/underage sex thing aside, I generally like his films. In the case of this film though, I was left kinda “meh” at the end. Perhaps that is how he is feeling of late in his life and it just leaked into the film perhaps. Either way, its an interesting slow paced film that may have you guessing for a bit.. Well really only til about the time where one of these characters hops into bed with Ewan McGregor.. I will keep you guessing on who that is though.. heh.

The plot takes aim at whispered accusations in the real world about the last man in Number 10 Downing Street and his seeming earnestness to do anything that former President Bush and the U.S. Administration wanted him to. In this case, the former PM is being hung out to dry on war crimes charges in the Hague whilst hiding out in the U.S. and writing his memoirs with a ghost writer. Well, a “new” ghost writer as the former one just turned up quite drowned. Enter Ewan and his slimy agent.

In the end, you have a bit of a suspense film with tidbits of “alternative history” from the last 9 years. Which leaves one with small nagging doubts about our “special relationship” with the U.K. Well, at least I gave it some thought at the end… You may too.


If you’re bored its a serviceable film… Rent it on NetFlix… Oh, and you will know who did it and why at about 1:50:00


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2010/08/13 at 17:01

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