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MJAHDEN: Jihadi Crypto Progam

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While looking through one of the jihadi sites I came across this little missive in their super secret file area on hacking. This is a little program developed by “R3P” to encrypt data for jihadi use. I guess they aren’ t too trusting of say “PGP” or any of the other programs they could grab on bittorrent.

MJAHDEN is the tool and I have yet to decompile and poke at it. It will be interesting to see exactly how they are encrypting things and what kind of crypto hack this guy is.

*NOTE* (rar file is live and all precautions should be taken before executing the .exe kids)

I suspect that this program will not have an extensive crypto algorithm so reverse engineering should be fairly easy. This is one of the first times I have actually run into the program but I have heard that they have been developing programs like this and other iterations of perhaps the same one. The post here was a little older, but, still valid as it was at the top and still being commented on by jihadi’s thanking R3P for his holy creation.

So, all you technofreaks out there who wanna play, be my guest.. Let me know if you find anything of note and I will post my findings after I mess around a bit with it.


I have been busy lately so things have slowed on the posting and my forays into the jihadi world. However, with the onset of this new guy in Jamaica (Abdulla el-Faisal) I decided to do a little looking at his internet presence. Off of the Wiki site there is a link for his main page. I checked this out with the usual tools and came up with an interesting link to a 4shared site. This site belongs to a user named m.rahman007 and in it are a plethora of mp3 sermons by this guy el-Faisal. At present I am listening to the jihad speech now and this guy really needs to be picked up for incitement to violent jihad. Considering he has been at the nexus of so many of the terrorist plots over the years, and he is still thumbing his nose at everyone from his cozy Jamaican digs.

To top it off, in my searches of this site I have a direct email from Faisal Shazhad to el-Faisal. So, as you may have heard before on the news he did have direct contact with him and you now can see it in that link above. All of my work tonight was spurred by an article that I read that reported on the sudden light bulb moment for the authorities that the internet has been being used for online recruitment of not only foreign jihadi’s but now “home grown or naturlized” ones too… And we have no way to fight it..

Who’da thunk it?

Wakey wakey folks in government!

One only hopes that they think about it logically and not have knee jerk reactions… Oh, who am I kidding?