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Jihadi Penetration Tutorials: Metoovet

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Recently I have been writing some about the tools and methods that the “hackers” on the jihadi boards have been using and promoting. Until now these tools and techniques have been mainly “Windows” centric and a bit behind the times. This however changed today when I found a new section that I had not looked into before.

Evidently, Sword Azzam, is now offering a new tutorial series “metoovet” put together by an islamist hacking group “xp10” whose site resolves to:

abdulaah alzhrani
jeddah,  123456
Saudi Arabia
Registered through:, Inc. (
Domain Name: XP10.COM
Created on: 20-Apr-03
Expires on: 20-Apr-11
Last Updated on: 03-Jun-10
Administrative Contact:
alzhrani, abdulaah
jeddah,  123456
Saudi Arabia
+966.555555555      Fax —
Technical Contact:
alzhrani, abdulaah
jeddah,  123456
Saudi Arabia
+966.555555555      Fax —
Domain servers in listed order:

Registrant:   abdulaah alzhrani   ksa   jeddah,  123456   Saudi Arabia
Registered through:, Inc. (   Domain Name: XP10.COM      Created on: 20-Apr-03      Expires on: 20-Apr-11      Last Updated on: 03-Jun-10
Administrative Contact:      alzhrani, abdulaah      ksa      jeddah,  123456      Saudi Arabia      +966.555555555      Fax —
Technical Contact:      alzhrani, abdulaah      ksa      jeddah,  123456      Saudi Arabia      +966.555555555      Fax —
Domain servers in listed order:      NS57.1AND1.COM      NS58.1AND1.COM

The tutorial set not only has teaching materials and how to’s but also full tar files of more exotic hacking programs that you would find in the hands of a more technical hacker. This is the firs time I am seeing this and after having gone through the files, I am somewhat impressed with the package. These guys are the real deal.

The package is fully integrated with a nice little front end and even a music track. The range of hacking goes through *NIX, PHP, IIS, and on with the how to’s and even a test case to try for yourselves.

All in all, this and other packages suddenly have appeared and I am seeing a real change in the tenor of the site’s technical area. It would seem that the XP10 folks and some new entries from Palestine have brought some new blood. If these guys are indeed learning and able, they may be a bit more of a threat to the internet.

Also included within the discussion group and files I found a whole series that was written by Younis Tsouli aka Irhabi 007. I have mentioned him before and it seems by the looks of the comments that the jihadi’s have not forgotten him either. My fear is that these guys R3P, and Azzam with the help of the guys at xp10 might just fill the shoes of the former irhabi. If that is the case, and they get a real base of ‘hackers” behind them, then we could be seeing more problematic hacks and data ex-filtration.

We shall see…

I will be pulling all of this apart and performing some forensics on the files, which there were many more of than this particular tutorial series. Additionally, there are a plethora of sites within these documents that I will be spidering out to and rooting around in. I think I will be pretty busy in the near future.


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  1. Dude. I didn’t know that terrorists bought their headscarves at Hot Topic. He’s got those ‘hungry-time’ Cullen eyes too. Watch out, he’s needing to feed.

    Kristi Gilleland

    2010/10/14 at 06:07

  2. […] Jihadi Penetration Tutorials: Metoovet […]

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