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The Jihadist Repertoire Expands

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A further look into the recently more active jihadist hacking forum has turned up a bunch of interesting data. It seems that our erzats foes have been using a group of trojans for their nefarious desires. So far, I have found at least 3 differing trojan makes including the above pictured Turkojan4.

Sword Azzam has been cranking out the “how to” videos and r3p has been creating his own brand of software as well as pointing out other tools to use. It seems though, that Azzam is the ring leader on this but really I see no need to really fear him. Most of his tools and his techniques are old and dated. I see nothing here about 0day or any of the more technical *nix OS’ nor exploits.

What I see mainly is just script kiddie use of windows malware…

Anyway, one of the more interesting things was no-ip, a managed DNS client/service that Azzam configures on video. This service is being used by Azzam to forward traffic I assume for his bots/malware as I know he has a dynamic IP address in Jordan.


In the end, Azzam was very helpful about teaching his little tricks. However, he was better at giving me a good idea of where he lives and what hardware he has.

“ataboy Azzam”

I will be doing the forensics soon on the files to see what metadata there is as well as lo oking for more posts from these guys. Frankly though, one gets tired of the tedious “allahuackbar” crap that they keep spewing after each post.. For pages and pages of posts! Brevity, just isn’t their thing it seems.

On another note, all of the malware that I have downloaded thus far are easily detected by AV, so anyone with even a passing version of “avast” like the one Azzam uses on his box, should be able to stop these attacks off the bat.. That us unless they set the ignore on the AV, which, I saw him do in the tutorial.

Meh… Old tech and no finesse…

More when I have it.


Movie Review: “Whip It”

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A while back I remember seeing the trailer for this film and thinking that it looked like something I wanted to see. As happens many times though, I  just didn’t get around to seeing it in the theater for whatever reasons. So on it went to DVD where I recently I got it in the mail from NetFlix.

Happily, my sense of the film from the well cut trailer was right on and I really liked this film. It stars Ellen Page as Bliss Cavendar, a teenager who is put upon by her stage mother to be a pageant girl. Bliss though, isn’t much for the idea but goes through it to make her mother happy. Secretly though, Bliss wishes to have her own dreams and her own unorthodox life, to include trying out some blue hair dye that goes awry.

The story written by Shauna Cross is somewhat reminiscent in pathos to the first film that I had seen Page in as “Juno” by Diablo Cody. Bliss, like Juno, is a young woman who is on the cusp of getting to know just who she is and where she wants to go at the edge of adolescence. Unlike other films of this genre though, it is written in a way that is not at all sophomoric  and leaves you perhaps thinking about your teen years and some of the same angst you may have felt at the time.

The core of the story centers on Bliss discovering something she wants to do, “Roller Derby” Something that at 17 she can’t necessarily take part in unless given permission, but surely will not be allowed to by her mother. So, she does it anyway and lies about her age. What at first seems to be a wild whim to try something non conformist by a girl who lives in backwoods Texas turns into something very liberating for Bliss as well as a catalyst for change with her whole life.

Directed by Drew Barrymore, this is a truly ensemble cast piece that really holds your attention as well as your ears, with a great soundtrack (listening to it now in fact) of compiled music from various artists including the Indie scene types from the Austin area that the movie takes place in.

My review: Check it out.


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2010/05/29 at 12:52

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MJAHDEN: Jihadi Crypto Progam

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While looking through one of the jihadi sites I came across this little missive in their super secret file area on hacking. This is a little program developed by “R3P” to encrypt data for jihadi use. I guess they aren’ t too trusting of say “PGP” or any of the other programs they could grab on bittorrent.

MJAHDEN is the tool and I have yet to decompile and poke at it. It will be interesting to see exactly how they are encrypting things and what kind of crypto hack this guy is.

*NOTE* (rar file is live and all precautions should be taken before executing the .exe kids)

I suspect that this program will not have an extensive crypto algorithm so reverse engineering should be fairly easy. This is one of the first times I have actually run into the program but I have heard that they have been developing programs like this and other iterations of perhaps the same one. The post here was a little older, but, still valid as it was at the top and still being commented on by jihadi’s thanking R3P for his holy creation.

So, all you technofreaks out there who wanna play, be my guest.. Let me know if you find anything of note and I will post my findings after I mess around a bit with it.


I have been busy lately so things have slowed on the posting and my forays into the jihadi world. However, with the onset of this new guy in Jamaica (Abdulla el-Faisal) I decided to do a little looking at his internet presence. Off of the Wiki site there is a link for his main page. I checked this out with the usual tools and came up with an interesting link to a 4shared site. This site belongs to a user named m.rahman007 and in it are a plethora of mp3 sermons by this guy el-Faisal. At present I am listening to the jihad speech now and this guy really needs to be picked up for incitement to violent jihad. Considering he has been at the nexus of so many of the terrorist plots over the years, and he is still thumbing his nose at everyone from his cozy Jamaican digs.

To top it off, in my searches of this site I have a direct email from Faisal Shazhad to el-Faisal. So, as you may have heard before on the news he did have direct contact with him and you now can see it in that link above. All of my work tonight was spurred by an article that I read that reported on the sudden light bulb moment for the authorities that the internet has been being used for online recruitment of not only foreign jihadi’s but now “home grown or naturlized” ones too… And we have no way to fight it..

Who’da thunk it?

Wakey wakey folks in government!

One only hopes that they think about it logically and not have knee jerk reactions… Oh, who am I kidding?


Poison Ivy, the Jiahdi’s New Little Toy

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Well well well, those pesky Jihadi’s at majahdenar have been passing around “Poison Ivy” to use in their efforts. Hmmm seems to me that this is an oldie, perhaps they have done some tweaks? Anyone wanting to reverse engineer a bit can do so with the files if they like. In the meantime, hit up this link for the folder with not only the video but a txt help file and the program itself.

The above is the purveyor of this little program and I have run into him before. Azam, dude, I am on to you… I am sure there is some handy metadata from your upload to the uploader site. Even if you didn’t upload it, I am sure we will be able to get a line on who did the Arabic translation and video.

Don’t ya just love computing?

Oh, and btw, the netstat-x program you guys are hawking now too, yeah, umm a real good trojan you aren’t going to see.. Ya know, like the ones the NSA make. Watch your ports all you want boyz…

“ooh pretty icons”


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2010/05/25 at 02:15

Movie Review: Miami Vice 2006

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Back in the day, I was a fan of “Miami Vice” on tv. In fact, I am still somewhat a fan with the DVD set of the series, but, in looking back on it older, see that through the lens of time that it was often cheesy. When I finally watched the 2006 Michael Mann film that I had decided was going to be crap, I found myself surprised.

It was indeed not crap.

As much as I am not a fan of Colin Farrell, I found his portrayal of Crockett and Jamie Foxx’s as Tubbs tight and well played. The re-vamping of the team that included the usual Zito, Trudy, and Gina was a great change giving them more technical roles and more tooth than just being the bug guy and the hookers as it was from the tv show.

All of those changes leads me to the plot line and the technical aspects where undercover work was concerned and this movie did a good job with that. The creation of legends that would hold up and the mole hunt that had to happen as they were faced with a leak in the DC FBI. Good stuff.

Cinematography on this film was a bit on the shakey cam side and grainy, but, that is the look that Mann wanted on this and much of the night scenes were shot in a manner that lent itself to making you feel like you were really there without lights (and I believe they had minimal lights) so it meshed with the story. As I watched the film I could not but feel the heat and humidity of Miami and remembered my time down there working.

Good times… Mmm a Cuban and a Mojito…

The plot line just launches right off the bat and you are placed in a story that you know from seeing the show back in the day, but, you are faced with new and dirtier adversaries like the Russian mob and the tweakers with high RF transmitters. Its quick paced, down and dirty, and sleek in a 2000’s way that makes the 80’s Ferrari spider seem like a VW beetle.

Check it out.


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2010/05/22 at 13:40

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Movie Review: “Hackers Wanted”

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Somewhere in an undisclosed location, I had a preview of this film so here’s the review. Of course now that this movie is out on the intertubes everyone will see it soon so a review might be good.

I liked the film, it brought out some very good points about the posture of government and private network security as well as defined the differing types of players within the space. In the end, it was a little more driven about Adrian Lamo, but, all of the material leading up to his story was and still is, very important to understand.

You will see if you watch the film, the psychological landscapes of not only conformity and non conformity, but human natures predilection toward lackadaisical behavior and the systems breaking of the will on creativity through conformance. After all, government and society is at its core, predicated on a conformance mandate. Thus if you break conformance (i.e. laws) you are ostracized, or actually imprisoned.

Mix the two things together and add a healthy inability for humans to gauge long term threats and you have out current threat-scape coming at us where cyber-war and other network based security issues stem from. We simply have inter-networked ourselves into an insecure and overly connected system that could have great impact on us if attacked in the right way. Of course this is what I and many others in the field have been saying for some time and much of that time it has fallen on deaf ears.

Oh well, we either evolve or die…

In the end, this film could not come out at a better time I think. Adrian Lamo is out, on meds for aspbergers (the new medical excuse for certain types of hacking behavior.. Well its being leveraged by the McKinnon team at any rate) and with much coincidence in the air, had a couple articles on him on Wired as the news hit that the film was loosed upon the bit-torrents.

Hmmm coincidences…..

Oh, and just what prevented this film from being released? Some disagreement between producers and others? Or maybe some other pressures were involved? Too hot a topic for some? Moved the world into areas of grey that made them uncomfortable? Everything today seems rather black and white doesn’t it? Lamo was spanked, Deceptive Duo were spanked, Mitnick was not only spanked, he was really civilly gang raped where his constitutional rights were concerned….

But.. those guys are all collared now huh… Still though, I see little on the side of real and effective law out there on internet issues.. Well other than the whole RIAA MPAA juggernaut trying to make law out of whole cloth IP miasma…

Meh, we haven’t learned much..

If you get the chance to see the film do so. Maybe all you hacker types out there should have a download somewhere that you can do a screening of.


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2010/05/22 at 13:17

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A Mosque at Ground Zero Equals Victory

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Hudson New York/Wafa Sultan, 19 May 2010: A new mosque is now being planned in New York near “Ground Zero,” two blocks from where the World Trade Center used to be. This mosque is headed by an Imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf, founder of the Cordoba Initiative, who proposes to convert the now-shuttered Burlington Coat Factory on Park Place into an Islamic Cultural Center which would contain a mosque.

It is crucial to study the supremacist ideology of Islam and to recognize, for example, that the building of a mosque especially at Ground Zero is viewed by Muslims as a decisive victory over the infidels in Islam’s march to establish its ultimate goal: the submission of all others to Islam and to Sharia Law.

On a daily bases, in so many parts of the world, deadly attacks are perpetrated by Jihadists either against non Muslims or, frequently, against Muslims — especially Muslim women. The terror type of Jihad, however, is only one way for Islamists to accomplish their mission of making the “Kafir,” or infidels, submit to Sharia Law. Another method is, as the author Robert Spencer calls it, an insidious, creeping “Stealth Jihad.”

The Rest

So, I am not so sure how to react to this article, it’s portents, and in general, the idea of a mosque and minaret near the towers former location. On the one hand I say why not? This is a free country and in fact they have every right to start a mosque there. On the other hand though, I am somewhat incredulous at the locational choice, it just kinda makes the Spidey sense go off.

Now, add to this the idea of “Stealth Jihad” and one has even more motive to question the placement of this mosque as well as lean toward some kind of injunction against it.

I think though, that if we stoop to stopping the mosque from going in, then we have become worse than the jihadists and they have won. I am no friend of organized religion but I cannot just outlaw it because they all have had their times when they became despotic.

Not all Muslims are Al Qaeda operatives and consider us all Kafir to be subjugated and not all mosques are the Hamburg cell.


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2010/05/21 at 23:32

Accountant held without bail in NYC in terror case

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I reported on this earlier here when they captured them,but it seems now that they are holding these guys without bail etc so its in the news again.

By LARRY NEUMEISTER (AP) – 3 days ago

NEW YORK — A prosecutor on Monday accused an accountant charged with conspiring to modernize al-Qaida of using code words and encrypted software to speak with a co-defendant who bought digital watches that could be used as timing devices in explosives.

Assistant U.S. Attorney John P. Cronan made the allegations as he successfully argued that Sabirhan Hasanoff be held without bail on charges that he provided material support to al-Qaida.

“He poses a grave risk to the community,” Cronan said.

The prosecutor added that Hasanoff “embraced the extremist ideology and radical goals” of al-Qaida and sought to modernize it with his computer skills.

Hasanoff, in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, pleaded not guilty to charges in an indictment accusing him and co-defendant Wesam El-Hanafi of conspiring to give computer advice, buy wristwatches and do other tasks to help al-Qaida.

The rest HERE

So this guy was giving “computer advice” to the qaeda huh? Hmm like there aren’t a zillion other guys online doing this as well as actually carrying out the sysadmin duties on all those stealth sites?

What is interesting though is the whole buying of watches. These were not just regular Casio digital watches here. These were high end ones with barometer’s and compasses etc. I believe that these were to be used on some bombs that were destined for airplanes frankly. I wonder though, I don’t remember seeing these as being interdicted before reaching Al Qaeda hands…


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2010/05/21 at 22:47

Movie Review: DEFENDOR

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DEFENDOR, a film that I never saw anything about until I saw a trailer on a recent DVD from Netflix and thought it looked good. I am happy to say that I really did like this underrated film and I especially am fond of the work that Woody Harrelson did with this role.

Of course Woody does have a sweeter side in portraying certain characters and really broke out of the mold of “Woody” on Cheers with his crazy “Natural Born Killer” role. This role though of “Defendor” has added dimension and a subdued comedic quality mixed with the innocence of a child.

Defendor, aka Arthur Poppington, prowls the night streets in a DOT truck in search of bad men and his arch nemesis “Captain Industry” His main weapons in this battle are the truncheon, marbles, a VCR and camera, and angry hornets. He lives in a DOT facility, and has the IQ of approximately 80. Though, for all his alleged disability in the mental facilities, he makes up for it all in heart and innocence.

The plot is simple but the story carries you through to an end that will uplift you. In these times where we seem to be grasping for heroes, you couldn’t do any better than Defendor. I swear, if you don’t get a bit of a lump in your throat when the the taggers mural is wreathed in flowers… Well, you just don’t get it.

Check it out.

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2010/05/21 at 01:26

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Movie Review: The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

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The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, a movie that almost didn’t make it to the screen because of the untimely death of Heathe Ledger. I guess that the movie did not play too well in the theater either because I don’t remember there being too much buzz around it all, though it did get some Oscar noms.

I finally sat down yesterday to watch Imaginarium and wasn’t sure what I was going to get. Of course it is a Gilliam piece, so I did know to expect some interesting visuals and even maybe some Monty Python-esque bits. In the end I wasn’t disappointed, but I was kind of left wanting a bit by the credit role.

The story is based on the ever waged battle between the Devil, or Mr. Nick, and Dr. Parnassus (God perhaps?) Of course when I say battle, I mean more along the lines of the Sheepdog and Wile-Y-Coyote than Legions of Demons and Forces of good. You se, the Devil and Dr. Parnassus are friendly and in reality kind of like one another even when they are diametrically opposed. They also have a great penchant for gambling that in the parlance of the movies story, uses the souls of human kind as the remuneration.

Basically, its an old story about free will, human nature, and love. Something that if you look into more deeply than the surface story, you will hear Joseph Campbell in your ear whispering about the “Hero With a Thousand Faces” and yes, you should listen to him. This film’s story may be a re-envisioning of an oft told tale, but, its something that we all should reflect upon now and again I think. All of this wrapped up in a very stylishly designed and shot film.

The acting in this film was also great. The choice of Tom Waits as Mr. Nick was inspired and he plays a great rakish kind of Devil who you kinda have to love even when he is being bad. Of course you have Christopher Plummer as Dr. Parnassus, and he does a great job at being a bumbling and befuddled dreamer of dreams. Verne Troyer, has the most lines I have ever heard him utter in a film and does an admirable job at being the conscience of the king in Percy as well.

The set design, CG, and costumes are all fantastic lending a real vintage carnival feel to the piece also. I especially loved the odd travelling stage that Dr. Parnassus has which seems at times like the TARDIS, being larger inside than it is physically outside! Gotta love that English mind set.

So, I would suggest a bit of Absinthe, and a nice sit down with this film. Grok to the strange kids and listen to your inner Joseph Campbell. Oh, and pay attention to the nuanced images/plot devices that parallel Propaganda Due….

“All the world is a stage” after all…

Check this one out.


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2010/05/21 at 00:31

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