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#LIGATT Poor Greg, He Is SO MALIGNED! Getting A Bit Touchy Are We?

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What’s really amusing is someone by the name of crabbyolbastard thinks that anyone really takes him seriously. It is truly amazing that this feller thinks he’s so smart. The allegations he’s making are downright picking stupid. It’s bizarre that he’s really crabby enough to spend that much time slamming someone. How can you expose IP addresses like that to everyone? Are you serious? You are a person with immense anger. Your really should attend anger management courses or go hit some bricks or something. One with great anger will suffer punishment: for if you deliver him once, you’ll have to deliver him again. There is nothing philosophical about this statement. It’s just the truth. Stop already. Go and be of assistance to someone who needs it. Tell that stuff to someone who doesn’t know any better. Simple Simon has more understanding than you. You’re demonstrating to the world that you’re Ignorant. My people perish for lack of knowledge. Where is this statement found? This is your new homework assignment. Find out exactly where that statement came from then dispute it. Be sure to include all pertinent evidence and documentations. Mr/Ms crabby, find some way to let go and Let God help you to see the error of your own ways. You seem to have a great ability to see everyone’s problem but your own. What did Mr Evans personally do to you?


Boo hoo Greg, just give up man.. Same IP address again? Can’t you even see beyond the idea that by changing names and yahoo accounts its still the same originating IP?

You seem so frustrated… Poor fella.. I know, I have a number you can call!


I expect soon the SEC will be calling you… And that blue sedan out down the street within sight but just barely? Yeah, that’s the FBI.

See you in the police blotter soon Greg.


Written by Krypt3ia

2010/07/19 at 16:58