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And Now For Something Completely Different.. A Movie Review: Outlander

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Back in 2007 or so I saw the trailer for “Outlander” on a DVD I think and was intrigued.

A new take on Beowulf you say?

Aliens you say?

I am all over that! Well, as happens all too often either I missed this film playing near me (likely) or, more likely it never made it to the theater and thus I had to wait until it hit the DVD. As would happen, the wife and I were in the BestBuy this week after a fine repast and mas tequila and there it was on the shelf… For five dollars.

I know what you’re thinking.. 5 bucks? It’s gotta be a stinker.

Well, I am happy to report that my five dollars was WELL spent. Let me tell you why…

The film takes place in 790AD in Norway. Kainan, and his ship crash land into a fjord with only Kainan surviving.. So we think. You soon realize that not only is this film a new take on the Beowulf mythos, but also that it is suggesting that humans are not indigenous to Earth as a computer alludes. Once Kainan has his bearings, he begins to scout the area but it turns out as you watch that he is not only scouting, he is looking for something.

“Grendel’s Mother”

I shall spare you the whole plot line as it would ruin it for you, but, you pretty much have the idea if you have *hopefully* read the epic poem or its latter day re-imagining. At the very least one hopes you have seen the 3D film that came out a few years back. Anyway, I think this is an interesting spin on the myth as well as brings out the morality play quite well but with a twist (the decimation of a species)

Cinematography: Well done, some dark murky parts film wise but overall well shot.

FX: The monster is well done and in the end I found quite empathetic.

Acting: I found myself happy with James Caviezel and John Hurt was a thoughtful Hrothgar and Ron Perlman made quite the bezerker.

Script: I thought that in general the script was well put together. The dialog was sparing and lent to the feel of a group of Norse chest beaters. The only thing I took issue with was some of the accents (british/cockney on one guy) but overall it did not bother me that much.

I frankly don’t understand how this movie got panned so much by the critics as well as the users on Rotten Tomatoes.. But, everyone has their opinion.. and this is mine..

See it… At least its 5 bucks!


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2010/08/06 at 20:01

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