(Greek: κρυπτεία / krupteía, from κρυπτός / kruptós, “hidden, secret things”)

Jihadi “Cool” The New Recruitment Approach

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“Jihadi Cool” a term coined for recent turns in recruitment of mujahideen, more specifically, “western” would be jihadi recruits has made it into the news cycle. This method though has been evolving for some time now with the invention of As-Sahab and GIMF.

Given that the Muj want to recruit new “western” types into their fold they have to take a different tac with regard to attracting them. Of course the use of exciting ideas such as waging battle would appeal to the gamer types who play Halo and other first person shooter games. What these kids don’t know are the real horrors of war and dying.. But that’s nothing that the muj will tell them up front.

The real change though is the paradigm of losing the religious content that was really the base for the jihadi’s with regard to ther aegis in this war. One has to wonder at their motivations then if jihad is not core to Allah’s teachings in the Qu’ran. Perhaps it is just a general hatered of that which is different from them? Perhaps instead it is just a pervasive hate of just about everything. Maybe its just their lot in life…

At any rate, with this “Jihadi Cool” factor we are seeing more and more YouTube channels of content to be watched, that is until YouTube catches on to it being there and takes them down. I recently ran across another site that I had not seen before and through assessment, found that the author had also created a YouTube channel. The channel features the usual GIMF type of videos and propaganda. However, the features in English prove germane to this article. I have yet to see the rap videos though. I guess I will just have to take a cruise through the vids there to see one.

All of this though, shows the evolution of the “movement” There will always be hard core Jihadists who are devout, but it seems that the whole idea of “proxy” jihadi’s appeals to them now. I just have to wonder at how much they must loathe and like the idea of using the khafir as the instruments of destruction…


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