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And the Shahzad-A-Palooza Begins…. Meanwhile FOX News Claims Online Jihad Ties…

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Full page from majahden archived HERE

Post the failed bomb attempt and all the ravening coverage by the news media, the jihadi’s have now latched on to Mr. Shahzad as their new zeitgeist of terror… Let the nasheeds begin to flow! Heh. On the site mirrored above you can see these photoshopped pictures and more concerning their new hero. I find it rather interesting how they have him on billboards in Times Square looking down on the place, especially since he failed in his mission so miserably. These guys just don’t seem to get it do they?

Pssst, jihad johnny, he failed mmmkay? If anything, he has given us and IS giving us good intel in interrogation the last time I heard. So, you guys should maybe re-think your idols cuz this guy was the suck. In fact, he didn’t have his heart in it I think. Otherwise he would have done a better job at the whole thing no? Nor would he have sung like a songbird when he was picked up and waived his rights to remain silent.

Meanwhile back at the FOX ranch…

This report came out claiming that a user with the name “Faisal Shahzad” had been posting for a couple years on Salafist websites with his real name. Interestingly, the sites that they do not actually reference in the piece, are Islamic sites that deal with political thought and Islam, not the actual sites such as the one mirrored above that actually are full out jihadist web boards that these characters frequent. So, if you consider political discourse and talk of Jihad (which does not always mean what you think it means.. Jihad literally means struggle, and more to the point, often times means personal internal struggle with religious meanings) actual war against the US, you are making a kind of leap there Mr. Fox reporter.

Anyway, in looking through the sites I have been mapping, I have yet to locate one Faisal Shahzad as an account. So, if this guy was hardcore, and not a complete idiot, then he was using another name/ID online to chat on these sites. So, I think that the Fox reporting is a little falacious, but, I have yet to really see these postings by Faisal Shahzad online in these forums they speak of. I guess though, that the authorities are looking into that aspect and time will tell.

As well, the reports from Bridgeport and Shelton keep coming in portraying this guy anywhere from an awkward foreigner who became a citizen to someone who has the proclivities of a vampire (he said he hated the sun and used to run around at night in the neighborhood)… Ok… Well, maybe he was a bit strange or perhaps unstable. I have yet to see anything out of University of Bridgeport (psst it’s owned by the Moonies btw!) as to his time there so, maybe he wasn’t always so whacky. Perhaps he just got more and more disenfranchised as his life came apart here in the states? After all, my supposition still fits in my mind that he just became disillusioned here with the foreclosure and all.

In any case, that is no excuse, but may be more of an explanation as to the how and why he did this thing… And perhaps did it so poorly. We will see.

More when I have it.


Written by Krypt3ia

2010/05/06 at 16:46

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