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Taliban Webmaster: We’ve Been Hacked!

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Online fans of the Taliban, beware: a website of the Islamic Emirate may have been hacked.

Abu al-Aina’a al-Khorasani, an administrator of an elite jihadi forum endorsed by the Taliban, warns in an online post that “group’s main site and the site of its online journal Al-Sumud,  have been the subject of an ‘infiltration operation.’”

Khorasani’s post on Fallujah forum warns online jihadis “to not enter any of the links that concern these websites, and not even to surf [the content] until you receive the confirmed news by your brothers, Allah-willing. ”

As browsers of the Taliban’s websites know, outages are fairly regular. But a confirmed infiltration may be something new, says Flashpoint Partners’ Evan Kohlmann, who’s been tracking Internet extremists for years.

“The official Afghan Taliban website has, of course, routinely been knocked offline and disabled by cybervigilantes and other culprits, but this would be the first instance that I’m aware of it being actually ‘infiltrated.’  It’s an unsettling prospect for security-minded online jihadists, because such sites can be manipulated by a variety of hostile parties in order to harvest a breathtaking amount of personal data on regular visitors.”

Indeed, in early April, Danger Room snagged a picture used to vandalize the Taliban’s main website, which featured scenes of some of the more notorious acts of brutatlity perpetrated by the Afghan militant group (pictured above).

While authorship of the apparent attack is as yet undetermined, it’s worth noting that the Defense Department stated its intention in the Spring of 2009 to begin shutting down extremist media outlets in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

HACKED!?!? OH NO! Heh, yeah, well this should not be any kind of news to anyone there, but I guess these guys aren’t the sharpest marbles in the bag huh? I mean, what have I been up to all this time? Shucks, and I am not the only one ya know…

Of course you have the odd “jokey” attacks but generally, these guys have been compromised for some time I would expect and they may just now be catching on to it. Of course if you look at my posts on their “tech” section lately, you might see just how savvy they are on the whole of it. They do have some guys who know what they are doing, but no one is as good as Younis Tsouli was back before he got popped in the UK.

At least not that I have seen…

I am sure nothing will change here. If they do take down the sites themselves or with a little governmental help, the jihadi’s will just pop another site up elsewhere and begin to propagandize again all over. It will be a never ending battle really… Unless they get smarter and get some real encryption, VPN tunnels, and dark net type of system that is invite only and rock solid…

I don’t see that happening from their caves…

You never know though… Perhaps they can cobble together something…

Anyway, more developments as I have them from the sites tonight…


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