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John Doe #21? Hahahaha Greg YOU SO FUNNY!

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So, John Doe #21 aka moi, has been informed through a twitter eruption that I am “named” as a party to a lawsuit by ol’ #LIGATT. Let me first preface my response by saying this:


Ahem, that said, let me say what’s on my mind…

Greg, you are a useless individual and even more useless as a “supposed” security professional. I will not go into the litany of charges against you again, you know them, well, Hell, we all know them now don’t we? Just give it up, the jig is up man!

So, you start posting this “press release” on the internets and you make a YouTube talking about how you are gonna sue us all, but, we all know that even “if” you did indeed get some fleabag, ambulance chasing lawer to file such a suit, you have to know that you will lose.

Hell, you won’t even “lose” you will be “dismissed” out of hand with a glare from the judge as he sizes you up for some prison oranges. So WTF man? Are you really that deluded?

I guess that question remains to be answered… IF we see any real paperwork come along.. Oh, that’s after you figure out who I am…

Let me give you a hint.. It ain’t hard… You are just so much a pathetic loser and poser that you can’t even find out what our real names are from the “internets” Guess that’s way to technical for the n01hacker huh…

Well, at the very least you have given me a chuckle today…

Now, brass tacks.. You actually file paperwork and you figure out who we all are, welcome to the fun of being at the other end of a counter suit from the EFF and the likes of Ron Kuby.

You will lose, you will lose everything, and in the end.. You will not have that marble bathroom to sit your loser ass in and ponder your next con game.



Written by Krypt3ia

2010/07/12 at 21:35

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Awww You Guys! You Didn’t Have To Translate Me Into Arabic! Shucks…

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So yeah, I get up this morning and check my blog stats and lookit who was in there? I guess the jihadi’s have decided that they should pay attention to some things being written about them. I wonder if they did the vanity Google or something.

They even took the time to translate the post into Arabic AND French… Oh my.

Hi guys! I SEE YOU!

Keep it up clowns… I just love the traffic to audit.


Written by Krypt3ia

2010/07/12 at 11:36