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Movie Review: DEFENDOR

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DEFENDOR, a film that I never saw anything about until I saw a trailer on a recent DVD from Netflix and thought it looked good. I am happy to say that I really did like this underrated film and I especially am fond of the work that Woody Harrelson did with this role.

Of course Woody does have a sweeter side in portraying certain characters and really broke out of the mold of “Woody” on Cheers with his crazy “Natural Born Killer” role. This role though of “Defendor” has added dimension and a subdued comedic quality mixed with the innocence of a child.

Defendor, aka Arthur Poppington, prowls the night streets in a DOT truck in search of bad men and his arch nemesis “Captain Industry” His main weapons in this battle are the truncheon, marbles, a VCR and camera, and angry hornets. He lives in a DOT facility, and has the IQ of approximately 80. Though, for all his alleged disability in the mental facilities, he makes up for it all in heart and innocence.

The plot is simple but the story carries you through to an end that will uplift you. In these times where we seem to be grasping for heroes, you couldn’t do any better than Defendor. I swear, if you don’t get a bit of a lump in your throat when the the taggers mural is wreathed in flowers… Well, you just don’t get it.

Check it out.

Written by Krypt3ia

2010/05/21 at 01:26

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  1. I like Hollywood movies. presenting by Marvels pictures. All comic series are my most favorite such as Spiderman, X-Men, BatMan etc.


    2010/05/21 at 17:16

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