(Greek: κρυπτεία / krupteía, from κρυπτός / kruptós, “hidden, secret things”)

Whois: Ansar007

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It seems that since the take down of the Saudi intel gathering site, the Jihad’s took a little time to think about what to do next and then began their site posting in earnest. On the Ansar boards, the traffic has been up and someone calling themselves “Ansar007” has been quite busy posting up propaganda video and audio files. The latest was a little ditty that he claims to have sung himself as an ode/anthem to a shahid who bought it.

Now, looking into this Irhabi007 wannabe, I found some interesting tidbits that might be of use. Frist off, a Maltego map of the user name shows some interesting connections. This included a couple specific items that lead me to the data I am about to present. The first bit of data was an email address:

This email when put into Google turned up about 5 hits altogether, but, it was one that had the exact address in the site that drew me to a page for LN Travel, a taxi company in West Yorkshire England. This little blurb is an alleged advertisement for a taxi service at a specific address. You are to contact them at the email address to use them… Odd I thought, just an email address to get a taxi service huh? I began to think that perhaps this was a red herring.. Or, maybe some kind of dead drop or coded post. I decided to look up the place on Google and came up with the following maps:

106 Harlow Road
West Yorkshire

Funny, I don’t see a taxi.. Do you? Curiouser and curiouser…

Widening the search of the hotmail address lead me to another email address from Yahoo. This address lead me to a website for Arabic music an video files. Interestingly enough, this fits the profile of a wanna be musician who is posting songs that he has sung huh? The site: had a post on the users account that the email keyed off of from Ansar007. Ansar believe it or not, had an account on the same site and after a little manipulation I had access to his user profile. It presented me with the following data:

Is this you Ansar007? Hmmm? Do you in fact now live in or had always lived in Pakistan or the UK? Either way, there is a phone number.. Anyone wish to make a long distance call? Fort Meade anyone? Better still, Ansar007 on this site has some pictures of himself for everyone to see. So, I took the picture from the Ansar Jihad site on his recent post and one from the arabic music site and viola:

Could they be one in the same person? Could be, but I do feel a bit like Jack Ryan in “Patriot Games” I can’t be sure, but, the coincidences of the music site and all connected with the email address.. Well, I think I may be in the right neighborhood data wise. So, what do you all think?

Johnny Utah?


Oh well, I will pass this on and keep looking into Ansar007. He is rather mouthy on those boards so eventually, someone will be coming along to collect him I am sure..


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