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Times Square: Epicenter for Terrorism Lately

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What is it lately with Times Square and bombs? Sure, its a popular destination for anyone doing the tourist thing and it’s pretty much a hot target to instill fear into the US, but really, car bombs now? Of course this bomb was not the kind we are used to hearing about in the sense of a truck full of plastic explosives, or a fertilizer bomb, but, it still almost got the job done. This particular bomb was amateurish in design and follow through particularly in the design.

3 propane tanks, gas in containers, fireworks, clocks, wires, and fireworks.. Along with some kind of lockbox or gun safe.

This seems like more of a test case for a new bomb maker than anything else….

Had the bomb gone off, it would have been bad, but not as bad as if the bomb were made by the likes of the guys in AQ Iraq who would have also added shrapnel and likely have loaded this puppy up to the gills with material for the explosion. I guess we will see what shakes out in the investgation, but I would hazard a guess at a splinter cell of wanna be jihadists may be the ones to look for here. You could also make the case for another domestic terror group of some kind too.. But my bet is on the jihadist connection because it is NYC and it was a large target for putting a scare into the US.

I would be surprised if this were a lone actor.. Just from the fact that this UNSUB left the scene quickly, so likely was picked up by someone trailing them and ready for them around a corner.

It makes sense in that they did not have a bomb maker of skill, limited funds, and may in fact be lone wolf types that are being recruited more often online now. The truck was a Nissan Pathfinder (Jihadi’s favorite) and the plate came from a junked car from Bridgeport CT. The VIN number in the windshield was removed but its doubtful that they removed all of the vin’s throughout the car.

Now, what is interesting to me is that the plate came from Bridgeport. Bridgeports junk yards and car dumping grounds are easily accessible by many and there is much fodder to use for anyone looking to do this type of thing. This even follows through to the point of the UNSUB getting a car en toto from these places totally under the radar. You see Bridgeport is something of a “Gray” market haven for these things. I am sure the New Haven field office is buzzing today…

Well, time will tell.. Keep an eye out.


Written by Krypt3ia

2010/05/02 at 12:18

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