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Lately I have been noticing just how many jihadi’s are passing video files on YouTube as well as other sites such as etc. Anyway, the blogspot site is a Shia/Sunni/Iraq based site but with jihadist ambitions overall. From scanning this site I came up with its master in DarkDesertStorm360’s YouTube channel.

He’s been a busy lil beaver too. Not only posting in YouTube but in numerous places all over the internet. He has been careful thus far to not easily tag an email address to his accounts, but, I assume that eventually I will be able to lock on to that too. At the very least, by bringing up his account to Johnny Utah and the boys, they can maybe get a peek at YouTubes records.

Meanwhile… In the sweaty jungles of Bangkok…

The boys and girls in Jihadi’s-R-Us have been actively adding more stealth sites to their list of mirrors within a certain domain. The domain is PIRADIUS-NET and they seem to have found quite a home there. I am surmising that piradius is a service that is run so poorly that they are just completely pwn3d… Or, alternately, that there are individuals working within piradius who are sympathetic to jihad and allowing/helping to create and maintain these sites within the server farm.

I lean toward the latter I think…

And the list goes on day by day as they pop another system to place their crap on it. Pesky jihadi’s thats for sure, but I think that with the right kind of pressure, they will go bye bye. Of course, if the internal systems of piradius are compromised by jihadists who work there, what else might be going on? Money laundering? Data theft and trafficking? Who’s to know unless someone goes in there and “roots” around eh?

Johhny Utah has the reporting so we shall see what comes.. but, one has to wonder if these are being monitored now.. Of course many of the sites have been pulled down post the big bust in Saudi so either they were a part of it all, or got spooked and removed them themselves. However, recently as you have seen on my site here, they have been back at it. Adding new sites like the .94 address that they just added last week. This is just one address away from their .95 for Al-Fallujah forums and is in fact just another mirror of that. But, there is a slight difference.

They just registered and I believe they intended the .94 to be that address. Perhaps they will just be taking the model that the APT has been using and get a DYNdns set up… Anyway, here’s the deets on their new site name:

Registration Service Provided By: Active-Domain LLC
 Domain Name:
 Expiry Date: 24-Mar-2011
 Creation Date: 24-Mar-2010
 Name servers:
 Registrant Name: same abaas
 Registrant Company:
 Registrant Email Address:

 Registrant Address: alhara
 Registrant City: manama
 Registrant State/Region/Province:
 Registrant Postal Code: 899998
 Registrant Country: BH
 Registrant Tel No: 973.9665111111
 Registrant Fax No: 973.9665111111
 Admin Name: same abaas
 Admin Company:
 Admin Email Address:

 Admin Address: alhara
 Admin City: manama
 Admin State/Region/Province:
 Admin Postal Code: 899998
 Admin Country: BH
 Admin Tel No: 973.9665111111
 Admin Fax No: 973.9665111111
 Tech Name: same abaas
 Tech Company:
 Tech Email Address:

 Tech Address: alhara
 Tech City: manama
 Tech State/Region/Province:
 Tech Postal Code: 899998
 Tech Country: BH
 Tech Tel No: 973.9665111111
 Tech Fax No: 973.9665111111

Sorry boys and girls… But we are on to you already… I will keep an eye out for this new site name on the boards to see where indeed you actually put it up, no worries.

Well, I see the bartender at the space bar is giving me the eyeball.. Gotta go.. More to come soon!


Written by Krypt3ia

2010/04/18 at 13:38