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Losing the War with Japan… Or was it Losing The War With China…Maybe Ourselves…

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A keiretsu (系列?, lit. system, series, grouping of enterprises, order of succession) is a set of companies with interlocking business relationships and shareholdings. It is a type of business group.

Recently, I came across an old episode of PBS’ Frontline that was titled “Losing The War With Japan” (click link to see it on YouTube) In this 1991 report we see how the country was concerned with the rise of Japanese business and their “unfair” practices of Keiretsu and Zaibatsu. Of course the report calls it “Predatory Capitalism” but I would just say that they were being smart. I guess one man’s smart is another losers 1-800-WAAA, but we are a country of laws are we not? So sure, I can see my way clear on some of the charges in unfair practices. However, now that nearly twenty years have passed what have we learned?

Obviously not much…

Lets run down whats happened since the Frontline piece.

1) Japan took over the car market and the US Auto industry learned nothing. They remained bloated and making poorly thought out, bloated, gas guzzlers and are now in bankruptcy or near to it.

2) Japan got too close to America and took on too many of her ways. Soon there was a meltdown in their economy and a slew of admissions of malfeasance by corporate entities.

3) America had a boom and bust over “internet stocks” basically vaporware Greed was indeed good and the Ivan Boesky set began to plan for even bigger schemes that would come to roost in our current “credit default swaps” fiasco and near depression. The net effect, we began to not make anything here except maybe “intellectual capital” that is currently being stolen and reverse engineered in China.

4) America began the great outsourcing of all the things we no longer “make” in order to have better bottom lines on balance sheets from cheaper labor in third world countries.

5) China buys great quantities of our debt.. They now effectively “own” us.

6) The “Great Recession” comes post 3 front wars for many years and an abdication of any kind of regulation on business, banking, stocks, etc. Even though, we were warned that the big banks were playing fast and loose with our money and selling us magic beans.

7) Now China looms as a new kind of super power that deems to attack us on cyber and economic fronts in order to become the pre-eminent super power. Basically, they have us by the short and curlies economically as well as technically (e.g. cyber warfare)

So, how did we not learn from history? How is it that this country just went on its merry way and learned not one thing from its near miss with Japan? Did greed and self absorption just blind us to it all?

In a word.. Yes.

We have failed ourselves by not paying attention and our government has failed us for not being able to comprehend what was going on. We elected the morons in office and they let go of the tiller that controlled the business world’s ethical rudder. Of course, we the people didn’t help either as we were rolling in the new money that was rolling in from tech stocks, or ponzi schemes that had been all the rage.

There’s a line from “Rising Sun” that always struck me as true and now that I look back it is absolutely so.

John Connor: We’re playing that most American of games.
Web Smith: Which is what?
John Connor: Catch-up.

Lets face it, we are playing catch up because we have been too intellectually incurious to see what has been happening all these years. Can we catch up now I wonder? Or will we continue down the same path of blind faith in the system and personal greed?

Of course one would have to also hope that the “system” i.e. our government would not let themselves be led down the primrose path again like they have with all of this credit default swaps and “too big to fail” banks falderall… I hold out little hope.

Take as look at the Frontline stories and ponder…


Movie Review: Kick Ass

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Meet “Hit Girl” an 11 year old assassin extraordinaire and a central character to the movie “Kick Ass” Of course the image above is somewhat disquieting but it belies the complex conflict and ideas within the graphic novel as well as this film. Just who would train a child to be a ruthless assassin at age 11? Well, “Big Daddy” in this case, her father and the man who don’s a pseudo Batman outfit. Of course these two are not the main characters here though, Kick-Ass is… And who is Kick-Ass? Just a regular kid in a wetsuit.

Overall, this film is VERY entertaining and both it and the graphic novel play off of the idea that we all long to be a super hero at times in our lives. Just how many times as children do we pretend to be our favorite hero? Or maybe later on in life as we read the comics or go to Halloween parties dressed as Batman and other heroes from the pages. We all have those moments and that is what this movie uses as a premise to get you hooked. How can you, just an ordinary person be “super” Kick Ass says as much himself, asking why hadn’t anyone just stepped up and tried until now? The answer he gets is that no one has super powers, but, he comes back with Batman. Batman has no super powers.. But, he is a billionaire so he can buy his tech. What Kick-Ass has is just a higher threshold for pain and a green wet suit bought on Ebay. This though, makes him even more super in the eyes of many.

For all of the impossible things that do happen in the film (a 300K jetpack with mini gatling guns) and a Bazooka scene, it all grabs you and has you thinking “Shit, that would be so cool!” in your seat while cheering Kick-Ass on. I also was impressed with a scene that they obviously thought out concerning Kick Ass’s Facebook page. He posts to it as Kick Ass and takes requests for help. Of course my first thought was “He better be using TOR, otherwise they are gonna find his ass soon!” Sure enough, the writers were smart enough to have Big Daddy mention that he had re-routed his IP to hide who he was.. After all, that was how he found him. Good on you writers for getting technical shit right!

Anyway, back to the themes, Hit Girl’s foul mouth is a little troubling at first but you get used to it as she slashes in the best of “Kill Bill” tradition through bad guy drug dealers and mobsters. All the while you will be calculating just how much it would cost for the tools they are using and the time to train yourself to be your own not so super hero incarnation. Parents beware, this is a bloody and foul mouthed film so younger audiences are discouraged.

My review: Kick-Ass KICKS ASS… See it and read the comics.


Written by Krypt3ia

2010/04/25 at 11:42

Whois: Ansar007

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It seems that since the take down of the Saudi intel gathering site, the Jihad’s took a little time to think about what to do next and then began their site posting in earnest. On the Ansar boards, the traffic has been up and someone calling themselves “Ansar007” has been quite busy posting up propaganda video and audio files. The latest was a little ditty that he claims to have sung himself as an ode/anthem to a shahid who bought it.

Now, looking into this Irhabi007 wannabe, I found some interesting tidbits that might be of use. Frist off, a Maltego map of the user name shows some interesting connections. This included a couple specific items that lead me to the data I am about to present. The first bit of data was an email address:

This email when put into Google turned up about 5 hits altogether, but, it was one that had the exact address in the site that drew me to a page for LN Travel, a taxi company in West Yorkshire England. This little blurb is an alleged advertisement for a taxi service at a specific address. You are to contact them at the email address to use them… Odd I thought, just an email address to get a taxi service huh? I began to think that perhaps this was a red herring.. Or, maybe some kind of dead drop or coded post. I decided to look up the place on Google and came up with the following maps:

106 Harlow Road
West Yorkshire

Funny, I don’t see a taxi.. Do you? Curiouser and curiouser…

Widening the search of the hotmail address lead me to another email address from Yahoo. This address lead me to a website for Arabic music an video files. Interestingly enough, this fits the profile of a wanna be musician who is posting songs that he has sung huh? The site: had a post on the users account that the email keyed off of from Ansar007. Ansar believe it or not, had an account on the same site and after a little manipulation I had access to his user profile. It presented me with the following data:

Is this you Ansar007? Hmmm? Do you in fact now live in or had always lived in Pakistan or the UK? Either way, there is a phone number.. Anyone wish to make a long distance call? Fort Meade anyone? Better still, Ansar007 on this site has some pictures of himself for everyone to see. So, I took the picture from the Ansar Jihad site on his recent post and one from the arabic music site and viola:

Could they be one in the same person? Could be, but I do feel a bit like Jack Ryan in “Patriot Games” I can’t be sure, but, the coincidences of the music site and all connected with the email address.. Well, I think I may be in the right neighborhood data wise. So, what do you all think?

Johnny Utah?


Oh well, I will pass this on and keep looking into Ansar007. He is rather mouthy on those boards so eventually, someone will be coming along to collect him I am sure..

CoB aka DarkDesertStorm360 and You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy

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Lately I have been noticing just how many jihadi’s are passing video files on YouTube as well as other sites such as etc. Anyway, the blogspot site is a Shia/Sunni/Iraq based site but with jihadist ambitions overall. From scanning this site I came up with its master in DarkDesertStorm360’s YouTube channel.

He’s been a busy lil beaver too. Not only posting in YouTube but in numerous places all over the internet. He has been careful thus far to not easily tag an email address to his accounts, but, I assume that eventually I will be able to lock on to that too. At the very least, by bringing up his account to Johnny Utah and the boys, they can maybe get a peek at YouTubes records.

Meanwhile… In the sweaty jungles of Bangkok…

The boys and girls in Jihadi’s-R-Us have been actively adding more stealth sites to their list of mirrors within a certain domain. The domain is PIRADIUS-NET and they seem to have found quite a home there. I am surmising that piradius is a service that is run so poorly that they are just completely pwn3d… Or, alternately, that there are individuals working within piradius who are sympathetic to jihad and allowing/helping to create and maintain these sites within the server farm.

I lean toward the latter I think…

And the list goes on day by day as they pop another system to place their crap on it. Pesky jihadi’s thats for sure, but I think that with the right kind of pressure, they will go bye bye. Of course, if the internal systems of piradius are compromised by jihadists who work there, what else might be going on? Money laundering? Data theft and trafficking? Who’s to know unless someone goes in there and “roots” around eh?

Johhny Utah has the reporting so we shall see what comes.. but, one has to wonder if these are being monitored now.. Of course many of the sites have been pulled down post the big bust in Saudi so either they were a part of it all, or got spooked and removed them themselves. However, recently as you have seen on my site here, they have been back at it. Adding new sites like the .94 address that they just added last week. This is just one address away from their .95 for Al-Fallujah forums and is in fact just another mirror of that. But, there is a slight difference.

They just registered and I believe they intended the .94 to be that address. Perhaps they will just be taking the model that the APT has been using and get a DYNdns set up… Anyway, here’s the deets on their new site name:

Registration Service Provided By: Active-Domain LLC
 Domain Name:
 Expiry Date: 24-Mar-2011
 Creation Date: 24-Mar-2010
 Name servers:
 Registrant Name: same abaas
 Registrant Company:
 Registrant Email Address:

 Registrant Address: alhara
 Registrant City: manama
 Registrant State/Region/Province:
 Registrant Postal Code: 899998
 Registrant Country: BH
 Registrant Tel No: 973.9665111111
 Registrant Fax No: 973.9665111111
 Admin Name: same abaas
 Admin Company:
 Admin Email Address:

 Admin Address: alhara
 Admin City: manama
 Admin State/Region/Province:
 Admin Postal Code: 899998
 Admin Country: BH
 Admin Tel No: 973.9665111111
 Admin Fax No: 973.9665111111
 Tech Name: same abaas
 Tech Company:
 Tech Email Address:

 Tech Address: alhara
 Tech City: manama
 Tech State/Region/Province:
 Tech Postal Code: 899998
 Tech Country: BH
 Tech Tel No: 973.9665111111
 Tech Fax No: 973.9665111111

Sorry boys and girls… But we are on to you already… I will keep an eye out for this new site name on the boards to see where indeed you actually put it up, no worries.

Well, I see the bartender at the space bar is giving me the eyeball.. Gotta go.. More to come soon!


Written by Krypt3ia

2010/04/18 at 13:38

Al-Falluja Forums: The Survivor Is….

Well, post the little incident with Al-Falluja forums going boom, and then finding my site mirrored on their last “stealth” server, I just had to pay  more attention to my pals at Al-Falluja! What with the Nmaps from Bangkok, threats via email/posts and all, I felt the need to check out the site and see just what was what. Well, they are still there, the sole outpost out of a mirror list of about 8 sites.

Poor bastards.. down to one mirror… heh.

Anywho, I managed to enumerate about 60 users who are native English speakers (they have English user names, so its an assumption on my part) as well as conducted a vulnerability assessment on the stealth site. All of the data has been collated into a report for Johnny Utah and the Dead Presidents and will be passed on next week. Some interesting tidbits are the following:


tholqarnain Also uploads on bittorrent

7amoood email address:

jund1986 email address:

al9a39a3 Email: could be same person Location UK

almojahid10 Location: Morocco



thelordofpc aka Amir monir hosni

The biggest potential find was the actual name that relates to thelordofpc… Amir Monir Hosni if that is his real name. I found this on a post with his user name on a programming site. The Maltego of this user name gives me some indication though that I am right with this one. I am just hoping that he did not use a false name when he wrote his little post on programming on another site.

All in all, not much more I can give up here. Johnny Utah gets the rest. Suffice to say though, I think the last Falluja site is about to go dark soon.. Oh, and you Jihadi’s, if you see this post and get all in a lather, please feel free to hit up the server… I would love to audit all the traffic.

Ciao boys.

Weapons Of Mass Disruption: Cyberpocalypse-a-palooza

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To avoid a digital doomsday, Clarke and co-author Robert Knake argue that America needs to treat cyberattack capabilities as nothing less than weapons of mass destruction that can “skip over the battlefield” to target civilian life. That sort of threat, like nuclear weapons, calls for a multi-tiered response: treaties, transparency, beefed-up defenses and a focused concern on rogue states.

Cyberwar treaties face a problem that traditional ones don’t. An enemy could easily hide the source of attacks by routing them through hijacked computers in another country or attributing them to independent criminals.

But Clarke contends that a government could be held accountable for helping to track down any cyberattack originating within its borders, just as the Taliban was held responsible for harboring Osama bin Laden. Although attribution on the Internet isn’t as simple as in traditional warfare, cyberattacks can be traced. Clarke says forensic hackers can follow the trail of bits when they’re given time and leave to breach enemy computers.

“The NSA can do that. And the NSA tells me that attribution isn’t actually a problem,” he says bluntly.

Full article HERE

Dick, Dick, Dick, I am with you in so many ways.. BUT, when you start talking about DPI of the WHOLE INTERNET, then you lose me pal.

Sorry *shrug*

I personally don’t want the whole of the internet being siphoned even MORE than it already is by DPI at every providers NOC with a NARUS STA6400 system installed.

Nope, no thank you.

Now, on the other things likes accountability for nations with server on their soil I am with you. If a server is public/private and is on your soil, there should be “some” responsibility there. At least there should be enough to enforce security practices be carried out to prevent it from becoming the botnet slave in the first place no? Of course Obama wussed out on that one here didn’t he? No rules will be created to enforce that type of accountability here in the private sector.. No sir! It would put an undue strain on the private sector!

*tap tap* Uhh sir, most of the infrastructure is in “private” hands… Umm without making them do some due diligence we are fucked mmmkay?


Meanwhile, lets talk to the italicized and BOLD text. Back in the days of yore, when pirates roamed the seas, there was a thing called a “Letter of Marque” basically, government would give a pirate hunter the letter and say “go git em” This is what we need today I think. Of course this is touchy, but, this is pretty much what Dick is alluding to. He says that he “knows” that were the NSA given a letter of marque, they could not only penetrate the systems involved, but also run the forensics to attribute where the perp really is.

“Whoa” to quote Neo…

Yes, it’s quite true. Not only the NSA could do this though. Go to the BlackHat or Defcon and you would have a plethora of people to choose from really. So this is no mysterious mojo here. Its just that this type of action could cause much more ire than the original attack maybe and lead us into that physical war with the nukes. Who knows.

I guess though, that what has been seen as the model for the future “internet” with cyber-geographic demarcations might just be the real future state we need. At least that is what Dick’s advocating here and I can sorta see that as a way to handle certain problems. If we break up cyberspace so to speak, into regions (like the whole .XXX debacle) then we can have set rules of governance. At present the internet is just a giant wild west stage complete with digital tumbleweeds and an old whore house.

*pictures the dual swinging doors and spurs jangling*

The one thing that rings true though, is that there needs to be some accountability.. Just what form that will take is anyone’s guess. For now though, we will continue on with the lame government jabbering and frothing with the lapdog that is the so called “press” lapping it all up and parroting it back to the masses.

Smoke em if ya got em…


Let’s File This Under: No Shit Sherlock

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Internet-based attempts to steal U.S. military technology via defense contractors are on the rise, according to an annual Department of Defense analysis of data supplied by the defense industry.

Not only are network probes and intrusions on the increase, the Department of Defense said in the report, which it released late last month, but so are “bold and overt” requests for information made via e-mail and even social networks.

Information systems are the most-heavily targeted of military technologies, according to the report, closely followed by aeronautics. Efforts to get details on unmanned aerial vehicle technology are becoming so widespread that the report broke out a separate section about UAVs, finding that, there, too, foreign elements are looking for information on UAV IT systems.

Full Article HERE:

Yet again, this is not news per se.. This has been going on for some time at the defense contractors as well as other places of business. The Chinese are very adept at this.. Well sometimes not so “adpet” as much as persistent. Often they will send people on “knowledge exchanges” to get data from companies by simply asking for it nicely.

Often that is all it takes much to the chagrin of the companies that have been thieved from by such exploits. The new twist though has been the use of the social networking angle. Of course the APT is agile enough to figure out that this is a great way to socially engineer what they want from some shmuck online. Whats more, many of these companies may in fact NOT have any rules on their employees use of social media at the office, never mind any guidance of what not to publish personally about work.

Know what it’s gonna take to prevent this stuff?

Education of users!


Many are loathe to hear such things… But, that’s the key kids. I was thinking about it this morning as I listened to NPR’s second installment on cyberwar. Many of the problems we face today in the private sector where cyberwar is concerned  stem from user issues as well as uneducated management. The combination of the two can be a potent recipe for major PWN.

When management doesn’t get security, and does not teach or mandate security principles for the EU’s, then you have a complete FAIL on security measures. So much so that in some cases I have been party to, servers are placed into environments un-patched and effectively pre-pwn3d by lack of due diligence and due care to secure them.

Suffice to say that in some cases these low end social engineering attacks are the least of their worries… But they trundle on developing more insecure homegrown apps and buying every COTS package that promises to secure the shit out of them but in reality does little to protect them. Without education of the users and management, you have a null sum game.

Anyway, back to the Chinese… Yes, they have been calling/emailing/Friend-ing for a while now to use the OSINT/Social Engineering/ Pretexting exploits that work ever so well on an innocently slumbering nation.

It’s not new. It’s just the news du jour… How about some education huh?


And The Nmap’s Begin…

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4    4/1/2010 6:14    SCAN nmap TCP
5    4/1/2010 6:14    SCAN nmap TCP
15    4/1/2010 3:45    SCAN nmap TCP
16    4/1/2010 3:45    SCAN nmap TCP
24    4/1/2010 1:46    SCAN nmap TCP
25    4/1/2010 1:46    SCAN nmap TCP
72    3/31/2010 17:45    SCAN nmap TCP
73    3/31/2010 17:44    SCAN nmap TCP
74    3/31/2010 17:43    SCAN nmap TCP
75    3/31/2010 17:42    SCAN nmap TCP
76    3/31/2010 17:39    SCAN nmap TCP
77    3/31/2010 17:38    SCAN nmap TCP
78    3/31/2010 17:37    SCAN nmap TCP
79    3/31/2010 17:36    SCAN nmap TCP
80    3/31/2010 17:19    SCAN nmap TCP
81    3/31/2010 17:18    SCAN nmap TCP
82    3/31/2010 17:17    SCAN nmap TCP
83    3/31/2010 17:15    SCAN nmap TCP
84    3/31/2010 16:55    SCAN nmap TCP
85    3/31/2010 16:54    SCAN nmap TCP
86    3/31/2010 16:53    SCAN nmap TCP
88    3/31/2010 16:52    SCAN nmap TCP
96    3/31/2010 16:51    SCAN nmap TCP
97    3/31/2010 16:50    SCAN nmap TCP
98    3/31/2010 16:49    SCAN nmap TCP
99    3/31/2010 16:48    SCAN nmap TCP
100    3/31/2010 16:47    SCAN nmap TCP
101    3/31/2010 16:46    SCAN nmap TCP
121    3/31/2010 15:45    SCAN nmap TCP
122    3/31/2010 15:43    SCAN nmap TCP
123    3/31/2010 15:42    SCAN nmap TCP
124    3/31/2010 15:41    SCAN nmap TCP
125    3/31/2010 15:40    SCAN nmap TCP
126    3/31/2010 15:39    SCAN nmap TCP
127    3/31/2010 15:38    SCAN nmap TCP
128    3/31/2010 15:37    SCAN nmap TCP
129    3/31/2010 15:36    SCAN nmap TCP
130    3/31/2010 15:35    SCAN nmap TCP
132    3/31/2010 14:20    SCAN nmap TCP
133    3/31/2010 14:19    SCAN nmap TCP
134    3/31/2010 14:18    SCAN nmap TCP
135    3/31/2010 14:17    SCAN nmap TCP
136    3/31/2010 14:16    SCAN nmap TCP
137    3/31/2010 14:15    SCAN nmap TCP
138    3/31/2010 14:14    SCAN nmap TCP
139    3/31/2010 14:13    SCAN nmap TCP
140    3/31/2010 14:12    SCAN nmap TCP
141    3/31/2010 14:11    SCAN nmap TCP
142    3/31/2010 14:06    SCAN nmap TCP
143    3/31/2010 14:05    SCAN nmap TCP
144    3/31/2010 14:04    SCAN nmap TCP
145    3/31/2010 14:03    SCAN nmap TCP
146    3/31/2010 14:02    SCAN nmap TCP
147    3/31/2010 14:01    SCAN nmap TCP
148    3/31/2010 14:00    SCAN nmap TCP
149    3/31/2010 13:59    SCAN nmap TCP
150    3/31/2010 13:58    SCAN nmap TCP
151    3/31/2010 13:57    SCAN nmap TCP
154    3/31/2010 12:59    SCAN nmap TCP
155    3/31/2010 12:00    SCAN nmap TCP
156    3/31/2010 11:59    SCAN nmap TCP
157    3/31/2010 11:58    SCAN nmap TCP
158    3/31/2010 11:57    SCAN nmap TCP
159    3/31/2010 11:55    SCAN nmap TCP
160    3/31/2010 11:54    SCAN nmap TCP
161    3/31/2010 11:54    SCAN nmap TCP
162    3/31/2010 11:53    SCAN nmap TCP
163    3/31/2010 11:52    SCAN nmap TCP
164    3/31/2010 11:36    SCAN nmap TCP
165    3/31/2010 10:46    SCAN nmap TCP
166    3/31/2010 10:42    SCAN nmap TCP
167    3/31/2010 10:04    SCAN nmap TCP
168    3/31/2010 10:04    SCAN nmap TCP
169    3/31/2010 10:04    SCAN nmap TCP
170    3/31/2010 10:02    SCAN nmap TCP
171    3/31/2010 10:02    SCAN nmap TCP
172    3/31/2010 10:01    SCAN nmap TCP
173    3/31/2010 10:01    SCAN nmap TCP
174    3/31/2010 10:00    SCAN nmap TCP
175    3/31/2010 9:59    SCAN nmap TCP
176    3/31/2010 9:59    SCAN nmap TCP
177    3/31/2010 9:58    SCAN nmap TCP
178    3/31/2010 9:58    SCAN nmap TCP
179    3/31/2010 9:57    SCAN nmap TCP
180    3/31/2010 9:57    SCAN nmap TCP
181    3/31/2010 9:56    SCAN nmap TCP
182    3/31/2010 9:55    SCAN nmap TCP
183    3/31/2010 9:55    SCAN nmap TCP
184    3/31/2010 9:54    SCAN nmap TCP
185    3/31/2010 9:53    SCAN nmap TCP
187    3/31/2010 9:09    SCAN nmap TCP
188    3/31/2010 9:08    SCAN nmap TCP
189    3/31/2010 9:07    SCAN nmap TCP
190    3/31/2010 9:06    SCAN nmap TCP
191    3/31/2010 9:05    SCAN nmap TCP
192    3/31/2010 9:03    SCAN nmap TCP
193    3/31/2010 9:02    SCAN nmap TCP
194    3/31/2010 9:01    SCAN nmap TCP
195    3/31/2010 9:00    SCAN nmap TCP
196    3/31/2010 8:59    SCAN nmap TCP
198    3/31/2010 8:22    SCAN nmap TCP
199    3/31/2010 8:21    SCAN nmap TCP
200    3/31/2010 8:20    SCAN nmap TCP
201    3/31/2010 8:19    SCAN nmap TCP
205    3/31/2010 6:48    SCAN nmap TCP
206    3/31/2010 6:47    SCAN nmap TCP
207    3/31/2010 6:46    SCAN nmap TCP
208    3/31/2010 6:45    SCAN nmap TCP
209    3/31/2010 6:44    SCAN nmap TCP
210    3/31/2010 6:43    SCAN nmap TCP
211    3/31/2010 6:42    SCAN nmap TCP
212    3/31/2010 6:41    SCAN nmap TCP
213    3/31/2010 6:40    SCAN nmap TCP
214    3/31/2010 6:39    SCAN nmap TCP
215    3/31/2010 6:37    SCAN nmap TCP
216    3/31/2010 6:35    SCAN nmap TCP
217    3/31/2010 6:34    SCAN nmap TCP
218    3/31/2010 6:33    SCAN nmap TCP
219    3/31/2010 6:32    SCAN nmap TCP
220    3/31/2010 6:31    SCAN nmap TCP
221    3/31/2010 6:29    SCAN nmap TCP
222    3/31/2010 6:28    SCAN nmap TCP
223    3/31/2010 6:27    SCAN nmap TCP
224    3/31/2010 6:26    SCAN nmap TCP
225    3/31/2010 6:25    SCAN nmap TCP
226    3/31/2010 6:13    SCAN nmap TCP
227    3/31/2010 6:07    SCAN nmap TCP
228    3/31/2010 6:06    SCAN nmap TCP
229    3/31/2010 6:05    SCAN nmap TCP
230    3/31/2010 6:04    SCAN nmap TCP
231    3/31/2010 6:03    SCAN nmap TCP
232    3/31/2010 6:02    SCAN nmap TCP
233    3/31/2010 6:01    SCAN nmap TCP
234    3/31/2010 6:00    SCAN nmap TCP
235    3/31/2010 5:59    SCAN nmap TCP
236    3/31/2010 5:58    SCAN nmap TCP
237    3/31/2010 5:30    SCAN nmap TCP
238    3/31/2010 5:29    SCAN nmap TCP
239    3/31/2010 5:28    SCAN nmap TCP
240    3/31/2010 5:27    SCAN nmap TCP
241    3/31/2010 5:26    SCAN nmap TCP
243    3/31/2010 5:03    SCAN nmap TCP
245    3/31/2010 4:55    SCAN nmap TCP
246    3/31/2010 4:54    SCAN nmap TCP
247    3/31/2010 4:53    SCAN nmap TCP
248    3/31/2010 4:52    SCAN nmap TCP
249    3/31/2010 4:51    SCAN nmap TCP
250    3/31/2010 4:50    SCAN nmap TCP
251    3/31/2010 4:36    SCAN nmap TCP
254    3/31/2010 3:15    SCAN nmap TCP
255    3/31/2010 3:15    SCAN nmap TCP
256    3/31/2010 2:39    SCAN nmap TCP
257    3/31/2010 2:38    SCAN nmap TCP
258    3/31/2010 1:51    SCAN nmap TCP
259    3/31/2010 1:50    SCAN nmap TCP
261    3/31/2010 1:06    SCAN nmap TCP
262    3/31/2010 1:06    SCAN nmap TCP
264    3/31/2010 0:40    SCAN nmap TCP
265    3/31/2010 0:40    SCAN nmap TCP
272    3/30/2010 23:24    SCAN nmap TCP
273    3/30/2010 23:23    SCAN nmap TCP
277    3/30/2010 22:17    SCAN nmap TCP
278    3/30/2010 22:17    SCAN nmap TCP
280    3/30/2010 22:09    SCAN nmap TCP
281    3/30/2010 22:05    SCAN nmap TCP
282    3/30/2010 22:05    SCAN nmap TCP
283    3/30/2010 21:48    SCAN nmap TCP
295    3/30/2010 19:50    SCAN nmap TCP
296    3/30/2010 19:50    SCAN nmap TCP
297    3/30/2010 19:46    SCAN nmap TCP
351    3/30/2010 19:04    SCAN nmap TCP
358    3/30/2010 19:04    SCAN nmap TCP
2347    3/28/2010 13:52    SCAN nmap TCP
2349    3/28/2010 12:38    SCAN nmap TCP
2350    3/28/2010 12:38    SCAN nmap TCP
2603    3/27/2010 19:34    SCAN nmap TCP
2604    3/27/2010 19:34    SCAN nmap TCP
3327    3/20/2010 16:51    SCAN nmap TCP
3328    3/20/2010 16:51    SCAN nmap TCP
3402    3/18/2010 20:03    SCAN nmap TCP
3403    3/18/2010 20:03    SCAN nmap TCP
3428    3/18/2010 16:32    SCAN nmap TCP
3429    3/18/2010 16:32    SCAN nmap TCP
3430    3/18/2010 16:03    SCAN nmap TCP
3431    3/18/2010 16:03    SCAN nmap TCP
3432    3/18/2010 15:31    SCAN nmap TCP
3433    3/18/2010 15:31    SCAN nmap TCP
3446    3/18/2010 12:03    SCAN nmap TCP
3447    3/18/2010 12:02    SCAN nmap TCP
3448    3/18/2010 11:34    SCAN nmap TCP
3449    3/18/2010 11:34    SCAN nmap TCP
3460    3/18/2010 10:01    SCAN nmap TCP
3462    3/18/2010 10:01    SCAN nmap TCP
3463    3/18/2010 9:41    SCAN nmap TCP
3464    3/18/2010 9:33    SCAN nmap TCP
3465    3/18/2010 9:33    SCAN nmap TCP
3467    3/18/2010 8:50    SCAN nmap TCP
3468    3/18/2010 8:50    SCAN nmap TCP
3469    3/18/2010 8:31    SCAN nmap TCP
3470    3/18/2010 8:30    SCAN nmap TCP
3520    3/17/2010 20:22    SCAN nmap TCP
3521    3/17/2010 20:22    SCAN nmap TCP
3556    3/17/2010 18:30    SCAN nmap TCP
3557    3/17/2010 18:30    SCAN nmap TCP

inetnum: -
 netname:      totnet
 descr:        TOT Public Company Limited Bangkok
 country:      th
 tech-c:       tk56-ap
 admin-c:      pa82-ap
 status:       assigned non-portable
 mnt-by:       maint-th-tot

So, someone is very interested in my server huh? Well Mr. Bangkok, I only have one thing to say to you…

One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble
Not much between despair and ecstasy
One night in Bangkok and the tough guys tumble
Can’t be too careful with your company
I can feel the devil walking next to me

Siam’s gonna be the witness
To the ultimate test of cerebral fitness
This grips me more than would a
Muddy old river or reclining Buddha

And thank God I’m only watching the game — controlling it —

I don’t see you guys rating
The kind of mate I’m contemplating
I’d let you watch, I would invite you
But the queens we use would not excite you

So you better go back to your bars, your temples, your massage
parlours —

Enjoy your scans.. and mine back at ya…

But seriously… really? Nmap scans all the time? Really? You think that is going to get you somewhere? I mean, hell I understand the Chinese always hitting me.. and a ZILLION other people *Hi Xanui provices! waves* but really Mr. Jihadi wanna be hacker..

Go back to your windows ME and watch some more l33t youtube vids on how to hack.