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Poison Ivy, the Jiahdi’s New Little Toy

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Well well well, those pesky Jihadi’s at majahdenar have been passing around “Poison Ivy” to use in their efforts. Hmmm seems to me that this is an oldie, perhaps they have done some tweaks? Anyone wanting to reverse engineer a bit can do so with the files if they like. In the meantime, hit up this link for the folder with not only the video but a txt help file and the program itself.

The above is the purveyor of this little program and I have run into him before. Azam, dude, I am on to you… I am sure there is some handy metadata from your upload to the uploader site. Even if you didn’t upload it, I am sure we will be able to get a line on who did the Arabic translation and video.

Don’t ya just love computing?

Oh, and btw, the netstat-x program you guys are hawking now too, yeah, umm a real good trojan you aren’t going to see.. Ya know, like the ones the NSA make. Watch your ports all you want boyz…

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2010/05/25 at 02:15