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Accountant held without bail in NYC in terror case

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I reported on this earlier here when they captured them,but it seems now that they are holding these guys without bail etc so its in the news again.

By LARRY NEUMEISTER (AP) – 3 days ago

NEW YORK — A prosecutor on Monday accused an accountant charged with conspiring to modernize al-Qaida of using code words and encrypted software to speak with a co-defendant who bought digital watches that could be used as timing devices in explosives.

Assistant U.S. Attorney John P. Cronan made the allegations as he successfully argued that Sabirhan Hasanoff be held without bail on charges that he provided material support to al-Qaida.

“He poses a grave risk to the community,” Cronan said.

The prosecutor added that Hasanoff “embraced the extremist ideology and radical goals” of al-Qaida and sought to modernize it with his computer skills.

Hasanoff, in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, pleaded not guilty to charges in an indictment accusing him and co-defendant Wesam El-Hanafi of conspiring to give computer advice, buy wristwatches and do other tasks to help al-Qaida.

The rest HERE

So this guy was giving “computer advice” to the qaeda huh? Hmm like there aren’t a zillion other guys online doing this as well as actually carrying out the sysadmin duties on all those stealth sites?

What is interesting though is the whole buying of watches. These were not just regular Casio digital watches here. These were high end ones with barometer’s and compasses etc. I believe that these were to be used on some bombs that were destined for airplanes frankly. I wonder though, I don’t remember seeing these as being interdicted before reaching Al Qaeda hands…


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2010/05/21 at 22:47

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