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A Mosque at Ground Zero Equals Victory

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Hudson New York/Wafa Sultan, 19 May 2010: A new mosque is now being planned in New York near “Ground Zero,” two blocks from where the World Trade Center used to be. This mosque is headed by an Imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf, founder of the Cordoba Initiative, who proposes to convert the now-shuttered Burlington Coat Factory on Park Place into an Islamic Cultural Center which would contain a mosque.

It is crucial to study the supremacist ideology of Islam and to recognize, for example, that the building of a mosque especially at Ground Zero is viewed by Muslims as a decisive victory over the infidels in Islam’s march to establish its ultimate goal: the submission of all others to Islam and to Sharia Law.

On a daily bases, in so many parts of the world, deadly attacks are perpetrated by Jihadists either against non Muslims or, frequently, against Muslims — especially Muslim women. The terror type of Jihad, however, is only one way for Islamists to accomplish their mission of making the “Kafir,” or infidels, submit to Sharia Law. Another method is, as the author Robert Spencer calls it, an insidious, creeping “Stealth Jihad.”

The Rest

So, I am not so sure how to react to this article, it’s portents, and in general, the idea of a mosque and minaret near the towers former location. On the one hand I say why not? This is a free country and in fact they have every right to start a mosque there. On the other hand though, I am somewhat incredulous at the locational choice, it just kinda makes the Spidey sense go off.

Now, add to this the idea of “Stealth Jihad” and one has even more motive to question the placement of this mosque as well as lean toward some kind of injunction against it.

I think though, that if we stoop to stopping the mosque from going in, then we have become worse than the jihadists and they have won. I am no friend of organized religion but I cannot just outlaw it because they all have had their times when they became despotic.

Not all Muslims are Al Qaeda operatives and consider us all Kafir to be subjugated and not all mosques are the Hamburg cell.


Written by Krypt3ia

2010/05/21 at 23:32

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