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Archive for April 12th, 2010

Al-Falluja Forums: The Survivor Is….

Well, post the little incident with Al-Falluja forums going boom, and then finding my site mirrored on their last “stealth” server, I just had to pay  more attention to my pals at Al-Falluja! What with the Nmaps from Bangkok, threats via email/posts and all, I felt the need to check out the site and see just what was what. Well, they are still there, the sole outpost out of a mirror list of about 8 sites.

Poor bastards.. down to one mirror… heh.

Anywho, I managed to enumerate about 60 users who are native English speakers (they have English user names, so its an assumption on my part) as well as conducted a vulnerability assessment on the stealth site. All of the data has been collated into a report for Johnny Utah and the Dead Presidents and will be passed on next week. Some interesting tidbits are the following:


tholqarnain Also uploads on bittorrent

7amoood email address:

jund1986 email address:

al9a39a3 Email: could be same person Location UK

almojahid10 Location: Morocco



thelordofpc aka Amir monir hosni

The biggest potential find was the actual name that relates to thelordofpc… Amir Monir Hosni if that is his real name. I found this on a post with his user name on a programming site. The Maltego of this user name gives me some indication though that I am right with this one. I am just hoping that he did not use a false name when he wrote his little post on programming on another site.

All in all, not much more I can give up here. Johnny Utah gets the rest. Suffice to say though, I think the last Falluja site is about to go dark soon.. Oh, and you Jihadi’s, if you see this post and get all in a lather, please feel free to hit up the server… I would love to audit all the traffic.

Ciao boys.